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Sacred Sex Secrets Newsletter - November, 2001
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"When Aphrodite blesses our lovemaking, all sense of fragmentation
vanishes and we feel healed, holy, and whole. Like a rocket shooting
out beyond the Earth’s gravitational field, earthly pleasure then
crosses over into heavenly joy, and sexual union blossoms into sacred
communion." Jalaja Bonheim from Aphrodite’s Daughter

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• WELCOME: How To Celebrate Thanksgiving The Tantric Way

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• FEATURED ARTICLE: "Shift Your Mind From Orgasm To Pleasure &
Reach Astounding Heights Of Ecstasy."

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Dear Newsletter Subscriber:

Though we wish you a happy Thanksgiving, our favorite holiday is
TODAY! We mean everyday.

This issue is dedicated to one of the major secrets of Tantra:
immerse yourself in pleasure now to go far beyond anything you've ever

By the way, Thanksgiving is tied for second place as our favorite
holiday. And, as we explain in this issue, it's got little to do with
Turkey and dressing. Maybe the following definition of Thanksgiving
will begin to shed some light on this...

T hink gratitude.
H ear the angels wings.
A nnounce to the Universe your intentions.
N ever despair.
K now you are loved.
S ing a song every day.
G ive with your whole heart.
I nvent new ways to play.
V ulnerability will open your heart.
I nvest in your kids/grandkids futures.
N ew thoughts give way to new energy.
G row in wisdom, giving thanks.

Reprinted with permission from the November issue of The Willow.

Want to know how you can make every day a joyous celebration? Read

Love from Tantra At Tahoe's dynamic duo...

Dhyan Jeffre and Somraj

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Featured Article...


In our last newsletter, we urged you to forget about orgasm to have
more powerful ones. Here we'll explain how to do this and reach
astounding heights of ecstasy by shifting your mind to pleasure.

(By the way, if you missed our last newsletter, check out our archives
by clicking on "newsletters" at...



The dictionary defines pleasure as...

"A source of enjoyment or delight."
"Sensual gratification or indulgence."

You do realize that Tantra is a spiritual path creating higher states
of consciousness, right? We believe that simply being happy is a more
evolved state. So Tantra teaches us to evolve by heightening our
senses and indulging in the gratification they bring us. That's why
sexuality is such a powerful training tool in Tantra. It returns us
to our natural condition of simply being content and fulfilled.

In Tantra we say that pleasure is central, or in other words...

Nothing is more important than feeling good.

Our modern lives revolve so much around deferred gratification. Work
for 40 years and then you can enjoy life. When the kids grow up, then
you'll revive your sex life. No time to relax now - wait until next
summer's vacation. But in the final analysis, why do you do anything
if you don't believe it will make you feel better eventually?


The Tantric approach to life is different. We shift the focus of
feeling good to the here and now. Tantra teaches us how to extract
every ounce of joy from the present moment.

Tantra is all about being in the moment, relaxing, opening your
senses, and surrendering to subtle waves of pleasure energy which
become more and more resounding as you welcome them home.

In Somraj's Tantric book for men and the women who love them, Ultimate
Ejaculation Mastery: The Ultimate Ecstatic Solution To Premature
Ejaculation, he writes...

"To become pleasure-centered, you need to heighten your sensate focus.
That means tuning in to all your senses: taste, touch, sight, sound,
and smell. If you become more sensitive to everything that's
happening all around and all over your body, you can distribute that
delicious energy..."


Being pleasure-focused is really put down in normal society. Just try
making pleasure the center of your universe for one day and see what
happens. You've got your work ethic to uphold, your religious taboos
to honor, your prohibitions against being selfish to monitor. Better
not appreciate someone else's physical beauty in business or you'll be
accused of sexual harassment. Often these social injunctions create
mental blocks and even get stored in your body, resisting any attempts
to enjoy yourself more.

As a result, we all have our limits to how much pleasure we can
accept. If you're a serious workaholic or a conditioned
fundamentalist, you may find that, instead of simply relaxing into
feeling good, your mind is flooded with thoughts of being undeserving,
doing something wrong, or giving to others. These are just some of
the mind games that try to talk us out of pleasure.

Tantra Tip: The next time you feel strong pleasure, be extra
conscious of your thoughts and reactions. Whether you're enjoying
playing with a child, watching a sunset, or engaging in exciting
sexual play, watch what happens inside. Ask yourself...

Are any of my thoughts resisting the delight I'm experiencing?
Am I feeling any uncomfortable sensations in my body?
Do I have any urges to tense up or shift out of what's making me feel


Although we applaud charity, compassion, and consideration for others,
we believe it's harmful to ignore your own health and well-being. If
you don't look after your own enjoyment of life, who will?

A fundamental principle of Tantra is that we're each responsible for
our own pleasure. You've got to take time to have fun and feel good
otherwise you'll get out of practice. That's why our first Tantra
teacher drummed into us the firm notion that pleasure is a discipline.

What's in your pleasure wallet? How much pleasure can you allow in
your body? One way to get a read on this is by taking our new Tantric
Love Skills Quiz by clicking here...



Well, orgasms are a pretty darned good source of pleasure. Why not
concentrate on them? Somraj writes in Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery...

"We're programmed to rush headlong toward orgasm as fast as we can go.
In our haste, we miss so many sensations and experiences along the
way. The Western view of sex is a race to the climax after which
lovers physically collapse...the Eastern view of physical love slowly
brings both partners to higher and higher heights of ecstasy time and
time again. That's what we're aiming to master with Tantra."

