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"My wife and I have been practicing increasing intimacy and energy sharing for about 1 1/2 years with fantastic results to heights that we didn't know existed. Is it common for the other party to sense the emotion and energy in the buildup to the other's orgasm? Not the physical which is obvious, but the sense of the others emotion and energy as if you were part of them? We have sensed each others energy and emotion before but recently we were making love and opening to each other when I was hit so hard with the energy of her orgasm. I know that was different from anything that I've ever had. Thanks so much for helping us along this path." -- John

Making Love Can Be Hotter Than Just Having Sex

Better Couple Sex is what you'll learn from this Hotter Sex Deeper Love Online Guided Tour which begins HERE full of free excerpts from our Hotter Sex, Deeper Love Ebook and shows you how to juice up your sex life and strengthen your love relationship.

Women prefer making love, while men prefer having sex. Isn’t that we’ve all heard? But what we’ve learned from countless couples, men prefer making love, too. Men may not always think of sex as making love, but they want love with their sex.

Making love well means that you know more than the basics of relationship and sex. You want to be making love with juice, energy, openness, and fun. We all take ourselves much too seriously. Being the ultimate adult play, making love should be fun. Making love can just get better and better when you really move toward the adventure of relationship.

We all need more information about every aspect of making love. Porn flicks may be great to turn on some people but they are skewed toward the unreal male fantasy side of the equation. You need facts. You need details. You need a road map. You need real feedback.

Real women and real men want variety while they’re making love. They want intimacy in their making love, not just the old in and out. They want to know that making love deepens their connection and brings them pleasure and delight time after time.

Making love last is a double entendré. You want to make your sex last longer and you want making love to last, too. One without the other is empty. Although quick sex can be fun at times, it's the longies that are really fulfilling. Feeling comfortable in your skin and accepting your sexual proclivities is a big step in making lovemaking last and making love last.

Making love that grows out of intimate connection is the hottest, the most playful and the most satisfying available. Making love with great sex and deep intimacy is what you can learn from our ebook, Hotter Sex, Deeper Love. It clearly shows you the ways that intimacy is essential for making love and having sex that never gets boring. Plus, it will help to make your love last, too.

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