You can have life-altering cosmic Tantric Orgasms!

When most people think about improving their lovemaking, they expect they'll have bigger and better climaxes during sexual intercourse. That sounds pretty good, doesn't it? But frankly, it's limited compared to what Tantric lovers do on a routine basis.

  • Wouldn't it be wonderful to have more orgasms more easily?
  • Wouldn't it be fantastic to make your orgasms last and last?
  • Wouldn't it be awesome if you could feel that peak passion in your heart and soul, all over your body, and pulsing with your beloved at the same time?

If you answered yes, you want Tantra now. Yes, we can teach you to orgasm more powerfully, more easily, and again and again. But that's just for starters.

Believe us when we tell you we weren't born this way. We started with many challenges of hardness, wetness, and harmony just like yours. But we got through them with a little study and a lot of juicy erotic practice. Now every time we make love it looks just like a Kama Sutra video. We're absolutely sure your lovemaking can too.


Have you ever had an ecstatic experience that was magnificent, beyond words, transformative, other-worldly, and touched the core of your being? Sometimes it happens unexpectedly to many people. We can show you how to have these rapturous experiences at will every time you make love.

If you're one of the lucky ones who've had a peak experience like this, then you've sipped from the cup of ambrosia that we call Tantric Orgasm. We're talking about a whole-body ecstatic experience that goes on and on with intense pleasure and powerful internal vibrations. Many lovers describe it as entering a timeless altered state of divine bliss.

Join us and we'll teach you to enjoy Tantric Orgasms by...

  • Feeling much more intense pleasure than you've ever felt before.
  • Spreading that amazing passion all over your body.
  • Vibrating inside and out at the peak of ecstasy.

We've shown many others just like you the path to fulfilling, vibrant, joyful sexual embrace. Doesn't that sound like it's worth doing a few sexual exercises which are exciting and pleasurable?


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How can we help you elevate your orgasms? By showing you how to focus on S.E.X., or Subtle Energy eXstasy. Subtle energy is the warmth, the tickle, the pleasurable flood of excitement that spreads around your body when you get turned on. The juicy path of Tantra revolves around learning to recognize, amplify, and exchange the subtle energy of a building orgasm that creates ecstasy. We call this orgasmic energy. Yes, you can feel like you're having an orgasm with or without those genital explosions.

Here are some questions to help you decide how close you are to giving and experiencing the most fulfilling Tantric Orgasms...

  • How tense or relaxed are you during sex?
  • Do you know exactly what turns you on?
  • Do you know how to communicate what you want to your lover?
  • How often do you feel orgasmic energy in places in your body other than your genitals?

TANTRIC Sex Assess

The best place to start answering these and other burning questions is with a Tantric Sex Assess Interview. This is a private, personalized, confidential one-hour telephone conversation with Dhyan Jeffre and Somraj where you discover how to make sex a total success.

Your Tantric Sex Assess will show you how to supercharge your sex life with Tantra. We'll ask you a few simple questions and give you insights that probably never occurred to you. In this professional dialogue, we'll help you understand what you need to do to routinely experience non-stop full-body mind-altering Tantric Orgasms.

We'll suggest what you need to practice to move ahead most rapidly. So you can get there as soon as possible, we'll give you some homework, oops, we call it homePLAY assignments.

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If you're a man, learning Tantric Orgasm is all about you mastering your natural process of ejaculation. No, you don't have to give it up!

When the strong biological forces of youth are driving us towards sex, release is what we crave. Few guys learn about playing in the energy and prolonging the event. Coupled with society's negative attitude around sex, most of us learned to rush. We were conditioned to get it over with quickly before being discovered getting it on in the back of the car or getting it off under the covers.

The good news about learning sexual staying power is that there is a reliable and relatively easy method. Sex therapists have been refining the process of building lovemaking stamina for decades. You just need to understand a few basic principles: learn to relax, measure your arousal, consciously back off from peaks, and plateau your level of excitement.

Of course, the traditional medical and psychological approach focuses on control which isn't very Tantric. You need to learn to relax and flow orgasmic energy for the Ultimate Ecstatic Solution to Premature Ejaculation. Fortunately, Somraj recently wrote his personal story of going from quick-on-the-draw to orgasm mastery.

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Sex is a lot more fun for most people when there's someone else to enjoy it with. Tantra is much more than technique, it's about harmony and connection between lovers. The fuel for an enduring passionate love affair is an ever-growing depth of intimacy. That's the subject of Dhyan Jeffre's new book, Intimacy: A Green Light for Red Hot Sex and a Lifetime of Loving.

What Is Intimacy? Intimacy is that interchange and feeling created when two humans have the courage to truly be themselves with one another.

Sharing on an intimate level with your partner means fully revealing parts of your physical, emotional and spiritual self as you evolve and grow. The essence of intimacy is feeling open, real and accepted.

When there is intimacy, there is a comfort level created to support great sex. When intimacy is the basis for a loving relationship, the depth and possibilities for sexual exploration become infinite. Life, love and sex become an endless journey of delight and discovery. Intimacy is the juice that keeps the relationship alive, vital and ever new.

