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Your Tantra Newsletter: Have A Tantric New Years Party With Our All-Chakra Supreme Bliss Ritual - How To Start The New Year Off With A Big Bang

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 12/28/05


Published by Dhyan Somraj Pokras and Dhyan Jeffre TallTrees

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This free ezine offers practical sex tips derived from the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra coupled with modern sex research. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra which is spiritual sex that helps you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training.       Our Motto:  Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex


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Dear Tantra Friend:


We hope it's been as good a year for your love, sex, and spirit as it's been for us. We're created two new ecourses, added multiple new Tantric DVDs/Videos and adult products, and had some incredible orgasms. Our discount packages continue to expand now including 35% or more on our Complete G-Spot Package, our Female Ejaculation Package, and our Tantric Sex Library.

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So that you can welcome the new year with as much gusto and passion as we do, we've laid out in detail the best kind of New Year's Eve Party. Yes, it's a private Supreme Bliss Tantra party for two. For us it's a special time of year because we were married 5 minutes after midnight on January 1.

Enjoy our step-by-step instructions to ecstasy, special offers, and juicy joke. But most importantly, enjoy whatever kind of party you have.



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           Happy holidays from Somraj, Jeffre, and John at Tantra At Tahoe


Featured Ebook: "The Definitive Do-It-Yourself Tantra Guide"

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Featured Article: "How To Start The New Year Off With A Big Bang"


        -Have A Tantric New Years Party With Our -

            - All-Chakra Supreme Bliss Ritual -

We want to share with you how to have a private Tantric party on December 31 so you can ring in the new year as spectacularly as we do.

Certainly, adepts of Supreme Bliss Tantra celebrate major events with intense, ecstatic Spiritual Sex. But there's so much more than bumping and grinding, which we'll have lots of.

The "so much more" includes activating and energizing all of our chakras. Those are the seven energy centers arranged in line with your spine from the base of your pelvis (your sex center) to the top of your head (your spiritual center). For a special ritual that turns all of you on all over, you need to connect sex and spirit plus everything in between. This includes pleasure in your body, confidence in your personal power, unconditional love in your heart, open authentic communication, and expanded vision of your own wisdom. (For more about the chakras, see our November 2 newsletter in our article archives here:

In Supreme Bliss Tantra, the strength of relationship depends on how much you accept yourself and show up. Our New Years Ritual will guide you to connect with yourself and then plug into all of your beloved's chakras.

Our Supreme Bliss Tantra New Years Ritual is a celebration where'll you put lots of energy into your love and what you want to create together during the coming year. Your going to use the awesome power of orgasmic energy to activate new year's resolutions. So you'll get super turned-on over and over just before the point of orgasm so you can enjoy a powerful joint cosmic explosion at the stroke of midnight.

This ritual has six stages, as taught in our ebook "Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide To The Ecstasy Of Spiritual Sex: How To Use The Erotic Power of Sexual Energy To Merge Intimacy, Love, & Spirit." We've included just a few excerpts here out of many for each stage in our ebook. We hope you'll improvise around this framework as spirit moves you, but for complete directions, download our ebook right away and have it at your side while you're playing.

This Tantric Sex celebration is designed to last a whole day and evening, or even the whole weekend, with nothing else on your agenda. Your relationship is worth completely dedicating this time to it, right? During this dedicated time, you'll be doing everything together, including bathing and eating.


Tantric Quote: "Decorate The Room"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Decorate the walls of the room where you make love with paintings and other objects that you can look at with pleasure. Spread around some musical instruments, fruit and drinks, rose water, essences, pillows and books with erotic content and pictures. There will be splendid lights reflecting in the mirrors on the walls while the man and the woman will not be embarrassed and will let them go naked in their erotic game on the bed. The sheets will perfume with different flower essences and nice smelling oils and there will be burnt incense in the air."   --ANANGA RANGA


A major element of Supreme Bliss Tantra is to fully open all your senses. Start by creating a beautiful setting together to remove distractions, make you comfortable, and excite you in multiple subtle ways. We like to call your Tantric playpen a sacred space. Often ours is in our bedroom but our New Year's ritual will likely be on futons in front of our wood stove where we can watch the snow.

Put away everything you can, vacuum the rug, drape fabrics, and arrange lots of flowers. Add photos, art, and statues. Line up your favorite sensual music, light some incense, and use only candlelight.

If you go away someplace romantic, decorate your hotel room. Or if you stay home, be sure to send the kids to a sitter, turn off the phone, and tape any games or parades you don't want to miss.

