Your Tantra Newsletter: "Massaging His Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss
- With Tantra, Guys Can Enjoy Multiple Orgasms, Too"

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 11/17/04
Published by Dhyan Somraj Pokras & Dhyan Jeffre TallTrees
ISSN 1540-8825 (c) Copyright 2004 by Tantra At Tahoe (530) 587-1317
This free ezine offers practical sex tips derived from the ancient
wisdom of Tantra & the Kama Sutra coupled with modern sex
research. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra which is spiritual sex that
helps you deepen relationship intimacy & reach astounding heights of
sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training.
-- Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex
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Dear Tantra Friend:

We're excited to reveal that we've already hit the slopes in the earliest
ski season in decades. Fortunately, we're close to complete with our
newest ebook, "Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide To The Ecstasy Of Spiritual Sex - The Erotic Power of Merging Sexual Energy
With Intimacy, Love, & Spirit." Look for a big announcement with a
deep-discount introductory special shortly.

Our featured article uncovers a little known fact -- male orgasm is
different from ejaculation -- and how you can use prostate massage to
unleash the incredible power of what we call the male Sacred Gate.
What about giving your special honey a G-Spot Orgasm for Christmas or

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This issue contains...
* Tantric Quote: "New Medical Crisis"
* Juicy Joke: "Top 10 Office Things That Sound Dirty But Aren't"
* Friend's Feedback: "A Great Weight Lifted"
* Featured Ebook: "25% Off Our Male G-Spot Ebook"
* Featured Article: "Massaging His Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss"
* Featured Product: "The Crystal Wand Hits The Spot"
* Interesting Pubic Findings: "Latest Durex Sex Poll"
* Juicy Joke: "Rest Room Rescue"
* Tantric Quote: "Women Vs. Men"
* Friend's Feedback: "Don't Hold Anything Back"
* Adult Product Specials: "7 Truly Erotic Holiday Gift Bundles"
* Adult DVD/Video Specials: "Hot Wet Sex Mojo DVDs for only $9.95!"
* FREE Stuff: "You Could Be Our Next Winner Like Karen"
* How To Save $20 On Our Ebooks

Love from Tantra At Tahoe who is...
Somraj & Jeffre

Tantric Quote
- New Medical Crisis -

"There's a new medical crisis. Doctors are reporting that many men
are having allergic reactions to latex condoms. They say they cause
severe swelling. So what's the problem?" -- Dustin Hoffman

Juicy Joke
- Top 10 Things That Sound Dirty At The Office But Aren't -

10. I need to whip it out by 5.
9. Mind if I use your laptop?
8. Just stick it in my box.
7. If I have to lick one more, I'll gag!
6. I want it on my desk, NOW!!!
5. HMMM.....I think it's out of fluid!
4. My equipment is so old, it takes forever to finish.
3. It's an entry-level position.
2. When do you think you'll be getting off today?
1. It's not fair......I do all the work while he just sits there.

Friend's Feedback re: "Tantric Male G-Spot Orgasm"
- A Great Weight Lifted -

"The feeling was profound. Somraj and Jeffre, thank you for creating
the space and having the patience I needed to work through this
block. Great teachers come seldom in one's life. How fortunate I am.
After the experience was complete, I felt as if a great weight had been
lifted from my body. I am still experiencing that light feeling today." --
Michael from Sacramento

Featured Ebook

- 25% Off Our Male G-Spot Ebook -
- Now There's No Reason Why Men Can't Blow Their Minds, Too -

Our ebook, "Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm: Awakening His
Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss," teaches both givers and receivers of
male prostate massage who crave enormous confidence in giving the
exquisite ecstasy only imagined in the most erotic dreams. Men, you
can have unlimited male multiple orgasms with our new Tantric Sex
ebook. Givers, you can easily become every man's dream lover with our

It's designed for both ecstatic solo play as well as partner loveplay, it's
the complete 206-page guidebook to supercharge a man's sexual play
with Tantric Male G-Spot Orgasms. Not just one, but multiple
explosions of incredible power and emotional sweetness. Our how-to
Tantric Sex manual shows you how to expand your capacity for
pleasure with step-by-step instructions from the ancient secrets of the
Kama Sutra and modern sexology.

