(This article about our ebook Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation: Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss appeared in Tantra At Tahoe's June 2003 Sacred Sexual Secrets newsletter.)

At long last, we're delighted to announce the release of our new ebook, Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation: Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss.

We call the G-Spot the Sacred Gate because it's the doorway to profound ecstasy, full-body orgasm, emotional connection, sexual healing, awakened consciousness, female ejaculation, and levels of arousal that can only be described as mind altering.

We know we've been leading our readers on endlessly about the prospect of this one-of-a-kind Tantric sex manual. Last fall, we thought it would be a two to three month project. Instead, it turned out to more complete than we ever imagined at 328 pages.

In addition to everything you ever wanted to know about the G-Spot and female ejaculation, we've thoroughly covered sexual anatomy, Tantric energy practices, and sacred sex foreplay. Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation includes more of the Kama Sutra than other sex books we've seen, including embraces, its name for touching, scratching, kissing, squeezing, and biting, plus 36 sex positions.

Did we mention the bonus chapter about male sexual anatomy and the male G-Spot? Whew! Makes us tired just remembering all the research, writing, revising, and editing we've been doing.

With the release of our new ebook, we've created combination packages with our four current volumes. Our site now lets you save $10 on buying two ebooks or $15 when you buy all three. Click here for details

Our featured article this issue gives away lots of our secrets by describing much of what's included. If you're interested in deepening the intimacy in your relationship and supercharging your sex life, read on. Watch carefully for the link to the FREE quiz, "20 Questions To Measure Your Readiness For Female Ejaculation."

Here's wishing you Supreme Bliss when you journey through your Sacred Gate.

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