A Groundbreaking Look at the Chemistry of Sexual Electricity

Our new book will be published by Llewellyn Worldwide in the summer of 2019. Then it will be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other leading distributors.

Did you ever have one of those rare sexual encounters that electrified your body, blew your mind, and launched you into the stratosphere? Did you ever wonder why you couldn’t repeat it at will?

The kind of incomparable sexual ecstasy that we all dream about is rare because none of us were issued a holistic operating manual for making love. So we wrote the definitive guide to sexual pleasure that will transform your lovemaking into something supernatural every time, entitled Tantric Pathways to Supernatural Sex.

Supernatural means beyond natural, beyond ordinary. It should be natural for you to tap into the untapped power inside and unleash magical fireworks every time. If you only knew how.

Like other erotic guides, our new book covers arousal, anatomy, erogenous zones, foreplay, intercourse, peak pleasure, and orgasm.

But unlike other manuals, Tantric Pathways takes you step-by-step through unleashing the dormant power of sexual energy. The ancient Tantrics called this kundalini, the spiritual force that drives attraction, love, and all of life.
Our how-to guidebook is a groundbreaking look at the chemistry of sexual electricity: how bodies couple, hearts blend, emotions react, minds interact, and souls merge.

Why is Supernatural Sex extraordinary? Because it harnesses your innate erotic charge to become continuously orgasmic. Because it transports you to an intense state of sexual pleasure where you’re consumed with the ecstasy of love. Because it launches you to an altered state where you melt into the fabric of space-time together without any sense of separation.

We’ve often lamented why other sex manuals don’t frankly address the mechanics and energetics of sexual intercourse like we do. To do that we reference ancient sources like Tantra, Chinese medicine, and the Kama Sutra as well as state-of-the-art breakthroughs from modern sexology and our own experiences.

How does Tantric Pathways guide you to free your untapped waves of love and passion? It shows you how to sense the dormant life forces inside. It shows you how to release overwhelming geysers of liberated kundalini. It shows you how to charge each other with tidal surges of sizzling erotic electricity.

We do that by revealing women’s 30 and men’s 20 sweet spots, or genital erogenous zones. At last you’ll know how to find and treat a woman’s clitoris and the G-Spot of both sexes. You’ll learn to hook up sexual circuits inside your body and between you and your lover. As you freely exchange kundalini, you’ll discover simple steps to heal old traumas that have deadened your tissues.

By practicing some of our 65 sensual exercises, you’ll learn how to connect your hearts and souls while enjoying all twelve types of orgasms.

Our practical emphasis on sexual energy makes Tantric Pathways a spiritual book about sex. And at the same time it’s a sex book about spirituality. You’ll be able to fulfill your deepest needs for intimate connection with your lover and with spirit. Then your souls can merge seamlessly during the act of love and dance in the sky together endlessly.

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