No longer will your or your lover's G-Spot be mysterious and elusive.
After reading the hot sex tips in Chapter 4, you'll know exactly how to
find your male G-Spot. After doing the exciting G-Spot massage
practices in Chapter 5, you'll know exactly how to touch and arouse
your man G-Spot. After mastering the 4 solo and 8 partner sexual
positions in Chapter 4, you'll know exactly how to trigger explosive
pleasure with the male G-Spot.

As Somraj writes in our ebook... "The waves of pleasure were
enormous, at an entirely new level. The surges of heat and electricity
up and down my body made me vibrate all over. It was like I was
coming deep inside but without the muscle contractions that usually
make me squirt. And it kept going on and on, me writhing, screaming,
and shaking until I was spent."

Our male G-Spot ebook includes 47 exciting solo and hands-on
partner practices that will show you exactly how to find, excite, and
create incredible pleasure from your own or your partner's G-Spot. It's
chock full of frank, accurate, detailed, up-to-date information and 49
graphic color photos and charts about male sexual anatomy.

What do our readers say... "An absolutely excellent book! Well written,
knowledgeable, instructive, entertaining and fun. Thanks so much...!"
-- dsp

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Featured Article

- Massaging His Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss -
- With Tantra, Guys Can Enjoy Multiple Orgasms, Too -

"As I lay here with my beloved's head bowed between my spread legs
worshipping at the door of my secret garden, I give great thanks for
the pleasure that's sweeping me away. Orgasmic energy engulfs me
and I writhe, scream, and come and come and come. It goes on and
on, over and over again for about 30 minutes. When I reach the O-
Zone, that space of continuous orgasm, I simply want more, More,

Don't You Want It All, Too?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
If you're anything like us, you want it all. Do you accept that your sexual
self is the very essence of who you are? If you do, then you're in for a
real treat with our Tantric Sex ebook, "Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot
Orgasm: Awakening His Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss."

Guys, can you honestly say "Yes!" to these important questions? Do you
want to...
- Feel great pleasure and amazing sexual ecstasy?
- Know the depth and breadth of your sexuality?
- Learn to cavort in the O-Zone?
Well, then you've convinced us that you want to pass through the
Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss, our Tantric name for the G-Spot.

With a little Tantric Sex training, women easily learn to enjoy full-body
orgasms, extended orgasms, and multiple orgasms with so much
sexual energy that it blows their mind. Now, with what we've
discovered about the male G-Spot, there's no reason why guys can't
ride right along on the ecstasy train with their sweeties.

Women, You Want To Learn This Now
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
One of our greatest joys, in addition to personally experimenting with
all these potent sexual experiences, is to share the ancient secrets of
sacred sexuality with you. Both of you. Which is why we also have to ask
women in this holiday season of giving, don't you want to...
- Become every man's dream lover?
- Learn everything about his pleasure triggers?
- Be able to give him incredible ecstasy, too?
Well, ladies, the good news is that "Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot
Orgasm" is written as much for you as for him.

All the hype (much of it true, by the way) about the female G-Spot has
focused on the secret erogenous zone on the upper wall of the yoni
(Tantric for vagina) to explain why women love G-Spot Orgasm so

Not fair, we say. Guys deserve equal opportunity with G-Spot Orgasm.