To incorporate the secrets of Tantric intimacy into your love life and enhance your love relationship, read Jeffre's new playbook, Intimacy: A Green Light for Red Hot Sex and a Lifetime of Loving. This playbook will give you many tools to promote the ongoing evolution of your sexual relationship and your complete relationship as well as your personal and spiritual growth.

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With society's negative and repressive attitudes toward sexuality that our parents and teachers passed on, it's a wonder we learned anything about sex while growing up. If we adopt the typical shame, guilt, and fear about sex like most adults, we often move backwards instead of forward. Countless sexual problems are the result. Our Sexual Health Coaching for both men and women can fix that. We can help you unlearn what doesn't serve you and cleanse your sex life.

Our private solution-oriented coaching is either live or by telephone and focuses on your issues at your pace. With our vast knowledge of Tantric practice and Kama Sutra lovemaking and decades of spiritual growth, personal counseling, and training experience, we take a refreshingly unique positive approach. We can guide you to get back on your sexual track and discover your own personal sexual identity.

Sexual Health Coaching focuses on healing wounding, releasing trauma, and moving past mistakes to solve your sexual problems. Loss of desire, waning erections, difficulty orgasming, painful or unsatisfying intercourse - we've seen and heard it all and can help you through it.

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We want to speed your journey to unlimited sexual ecstasy with Tantric Orgasms immediately. Why wait? To start now and move as rapidly as possible, register for the following Tantra experiences and sexual learning sessions that turn you on.

If you haven't yet experienced multi-hour mind-altering spiritual sex like we're promising you, we wouldn't be surprised if you're feeling a little skeptical. When we first saw our early Tantra teachers vibrating ecstatically during simple breathing exercises, we were too. But when we learned how to stream orgasmic energy throughout our bodies at will, we believed it and wanted more. And if you're like any of the other healthy open-minded people who've learned our system, you will too.

A great place to start is with one of our Tantric Experiences. You want it and you want it now, right? Let us give it you now. Here, the emphasis is on your pleasure, as much as you can take. We leave the training for later.

What do our clients say? Here's a sampling...

"The ceremony was hot. Being the Goddess and God energy was powerful and sensual." J.D.

"Your gentle approach created a safe place to walk through my fears. All the exercises combined to give me what I have been looking for, but didn't know what it would look like. V.N.

"It was so much fun. It was fantastic. It couldn't have been any better." S.W.

"The best thing was learning to say YES to life…really cool, inspiringly cool! Getting high without drugs!" J.G.

In a Tantric Experience, we create the setting, we guide the ritual, and we help you create unbelievable sensations. Many couples prefer to keep the most intimate play between themselves, which we think is wonderful. Others choose to exchange partners when it seems right. Obviously, it's a different story when singles sign-up for one or more of these erotic engagements...


Do you really need to learn how to orgasm? Isn't it a natural process? Well, sure, yet some people have difficulty getting there easily and, if you're one of them, we'd love to help you. For most of us, we build up sexual tension and then climax. All that work for just a few seconds of enjoyment!

For most guys, orgasm is releasing energy. He shoots his wad while she wants longer and slower. OK, we admit it, we believe that most any consensual sex is good sex. We like all kinds and experiment often. But if you're seeking more pleasure, more longies and fewer shorties, let us teach you the ancient art of Tantric Orgasm and Kama Sutra lovemaking.

Two thousand years ago in India and China, sexual love was revered as the art of worshipping the divine forces of man and woman in sacred union. With a slightly different approach and some delightful practice sessions, you can easily become a world-class Tantric lover.

To make the orgasmic experience last and last, you need to learn to shift your focus from releasing to relaxing, from anxiety to celebration, from the blind leading the blind to understanding the dynamics of aroused bodies and orgasmic energy. Although many women know how to do this naturally, most can learn to further prolong their pleasure and intensify their orgasms.

What do real people like you say about our Tantric Orgasm training?

"It was safe and inviting. I was supported. You guys were great at modeling the practices and making it FUN!" M.R.

"Learning about myself, coming face to face with my fears…the acceptance was an incredible feeling. I'm looking forward to incorporating a lot of what I learned and experienced into my daily life and love life. Thank you." J.G.

"Tantra was a great big piece of the puzzle for me that got put into practice. A lifetime of work...has come to fruition…with the birth of myself. Thank you!!!" B.A.M.

"The exercise…freed up some very early memories, very profound experience! I feel sensory and energetically re-awakened." C.D.

Premature Ejaculation Mastery

If you read Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery, Somraj's book about how males can master their ejaculations, you realize there are some sexual muscles to build and some adjustments to make to your mental focus, breathing, vocalizing, and body motions. This a readable, entertaining, and thorough journey through this subject so close to every man's ego. The email book contains dozens of exercises and guidelines to know which ones you need to master.

Click here to purchase Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery now.

