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Aneros Super Discount Package Deals

Up to $35 OFF with our Special Discount Package Deals...
  • Sublime Set: 2 Next Gen Aneros
  • Volcano Pak: 2 Classic Aneros + Lube + More
  • Helix Holiday Special: 2 Aneros + Lube + More
Aneros Male G-Spot Orgasm Stimulator

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Aneros MGX $48

Aneros SGX $48

Aneros Progasm $67

Aneros Progasm-Ice $67

Aneros Helix $67

Aneros Maximus $67

Aneros Eupho $85

Aneros Peridise $55-110

Aneros Tempo $99.95

Aneros Vice $139.95

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Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm ebook

When You Add My Complete Male G-Spot Orgasm Do-It-Yourself Guide Ebook

Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm

You can instantly download our hands-on ebook Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm all about pleasuring the male G-Spot for multiple Tantric orgasms for only $19.99.

Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm teaches the secret art of pleasuring your own or your partner's prostate to achieve mind-boggling orgasms like you've never dreamed of. Click HERE for more details.

Get our 206-page illustrated ebook for only $19.99, along with our Tantric Sex Life mini-ebook, normally $4.99.


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Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm

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Up to $35 Savings!

Special Discount Package Deals


Aneros Volcano Pak Male G Spot Multiple Orgasm Stimulator & Prostate Massager

Save $27 With
2 Next Gen Aneros

Sublime Set

The Sublime Set consists of the Aneros Helix and Aneros Eupho, two of our Next-Gen models. The Helix has a large bulbous head for intense prostate stimulation while the delicately shaped Eupho delivers unique, beautiful, subtle pleasure.

Together they are $152.00 so you save $27 when you get them together in the Sublime Set.

Sublime Set
Aneros Volcano Pak Male G Spot Multiple Orgasm Stimulator & Prostate Massager

Save $18 With Both Aneros

Volcano Pak

The Volcano Pak contains the original Aneros Classic version of the Aneros MGX, Aneros SGX, 2.0 oz. tube of ID Glide lubricant, and a vibrating bullet at a great price of $85, with a savings of $18 over the normal separate list price of $108.00.

The vibrating bullet fits snugly between the handle of each Aneros stimulator, providing added pleasure. The Aneros Classic is offered only as part of this special set!

Volcano Pak
Aneros Helix Set Male G Spot Multiple Orgasm Stimulator & Prostate Massager

Save 30% On Helix

Helix Holiday Special

The Helix Holiday Special contains an Aneros MGX redesigned classic model, the new Aneros Helix, 2.0 ID Glide Lube and a Higginson Rectal Syringe.

The Higginson Syringe is a nice way to get ready for a session with the newly released Aneros Helix or flagship Aneros MGX.

Helix Holiday Special

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