Hotter Sex Deeper Love Ebook
In A Nutshell

-- A practical couples manual for hotter sex and deeper connection with never-ending intimacy, partnership, and passion based on the 13 Essential Keys for happy love and juicy sex.

-- Includes practical relationship tools, step-by-step sexual techniques, and real stories of actual lovers breakthroughs. In 254 pages, it's 25 short chapters, 41 step-by-step exercises, and extensive appendix covers the whole spectrum from talking and touching, to kissing and lovemaking, to oral sex and anal play.

-- Clear, user-friendly lovemaking guide will teach you to be a better, more confident lover with a richer sex life rooted in ever-growing emotional sweetness and sexual intimacy.

-- For a fulfilling marriage with great sex or a long-term relationship with lightning-charged passion, you need this breakthrough how-to guide with its dozens of better sex tips and joyful relationship tools for deeper love and hotter passion.

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Intimate Love Creates The Ultimate Life With Another

Intimate love is the love that grows with time. Although you can have intimate love without sex, that isn’t the kind of intimate love we’re talking about. In our ebook, Hotter Sex, Deeper Love, we’re talking about intimate love that grows out of looking at yourself, your reactions and your quirks and having the courage to communicate about all that.

Intimate Love Starts With Loving Yourself

Intimate love starts with loving yourself. Intimate love is the foundation for intimate sex. You can’t have intimate sex without emotional intimacy, the foundation of intimate love. You can be intimate or have intimacy with someone without intimate love, but it would be difficult. Getting to know someone and letting yourself be known deeply seems to foster intimate love and profound intimacy.

Okay, so what is this intimacy thing at the root of intimate love? Intimacy is at the core of our Hotter Sex, Deeper Love Ebook. After decades of serving as marriage and relationship counselors, we've concluded that the intimacy at the core of intimate love is the process of being seen and loved in your fullness by your partner as well as seeing your partner in their fullness. The adventure of intimate love is on the inside.

Intimate Love Fuels The Desire For Sexual Union

In other words, intimacy grows with honesty and truth. Intimacy fuels emotional connection, the quality of life and the desire for sexual union. Intimate love is the stuff that a rich life is made of. It’s not easy since we’re not given the tools by our birth families, but our Hotter Sex, Deeper Love Ebook fills in all those gaps.

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So how does intimate love and emotional intimacy relate to sex? Intimate love includes emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy. Focusing on the emotional aspect of intimate love means focusing on the emotional aspects of intimacy. You can have emotional intimacy without sex and sex without emotional intimacy. But intimate love includes both.

From professional and personal experience, there is no doubt that sex is better with intimate love rooted in emotional intimacy. And vice versa.

Learn Profound Nurturing Of The Human Soul

In Hotter Sex, Deeper Love you’ll learn why and how this source of the most profound nurturing the human soul can receive. Most important you’ll learn how to bring more intimate love into your life and your relationship, fueling your sex life beyond your wildest dreams.

ContinueNeedless to say, intimate love and emotional intimacy can create an astounding, long lasting marriage. To find out more about an intimate marriage, click the Find out by clicking the Right Arrow to go to the next page.

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