Male Ejaculation Control Can Be Yours Easily

Male ejaculation was one of Kinsey's and Masters and Johnson's targets when they did the ground-breaking sex research in the 60s? They said sex happens in phases - arousal, plateau, orgasm, resolution. The Ultimate Solution in my "last longer" Premature Male Ejaculation Mastery ebook may help you achieve your maximum male ejaculation mastery, but it can't change your basic nature. It simply shows you how to lengthen the plateau phase indefinitely.

BUY Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery e-book from Tantra At TahoeReady for the good news? Moving too quickly from that plateau of pleasure to the big squirt is almost always a training problem. Because premature male ejaculation is simply a learning gap, I bet you can easily learn to last longer like so many other regular guys, including me.

"Before I took up Tantra, I couldn't last longer in bed than 4 seconds. Now that you have enlightened me about Tantra, I can go for hours. After 4 months of practicing Tantra, I can now go for 7 hours! I just can't believe that it is just that powerful and I would like to thank you for your teachings." ------ Patrick of Asheville, North Carolina

And that's partly why I get so worked up about the subject. If it's so easy to stop premature male ejaculation, why didn't our dads, older brothers, or teachers tell us about it? Didn't any of them ever hear about the ancient lovemaking secrets from Tantra or the Kama Sutra? I guess not, or else they were too embarrassed to talk about it.

Well, I'm not shy. If you're willing to get involved in my premature male ejaculation cure on your own, together we can make genuine progress real quick.

You Can Easily Master Male Ejaculation & That Age-Old Urge To Cum

BUY Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery e-book from Tantra At TahoeYou probably know that we've all been conditioned so that when we get turned on, something inside takes over and convinces us to just let go. I call that the "urge to cum." You can easily master this urge if you do the practices in Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery.

For a microsecond I don't want to give you the idea that there's anything wrong with this urge. Desire isn't the problem. Pre male ejaculation or premature male ejaculation is. We just want to stop premature male ejaculation in its tracks so that delightful urge, that throbbing desire, and longer sex goes on and on for hours, right?

The Ultimate Solution to this male ejaculation problem is to separate squirting from orgasm. Yes, even you can learn how to do that, and actually quite easily.

"Please believe me that being sensitive is a good thing. Would you rather be numb and not feel those delicious sensations? Would you like to learn how to feel less and block your potential for ecstasy? Well, that's not what the Ultimate Solution is about. It's about creating more pleasure and mastering its ups and downs so you can make your cock stay up forever." ----- from Chapter 1

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery Has Got Your Number, Bet On It!

100% Sastisfaction Money-Back GuaranteeI'm willing to bet that several of the 50 exercises in my "last longer" ebook are exactly what you need to maximize your sexual stamina, sexual performance, and sexual satisfaction forever. And give your lovers more pleasure than they've ever dreamed of. My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is my bet.

Yes, son, somewhere out there there's magic in them thar hills.

How Would You Like To Last Longer In Bed With Unlimited Pleasure?

Which exercises are the best ones for you? I can make an educated guess about what will help you stop premature male ejaculation, but only your body knows for sure. You've got to do a little fun experimenting. That's why I put everything that works in Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery plus a simple way to figure out your perfect personal premature male ejaculation cure program.

Believe me, you're really going to enjoy it.

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Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery Ebook

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Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery Ebook from Tantra At Tahoe

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Solo Premature Ejaculation Mastery Ecourse from Tantra At Tahoe
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