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And, you know, that I'm not talking about fondling the hair on her head, right?

Yes, I'm absolutely positive!

"I had never felt that orgasmic energy anywhere else before. Suddenly, I was hot and tingly all over. My feet felt like throbbing cocks. My head was on fire. My body was undulating and jackknifing, shaking wildly. I must have been screaming because my throat was sore afterwards. Boy, oh boy, I didn't want it to end. I could have circulated that juicy feeling throughout my body indefinitely, or at least until I collapsed from exhaustion. That's probably when I got the idea to write this ebook. Because if I could experience that, so could anyone." ------ from Chapter 2

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I know this might sound unbelievable if you've spent as many years squirting right off the bat as I did. Damn it, I didn't learn to stop premature ejaculation problems like Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery explains for 30 awful years. What was I waiting for?

"I've been working on my own for a while and now I can last for a while. Thanks." ----- David from Lewiston, Maine

Of course, I never really knew about Tantra and the Kama Sutra then. You've heard of the ancient Indian love manual which came from the ancient Tantric practices, haven't you? The salesmen in me wants to say that I was waiting for someone to write my "last longer" ebook. Honestly, I think my ebook is downright special as you'll discover below.

Anyway, it was a total shame wasting all those years of too-quick ejaculation problems.

Please, don't let that happen to you. There's no reason you can't change your sex life totally starting right now for less than 25 bucks.

Look, I can understand it if you're skeptical. I was when I set off to learn to stop premature ejaculation problems. Trying to help others stop premature ejaculation problems just gets me all jazzed up. You know, like when I get turned on. But what I learned about lasting longer during sex is so simple that if you just give it a try, I know you'll become a missionary too.

In the missionary position and in the other 32 sexual positions in my "last longer" ebook.

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