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Sacred Sex Secrets Newsletter October, 2001
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"There are as many kinds of orgasms as there are stars in the sky."
Margot Anand


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Reaching Peak Sexual Ecstasy Every Time

Because most of us are programmed to rush towards the Big O (that's O
for orgasm), we enter the arena of love play tempted to release our
sexual energy through explosive genital orgasm. Nothing wrong with
that. We love to climax, don't you?

It's just that if you release your life force energy too quickly, you
probably won't be transported to the heights of sexual ecstasy. This
is true for both men and women. In Tantra, we routinely reach
prolonged peaks of passion and then go further. That defines the
mission of sacred sexuality: take your time and build your sexual
energy to raise your consciousness. You might even discover how to
transform your life from struggle to bliss.

Orgasmic Energy
What's all this talk about energy? Tantrikas (those adept at Tantra)
harness the subtle energy of a building orgasm long before it happens.
We call this orgasmic energy. You know, the warmth, the tickle, the
pleasurable flood of excitement that spreads around your body when you
get turned on. Learn to harness this sexual energy and you can reach
ecstasy with multiple peaks every time. This is the intent of all of
our services.

You can "run energy" when you can recognize, amplify, and move it.
Since it's subtle, it takes some practice to recognize the first signs
of inner sexual energy. Below, we explain some simple Tantric methods
that can help you amplify it. But why would you want to move it
around your body?

If you're a woman, feeling orgasmic energy all over your body can open
up many options about the kinds of orgasms you can have. Deeper love?
Stronger passion? Higher states of ecstasy? Yes, plus multiple

If you're a guy, you want to circulate orgasmic energy away from your
genitals so it doesn't make you explode with a wet climax too soon.
This is how you can have multiple implosive orgasms, what many call
dry orgasms, or coming without ejaculating. That's what Somraj's new
email book is all about, Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery. Buy a copy if
you want to last and last and last or want to teach your lover how to
prolong lovemaking. Click on

Full-Body Orgasms
Regardless of your gender, circulating energy awakens the rest of your
body so you can experience full-body orgasms. Running energy to the
heart awakens your love flows and is a powerful turn-on all by itself.
Channeling energy to the spiritual centers in the head can make sexual
play a transcendent experience.

When your passion is really flowing, you can flood your partner's body
with your energy. Circulating energy then becomes a sharing
experience where the cumulative effect takes you higher and higher
together. That's how we routinely create the total joy of
simultaneous orgasms. Our page about Tantric orgasm
<> explains how easy it is to
learn this.

Once you learn to run (move, circulate, channel) energy, you will
experience amazingly powerful responses to subtle stimuli. Your
senses become immeasurably heightened. Imagine what it feels like
when other parts of your body are throbbing with the same excitation
that makes your genitals pulse and throb?

Try It, You'll Like It
The next time you're making love, try it. Slow down or even stop
moving and shift your attention to where your sensations are the
strongest, probably your genitals. Now visualize the energy streaming
through your body.

If you felt anything, you've actually run orgasmic energy.
Congratulations! You've just taken advantage of your most powerful
sex organ, your mind. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools
of ecstasy. If you ever had a hot fantasy and got physically turned
on, you know what we mean.

If you didn't feel much outside your erogenous zones, don't worry.
For most of us, learning to run energy takes some practice. That's
people come from all over the world for our Tantric training and
coaching. My oh my, is it worth it! Here are some simple things you
can do to juice up your orgasmic energy.

Relax And Enjoy
Relax: The biggest obstacle to running energy is tension. If you're
like most people, when you get aroused, you naturally tense up. When
your muscles are tight and contracted, energy can't flow easily.
That's why all of our Tantric experiences begin with simple relaxation
techniques. You'll want to use them in bed, but there's no reason why
you can't apply them to stress reduction at work or with your kids.

Breath: You probably find yourself breathing fast and shallow when
you get close to climax. Panting isn't very relaxed, now, is it?
With special Tantric breathing techniques, you'll be able to relax at
the heights of arousal. This will allow you to circulate those
intense forces to your other energy centers. There's so much more
about Tantric breath that we can't describe in a newsletter. You'll
need to join us for a Tantric experience or training session to learn

Pleasure: You know that great line from Santana's recent hit "Give me
your heart and make it real, or else forget about it"? The secret to
resounding Tantric orgasms is forget about them. If the Big O is on
your mind, you take yourself out of the moment and build tension.
Instead, focus on creating and absorbing all the pleasure you can
muster. Odd as it may seem, when you ignore orgasms, you'll end up
having much more powerful ones when they sweep over you of their own

Inhibitions, performance anxiety, and other causes of not feeling
every sensation deeply can block your chances of running energy. In
our "Tantric SexAssess Interviews" and "Sexual Health Coaching" we
can help you discover why. These are such pervasive problems that
we'll be devoting our next newsletter to the topic of pleasure versus orgasm.

Shaking Wildly With Ecstasy
In his email book, Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery, Somraj graphically
recalls his first experience running energy in the following way. (By
the way, vajra is the Tantric word we use for penis. It actually
means divine thunderbolt.)

"That reminds me of the first time I experienced moving energy out of
my genitals without exploding. I'd never felt orgasmic energy
anywhere else before. Suddenly, I was hot and tingly all over. My
feet felt like throbbing vajras. My head was on fire. My body was
undulating and jackknifing, shaking wildly. I must have been
screaming because my throat was sore afterwards.

"Boy oh boy, I didn't want it to end. It was just like that intense
spasm of pleasure during ejaculation. But I wasn't cuming wetly while
the surge of ecstasy played on and on. After an hour when the
practice session was over, I wanted to keep going. I could have
circulated that juicy feeling throughout my body indefinitely, or at
least until I collapsed from exhaustion."

That's why Sally said "I'll have what she's having." (You did see the
flick "When Harry Met Sally" didn't you?) Do you want some?

Your Learning Curve
How long will it take you to learn to run energy? Well, it happened
to a female friend suddenly the first time we taught her Tantric
breathing. It took Jeffre some weeks and Somraj about eight months of
practicing to develop the knack. In our Tantric Initiation earlier
this year, a very normal couple from Europe took two days for him and
three days for her.

For you, it depends. To speed up your progress as much as possible,
sign-up for our "Tantric SexAssess" and we'll suggest what you can
do to go as fast as possible.

We passionately hope you take running energy to heart (and elsewhere)
and enjoy, Enjoy, ENJOY! Let us know how we can help you reach the
peaks of prolonged pleasure.

Love and Goddess Speed Your Journey...

Dhyan Jeffre and Somraj

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How can you reach these heights of sexual ecstasy? What do you need
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Our next issue will be "Shift Your Mind From Orgasm To Pleasure &
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