We're here to promise it's totally possible through Sacred Gate
Massage. As a Tantric friend recently wrote... "My husband goes into as
long and expanded states as I do. We are equal opportunity in this

OK, So What Is This Secret Male Trigger Button?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The male G-Spot is a magic pleasure button that triggers deep
multiple orgasms. It's where the eruptions start. Guess what happens
when you massage the exact center of a guy's sexual anatomy, the core
that causes that thrilling, throbbing, intense sensation during

Right, his excitement is incredible! And goes on and on stronger and

If you're not sure, let us make it absolutely clear that we're referring to
the human male prostate. Yes, that walnut-sized gland buried deep in a
man's pelvis. Undoubtedly, the male prostate is the source of great
pleasure, unusual intense sensations, and long-lasting, powerful
orgasms all by itself, sometimes without a hard-on or ejaculation.

The prostate is a firm, muscular, chestnut-sized gland wrapped around
the neck of a guy's bladder that produces a thick fluid that's an
essential part of semen. Because it's an acquired taste, sensitive men
easily get an erection from massaging it if you know how.

The male prostate is a powerful organ in many ways. For one, it's been
getting so much press lately about it's strange affinity for cancer. You
might dismiss the whole Tantric notion that disease is caused by not
giving his Sacred Gate enough love and appreciation. At least until you
read the scientific studies about the medical benefits of regular
prostate massage. In other words, what our male G-Spot ebook teaches
is good for more than his orgasms. It's great for his health.

The Doorway To Unlimited Male Multiple Orgasms
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
We're awfully sure that all guys have enjoyed the intense pleasure of a
wet explosion down there. Then you're already intimately familiar with
how good this little inner nut can make you feel. Yes, it's the prostate's
involuntary rhythmic contractions that begin your ejaculatory orgasms.
Which is why stimulating it produces great pleasure.

G-Spot massage is one of the major pathways for guys to experience
unlimited male multiple orgasms. The secret is to learn to separate
ejaculation from orgasm. Yes, that's right, they're two different things.
Usually they happen so closely together that most guys think they're
the same thing. But they're not. Learning to enjoy orgasm after orgasm
before squirting is not only possible, it's easy with the right kind of

This kind of know-how isn't easily come by in our sexually repressed
world. It encompasses two dimensions: what the giver does to his
prostate, and what he does inside. If you're adventuresome, by
experimenting you can learn lots about the first: his anatomy, his bliss
buttons, and how to push them. But the second, how he rides the
waves of orgasmic sexual energy, takes access to the ancient wisdom
of Tantra. Which is why our male G-Spot ebook is a Tantric journey.

This Will Be A Very Unique Journey
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Tantra is an ancient Eastern spiritual practice based on the
metaphysics of sexual energy. Its roots are actually about growth, self-
realization, and consciousness. By merging sex and spirit, Tantra uses
the powerful life forces of sex as a fuel for personal transformation.

Maybe it's been around for thousands of years because of the amazing
ecstasy you can generate with Tantric Sex. Because of the unique blend
of sexual and spiritual matters, students of Tantra enjoy a vastly
different and expanded approach to pleasure.

In Tantra, we give pleasure top-billing. Anything that makes you feel
good is sacred in our view. Which brings us back to the purpose of this
ebook, our fascination with the male Sacred Gate, the G-Spot. Here's
what Somraj writes in the ebook...

"In all my years of sexual training and experimenting, I'd never felt
such ecstasy so strongly, so deeply, so intensely. It was as if my inner
core was pulsating, expanding, and contracting so vigorously that all I
could do was surrender. If I had fought such overwhelming sensations,
I would have felt my guts being ripped out. That night I truly dove
through my Sacred Gate into another realm of power, beauty, and bliss.
It was hiding there all along inside waiting for me to be ready. Now
that I know I am, I'll be making that trip lots more often from here on

Sacred Gate Massage
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
In the short space we have here, what we can tell you about male
Sacred Gate Massage that you can act on? The easiest place to start is
by massaging his Perineum Point. The perineum is the smooth area
behind his balls but in front of his back door, his anus. If you press the
pad of your finger, or a fingertip without a nail, all around his
perineum, you'll find a soft spot, that's the Perineum Point.

You can apply pressure to his G-Spot from here. First of all, if you try
this right out of the starting gate he may not like it. One universal
characteristics of both male and female G-Spots is that they need to be
awakened before enjoy pleasure. So turn him on first with your hands,
mouth, or yoni. Then press into his Perineum Point firmly. Sometimes
a knuckle works, too. Or a strong vibrator.

You'll notice a difference if you explored this area before he was
turned-on. A hard-on extends inside his body, underneath his balls, to
somewhere around his perineum. To massage his Sacred Gate, be sure
you move towards his backdoor to where the spongy tissue gives when
you apply pressure.

Of course, there's lots more to tell about prostate massage that we
don't have room for in our free articles. Which is why we're offering a
discount special for you in the ad below on "Tantric Male Multiple G-
Spot Orgasm." Doesn't that sound like the best holiday gift ever? One
that keeps giving. Or maybe we should say one that keeps coming.

Whatever your motivation -- pushing your sexual limits, prostate
health, multiple orgasms, being his dream lover -- we're convinced
you'll absolutely love our male G-Spot ebook. So much so that the
$19.99 volume comes with an unlimited 100% Satisfaction Money-
Back Guarantee!

Wishing you both unlimited multiple orgasms,

Love, Somraj & Jeffre

Featured Product
- The Crystal Wand Hits The Spot -

There's another great way to hit your beloved's G-Spot. Our favorite all-
purpose G-Spot stimulator is the Crystal Wand.

The Crystal Wand is a sensuously curved "S" shaped bar of clear Lucite
plastic that's easy to hold and manipulate when one end is inserted
inside a man or woman. It was specifically designed to easily stimulate
your own or another's G-Spot. The wand allows deeper reach, stronger
pressure, and perfect vibration when and where it counts.

As seen on HBO’s Real Sex Series #23, and Penthouse Magazine, the
Crystal Wand has a variety of uses with a partner or by oneself. This
beautiful piece of erotic art is a valuable addition to any collection that
allows the giver to reach deeper, aim exactly, and apply the right
pressure and vibration when and where it counts.

If you've ever been left unsatisfied after love play, you'll find this
investment in unlimited staying power well worth it. And it's a truly
elegant Gift Package!

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Interesting Pubic Findings
- Latest Durex Sex Poll -

Over 350,000 people participated in this year's web-based Durex
Global Sex Survey. Here are some results...
* People around the world have sex an average of 103 times a year.
* The French partake of the flesh an average of 137 times a year.
* The Greeks and Hungarians, horny groups both, average 133 times
and 131 times respectively.
* The U.S., which topped the poll last year, plummeted to the middle
of the pack with an average of only 111 times.
* Asia, once again, is the world's most repressed region. The hapless
Japanese only averages 46 times a year
* Hong Kong and Singapore citizens go at it just 79 times annually.

Win By Taking Our Poll
- You Could Be Our Next Winner Like Karen -

Congratulations to Karen Bohmer from New Jersey who won our
October CONTEST by entering our on-line poll. Karen will receive a
free copy of our upcoming ebook, "Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide To The Ecstasy Of Spiritual Sex," soon. May all your
sex lives soon be as awesome as this ebook teaches.

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Juicy Joke
- Rest Room Rescue -

A man was in a bar all day and he had to use the bathroom. He was in
there for a while, yelling, so the barmaid reluctantly went to the
bathroom to check on him.

"Sir, what are you yelling about? You're scaring the customers."

"Every time I try to flush the toilet something keeps biting my

"Sir, please get off the mop bucket."

Tantric Quote
- Women Vs. Men -

"Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place."
-- Billy Crystal

Friend's Feedback
- Don't Hold Anything Back -

"Through your site, Tantra, much open discussion and honesty, Becky
really made an important break-through in her feelings and acceptance
about her own sexuality. It not only helped her to enjoy sex as never
before, it also helped her to become multi-orgasmic since she didn't
feel as if she had to hide anything or hold anything back. This was a
wonderful introduction to Tantra for both of us." -- Bill West,
Huntington Beach

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