If you haven't gotten your copy and done the dynamite exercises which
show you how to absorb, allow, and appreciate more physical pleasure,
click here for details...



Tantra guides us to focus on the journey of pleasure, not the goal of

As Dhyan Jeffre says in her book, Intimacy, A Green Light for Red Hot
Sex and a Lifetime of Loving,...

"Let's get rid of the idea of sexual foreplay. Foreplay implies
something you do before you get to the real thing. Because we want
you to examine and enjoy all of your feelings, thoughts, and actions
as having the potential for sexual feelings, let's call it loveplay.
Let go of your goals. If there is to be a goal, let it be fun,
pleasure and self-nurturing. Let it be play."

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The problem with being orgasm-focused is that, instead of feeling what
you're feeling, you concentrate on a goal in the future.

Pleasure is now, orgasm comes later.

If you focus on later, you miss the delicious energies building inside
you now. If you're continuously comparing your lovemaking to some
imagined mental picture, you can't fully appreciate what you're
sensing in the moment.

We can't argue with the business practice of setting goals and
defining expectations up front. The natural tension of pushing for
what you want serves some people as a useful motivator. But tension
blocks the flow of subtle orgasmic energy, the powerful force at the
root of Tantra's transformative processes.

It's distracting enough to be thinking about coming or trying to
prevent it too soon. When your mind is intent on your partner's climb
to orgasm, you can get dragged down into a severe case of performance
anxiety. Then, instead of focusing on feeling good, you spend your
energy worrying about how well you're doing. You get caught up in all
those media-hyped standards of how it's your job to make your partner
go wild.


This takes you out of body. By ignoring your own sensory input in the
moment, you'll severely limit your own ability to run sexual energy
throughout your body and experience waves of orgasmic bliss.

In Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery, Somraj writes...

"Getting out of your head means letting go of so many worries that
normally accompany sex even with long-time partners. So heighten your
senses, feel your feelings, enjoy your pleasure with no agenda, and
you'll gradually learn to stay out of your head and into your body."

When you're trying to recreate an earlier ecstatic experience,
expecting to go longer than last time, or have a bigger explosion this
time, you're taking yourself out of the experience you want to expand.
All too often having expectations just create frustrations which you
carry into later encounters. Soon, simple enjoyment gets bogged down
with all these mental standards, judgments, and plans instead of just
playing and having fun.

So the sexual practice of Tantra guides you to shift from orgasm -
where you expect a defined ending - to continuously experiencing
orgasmic energy for as long as you choose.


Want to experience stronger ecstasy and deeper intimacy? Then
practice expanding your capacity for pleasure. Learn to relax and
surrender more. Learn to open your senses and heighten your
sensitivity. Learn to absorb, channel, and recirculate orgasmic
energy. Learn to reach higher and higher peaks of ecstasy and wave
after wave of bliss.

This is exactly why Tantra At Tahoe specializes in private Tantric
Initiations. Away from any other eyes and other's standards, you can
be free to receive our personalized instruction. This is the fastest
way we know to develop these talents so you can quickly climb to
altered states. Click here for details...


Tantra Tip: The next time you make love, agree to forget about
orgasm. Don't push to have one. Just let whatever happens happen.
Don't worry about finishing anything. Let your whims and crazy ideas
guide you. See how much fun you can have for as long as you can stand


Because they're trained in enjoying pleasure, making love with a
Tantric adept is so different from an untrained lover. Tantrikas
bubble with sweet everythings, swoon with the slightest touch, vibrate
with ecstasy from the subtlest arousal.

You wonder why Tantrikas don't focus on orgasm and make love for so
long? Prolonged peaks of pleasure are so much more desirable than a
quick explosion. They're enjoying the journey so much that they
choose not to care about the destination.

Interested in being like that? Our Tantric SexAssess is a one-hour
interview in which we help you examine where you're at and what you
can do to enjoy sex, love, and life more. Click here for details..


The Law Of Attraction

As you learn to deal with the subtler, earth-shaking, higher
frequencies of Tantric pleasure, you tune into different internal

It's somewhat akin to nuclear physics. Thoughts and feelings create
energy fields. These fields function like magnets, attracting similar
things. The stronger the feelings, the more powerful the magnetism.

One the seven principles of Kahuna, the native Hawaiian spirituality,

"Energy flows where attention goes."

If you're consumed with what you don't like it bed, you attract more
of it. If you focus on your inhibitions, you give them more power.
If you push yourself, force yourself, and beat yourself up for things
not going according to the schedule you've made up in your head,
you'll attract more tension, worry, and angst.

If you instead focus on what you want to attract, namely pleasure, you
can summon more and more orgasmic energy. Eventually, you'll be
overwhelmed with a flood of cosmic rapture, as if God/Goddess swept
you away to some higher plane.


One of the dictionary definitions of pleasure is...

"The state or feeling of being pleased or gratified."

This highlights one of the most powerful Tantric practices, gratitude.
By appreciating what you have, what you're feeling, and what you like,
you can attract more. It's deliberately using the Kahuna principle of
mental magnetism.

Tantra Tip: The next time you see a beautiful sight, meet a friend,
or are about to make love, take a few moments of appreciation. Voice
what you like about what you're seeing. Put words to the wonderful
qualities of your friend. Say "I love you" to your beloved and then
go into detail about why. Simply watch the impact that gratitude has
on you, your relationship, and your sex life.

One of our favorite Tantric mottos is...

Celebrate the now!

So make every day Thanksgiving.

Love and Goddess Speed Your Journey...

Dhyan Jeffre and Somraj

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The featured article in our next issue, hopefully before Christmas,
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Secrets To Revive Your Sex Life."



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