Once you've prepared your space, prepare yourselves. Take a ritual bath together, only washing each other, not yourself. Dress each other in loose, sensual clothing that turns both of you. If you don't have anything that fits this bill, a little erotic shopping together beforehand is great foreplay.


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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When you're ready to begin, sit down together in your sacred space and connect deeply. Look into each others eyes. Open up from your heart about how you feel about yourself right now and the past year. Share some long melting hugs. Remember out loud why and how you feel in love with each other. Lay in each other's arms and just hold each other. Talk about what you love about each other. Dance together. Share your favorite parts of the past year, concentrating on the good things. Enjoy long, languorous, deep, wet kisses.

These are both mental and energetic connections. When you're feeling close and connected, create an intention for the coming year. What do you want to do together? How do you want things to be different? What do you agree to do to invest in and celebrate your love throughout the year? Turn your intentions into a mental image that you will use at the climax of your ritual.

It's essential that you consciously open all of your senses to fully inhabit the now. Many couples begin rituals, even sexual ones, by meditating together.

To open your senses fully, you can go out in a forest or a park. Blindfold your partner and guide them with a gentle hand to feel, hear, and smell whatever nature provides. Or you can use the Sensory Delight Ritual described in our ebook. You do this by titillating your blindfolded beloved briefly with all sorts of exotic and unexpected smells, tastes, sounds, and touches.

Then, when you're back inside, slowly exchange Ritual Undressing. Alternate taking off a piece of your beloved's clothing while you caress, moan, and say loving things about the body parts revealed.

Stock up your Tantric playpen with delicious finger foods that you can feed each other with. When it's meal time, savor the taste, smell, and feel of every morsel. Remember, don't feed yourself. Instead, ask your beloved to feed you with hands only. Even better, get your honey to spread bites over your body and lick them off.


Friend's Feedback: "Awakening Energy Within Me"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"With Tantra, I have recently discovered an awakening energy within me. It's sort of a slight tingle centered around my bones. I have felt this regularly before, but now I may go hours with the experience of this inner energy field. It feels cool and cleansing. Almost like having that goose bump feeling for long stretches of time. The most interesting bit though is that I seem to have improved my interaction with people in general, but the opposite sex in particular." E.S. from Oslo


Now it's time to build your sexual energy slowly. Your aim is to titillate, turn-on, and stretch the time out. Maybe start with some light sensual massage, some scratching, and some deep tissue work. Use some silk or fur. After exchanging, use oil. Stretch each other with partner Yoga if you know how.

Students of Supreme Bliss Tantra get very turned-on with simple exchanges like this by using their breath, moving their bodies, and making sensuous sounds. Step-by-step instructions about how to use these elements are included in our Supreme Bliss Tantra ebook. A hallmark of Tantric adepts is that they can generate vast floods of passion with the subtlest of stimulation. Many can orgasm without much touching at all.

Have you ever gotten relaxed, super turned-on, and then stayed still to see how it feels in your body? That's the spirit of this ritual, to excite each other to higher and higher plateaus and settle into them. When you're on the brink of cuming, you could go back to some of the earlier stages for a while. Go for another walk, dance some more, take a hot tub together.

Here we are hours into a Spiritual Sex ritual and we haven't mentioned your jewels (Tantric for genitals). We hope you haven't ignored them during your energizing massages, but we didn't you want to focus on them yet. Until now.


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But start jewel massage slowly, light and dry at first on the outside. Experiment with finger and hand strokes and get feedback about how your sweetie likes what you're doing. Eventually add oil or water-based lubricant as desired. Remember your aim is to fill your beloved's imaginary pleasure balloon full of hot, sweet, delicious, sexual energy -- not orgasm. You want to contain, retain, and savor every little feeling.

The slower you go, the more you'll feel, the longer it will last, and the bigger the eventual explosion will be.

If you reach a peak of excitement on the edge of cuming, ask your honey to back off so you can float with all that delightful electromagnetism coursing through your body. Here's another good time to switch, take another walk, or soak in the hot tub.


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As you alternately build your orgasmic energy together, you'll find that you can contain more and more without exploding. As your energy plateaus, you'll want more and more. Now is the time to go inside and massage your sweetheart's G-Spot. Yes, both men and women have one. You can do this from the outside but it's much better from the inside.

G-Spots are more easily reached and excited with fingers or specially designed sex toys like the Crystal Wand. For women, you have two wonderful ways inside: yoni (vagina) and rosetta (anus). Men only have the rear doorway, which can be delightful with the right kind of training and preparation.

G-Spot Orgasms are the pathway to female ejaculation for women and multiple prostate orgasms for men which is why those who naturally experience them or have learned how rave about the great addition to their sexual repertoire. