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Your Tantra Newsletter: Tantric Backdoor Play
If You Don’t Yet Have Cosmic Anal G-Spot Orgasms, Here’s How For Both Men & Women

Sometimes, when we're really turned on, we really want to have a go at anal sex. Now if you belong to the half of the lovemaking population who've tried it, you know it can be way hot, way pleasurable, and way kinky. Which is a turn-on. If you know anything about Supreme Bliss Tantra, then you know we believe turn-on-ness is next to godliness.

Now we don't know what the national average is of lovers who actually enjoy backdoor play regularly. But we do know that most of our Tantric friends do it often. And for some special reasons we’ll explain here in some graphic detail for the non-squeamish among you.

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 6/29/11
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

Why could ass-fucking be a part of Spiritual Sex. Does that rather blunt street-name for taking it up the rear turn you off? Then you might be a member of the 50% who hasn’t developed a hankering for it yet. Those who really want to expand their sexual appetite, repertoire, and pleasure sometimes get a good jolt out of talking dirty. And if you approach it from the Tantric Attitude, anything physical approached with consciousness and consensus can be a sacred ritual that brings you closer to your true nature and connects you with your beloved.

I say “yet” because if you have any curiosity at all, I’m hoping this article might encourage you to experiment until you find an easy, gradual, fun way to get pleasure from sticking things up your butt. That’s much the spirit of Supreme Bliss Tantra, try it and if you like it, fool around with it until you find out what really floats your cork. If not, try something else.


So why bother with something that’s potentially dirty? Yes, we all know what comes out of your rear orifice and we aren’t suggesting that you play with it. (Later, we’re going to show you how to play cleanly and safely.) But for many adventuresome lovers, that fact that it’s your asshole that gets penetrated is a turn-on on because it’s so damn naughty.

If the smutty side titillates you, then we say, sure, use it for all it’s worth. But we more appreciate the titillation that comes from the high concentration of nerve endings back there, second highest in the human body behind the clitoris. Which is why a finger, a tongue, a dildo, a vibrator, or, yes, even a cock can feel so good inside. If -- and it’s a big if for many - you can get past the natural resistance that so many of us feel.

Anal sex ain’t that much fun if you’re a tight ass.

In fact, can hurt if you don’t approach it right. The bedrock of Supreme Bliss Tantra is relax, accept, and you’ll delight. That applies to life, love, and sex. So if you’re uptight, resisting, and fighting the inevitable, you’ll create internal pressure which can only result in suffering. Do you get the connection? If you can learn to release your unconscious programming, your unworkable beliefs, someone else’s idea of what makes you feel good, then you’ll be able to appreciate, enjoy, and delight in life. The personal healing journey of Tantric Backdoor Play can help you do just that.

Also, it’s an intimacy thing. Do you love your honey, and, even more, trust your lover to have their way with you through your backdoor? Tantric Sex is much more a team sport than a boxing match. Except during a consensual role-play, it’s not about seeing who can take the other. We view anal play as another opportunity for each of you to look inside, decide what you want, ask for it, communicate, negotiate, and guide your main squeeze to make you feel good, not bad.

Maybe the strongest incentive for Tantric Backdoor Play is G-Spot Orgasm. That amazing secret trigger -- that only a minority of lovers have truly mastered -- can be wonderfully stimulated through the anus. We’re talking about both his and her G-Spot, which you can learn more about on our free Online Guide Tour here...


So, brothers, does the prospect of the most mind-blowing cosmic orgasm that lasts and lasts interest you? And did you know that mastering G-Spot Orgasm is a major pathway to learning to tremendously extend your sexual stamina and overcome premature ejaculation? These things and more are only possible by learning to open your backdoor to pleasure and access the central switchboard of male orgasm. Yes, the prostate gland.

You know, guys, prostate massage is good for your most sensitive inner sexual organ. That’s what we call the prostate the Male G-Spot. Many partners of go-for-it guys learn how to gently enter, sensuously stroke, and detonate the most exquisite sensations through Male G-Spot massage.

By far, learning to be penetrated back there has done more for making me a better lover of women than most other things. You can’t help but learn why so many women want to be entered so slowly, at least at first. You learn why the right kind of foreplay for you and for the moment is essential to opening up. You learn about ramping up your turn-on and why rushing along hurts. You learn about asking for what you want and getting in sync with who and what is penetrating you.

So, women, do you want your guys to learn to be better at these things? You don’t even have to mention these advantages. Just offer to give him a new and naughty way to get off and he’ll learn naturally along the way.

Now guys, there are a lot of beliefs that could get in the way of an otherwise uninhibited man’s sexuality You could worry that if you like it too much you’ll want to turn gay. You could not trust your lover to treat you gently and respectfully. You could worry that it will be dirty. None of these have to be true if you take the Tantric approach. Which is why we wrote an ebook specially to awaken every man’s inner orgasmic control trigger, “Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm,” which you can read more about and download here (don’t miss the discount later)...


If you can get permission or get away with it, some lovers start by tying their man down on his stomach and have their way with his backdoor. That’s not my favorite. I’ve always been too sensitive to be forced. I needed a slow, gentle, awakening process. Which is why both our male and female G-Spot ebooks are subtitled “Awakening The Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss”...

Because can’t force a tight ass into looseness, you need to start with a partnership. If you work together with agreement, lots of baby steps, and running commentary, when he and his butt are ready they’ll start to open up. Like all Tantric LovePlay, pleasure is a direct result of consciousness, communication, and collaboration. As his awareness grows of his sensations, fixed ideas, and true underlying desires, he’ll shift inside. Which is how we approach the miraculous summit of Tantric Orgasm, just let it happen of its own accord.

The giver needs to be comfortable and accepting, too, for all this to work. You don’t have to penetrate him with a naked finger if the idea doesn’t send you. Powder-free latex gloves are cheap and easy to use. Just peel them off after you’re done and anything you don’t want to play with gets folded inside for easy disposal. Even better use the special toys developed to make your job easier and encourage his ascent to anal ecstasy.

Our favorite specially-designed Male G-Spot toys are called Aneros. We’ve worked with this company for many years and seen the fantastic idea of their medical doctor founder grow into a robust line of 10 backdoor stimulators. Over the years they’ve added bigger and bigger Aneros toys for those who’ve loosened up to the deep resounding orgasms only male orgasm central -- the prostate gland -- provide.

And recently they’ve added the Peridise line, four smaller probes that can be used in place of a finger to heal and awaken these most sensitive of tissues. More details and purchase links here...


Sorry, that’s all the room we have here right now. The second half of this article will arrive in your email just after the July 4 holiday. Or you can access it in our archives here... Tantric Backdoor Play - Part 2.

And it contains a couple special treats....

Tantric Backdoor Play for her.

Discounts on our G-Spot ebooks.

How to get started, FREE!

Love, Somraj and Jeffre



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