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If this all sounds challenging to you, sign-up for Somraj's Premature Ejaculation Mastery Coaching and he'll guide you. You'll get personalized feedback, ideal assignments for your situation, and pertinent advice so you can practice for the fastest progress.

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Charging Your Spirit With Passion TeleSeminar

This exciting teleseminar teaches our Heart-Centered Tantric Love Ritual, a universal format for all your sacred sexual encounters. You learn how to create a sacred space, honor your beloved, connect energetically, revitalize all your chakras, and much more. The core practice of this personalized curriculum is Sexual Breathing, turning the physical actions of orgasm into tools to heighten your passion consciously and reverently. You learn the four cornerstones of ecstasy - Tantric breath, stimulating sound, energizing movement, and mental focus.

What will you experience by learning to Charge Your Spirit With Passion? How to merge spirit with sex. How to honor the body as a divine temple. How to touch Tantrically. How to open to the unrestricted flow of orgasmic energy.

If you want to incorporate sacred sexuality into your relationship or attract the perfect partner, Charge Your Spirit With Passion is the essential bedrock for your Tantra practice. Start now and in one month you'll be a confident practitioner of Tantra.

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Getting Everything You Want In Bed TeleSeminar

Communication is a challenging art at the best of times. In bed, it's downright daunting to so many of us. On top of that, what turns many lovers on is a moving target. Consequently, we end up not asking for everything we want and not knowing exactly what our partner desires in each moment. The Communicating In Bed Seminar takes you far past these difficulties and propels you to a place of harmony with your lover. Improve your listening, your assertiveness, and your feedback where it counts most. Get verbal and encourage response without destroying the mood. Maximize your pleasure by exploring, experimenting, and getting in sync with your partner. Learn to take responsibility for your sex life with love, respect, and affection.

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Tantric Oral Sex Training

Using your mouth, lips, and tongue to pleasure your beloved's body has got to be one of the biggest turn-ons around. So why isn't there more of this delicious sex play? We think it's because of ignorance, misunderstanding, and many of the communication challenges common to relationships. We've vowed to overcome all of this and show you how to excel at kissing, licking, and sucking.

We'd love to teach you the ancient Eastern secrets of fellatio and cunnilingus as documented in the Kama Sutra. Let us show you how clean and delightful oral sex can be. Let us show you how to relax and surrender to this awesome form of loveplay. All you need is an open mind and some soap and hot water.

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Female Ejaculation Training

The most uninhibited passionate Tantric female lovers we know, including Dhyan Jeffre, delight in ejaculating. In our serious sacred way, we affectionately call this squirting. No, it's not peeing. And, yes, it feels great to both giver and receiver when properly trained. And equipped with adequate towels. The skill required by the giver is easily mastered. The pleasure a woman can generate by learning to squirt is amazing. What are you waiting for?

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Completely Satisfy Your Lover Training

What should you do and when should you do it to maximize your partner's pleasure? What stroke should you use when, what pressure should you use where, and what speed feels the best now? This series of five hands-on training sessions teaches all the skills you'll need to give your lover everything he or she wants and much more. Offered for both men and women.

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Kama Sutra LoveMaking Training

Remember the old joke about the public sex lecture in which the presenter asked the audience how many sexual positions they knew? When the old man in the back yelled out "105!", the speaker ignored him and began explaining the missionary position. That's when the old man yelled out "106!"

Kama Sutra Lovemaking Training isn't about scoring, or keeping score. It's about using what you learn about moving orgasmic energy and becoming creative in merging your bodies. It's about maximizing the woman's sacred G-spot stimulation, and prolonging the man's sexual stamina. It's about merging more of your energies in more ways.

During this live interactive training, we'll show you about three dozen different postures to heighten your pleasure. In your own private personalized sessions, you'll learn about all the variations of the man on top, the woman on top, and side to side lovemaking. Kama Sutra Coaching culminates in the wave of bliss in yab-yum, the classic Tantric position with the woman on the man's lap.

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Private Tantric Workshops

Want to revolutionize your sex life as fast as possible? Private Tantric Workshops are the intensive fast track to incorporating sacred sexual practices into your life.

Private Tantric Workshopss are a series of rapid-fire instruction sessions designed to unleash your dormant sexual orgasmic energy. Organized in two-day blocks, they're an active introduction to sacred sexuality that teaches the Tantric practices that, if done regularly, will eventually enable you to move orgasmic life force energy throughout your body, mind, and spirit so you can experience ecstatic sex.

Initiation days condense our workshop experience into 6 to 8 hour sessions which center on what you need and want most. As we guide you to engage the centuries-old lessons of Tantric adepts, expect your mind, body, and spirit to be engaged, titillated, and enlivened.

Though every Private Tantric Workshopsn is packed with the same essential fundamentals, it's really a hands-on learning experience geared to your intentions, desires, and comfort level. The schedule, setting, and presentation are designed for you. This is the fastest way to learn ancient exercises which you can use to open and free your energy channels.

Click on the appropriate REGISTER button for the number of days you want to sign up for...
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