Kama Sutra Sex Position introduces you to the 30 lovemaking postures of the famous sex book, including oral, anal, and group sex. We've covered them all in full livng color with live nude models, Kama Sutra artwork, and erotic art with porn stars in our new ebook, 208 Kama Sutra Tantra Sex Positions.

General advice about adjusting body position during Kama Sutra Sexual Intercourse concludes with "Thus one learns a thousand ways to copulate." Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. But by adopting the spirit of artistic experimentation which Vatsyayana suggests, lovers will find lots of creative ways to pleasure each other. Variety is the spice of sex life to many. Just another example of the forthright, no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to maximizing pleasure practiced by the ancient Indians.

Clearly, studying the ancient text can add many more options to your Kama Sutra Sexual Intercourse repertoire than Missionary Position. Did you know the Pacific Islanders gave the man-on-top position this name to make fun of it? They much favored squatting postures, featured prominently in the Kama Sutra.

Of course, there's no evidence the old book made its way to Polynesia. Find out why squatting can be so pleasureful for the woman in our new book, Tantric G-Spot Massage and Female Ejaculation: Awakening the Sacred Gate.

Kama Sutra Sex Position were organized around compensating for discrepancies of size and fit between penises and vaginas. Some called "wide-open" explain how to penetrate deeper. Others allow only shallow entry. Some are called "closed," designed for looser fits. And of course, some for tighter grips like the "strong pressure" position.

Many of the sexual postures were given colorful names i.e. cow, mare, crab, blossoming, broken flute, and Queen of Heaven. The later was the favorite of the wife of a famous king who was more amply endowed than was comfortable for her.

Many of the postures are awfully demanding for anyone other than an Olympic gymnast. Remember, it was common practice in ancient India for people to build strong and supple bodies with frequent Yoga. Some of the Kama Sutra Sex Position suggested by the Kama Sutra -- the "standing position" or "hanging position" for example -- would require a lifetime of stretching and strengthening to be able to enjoy for any length of time.

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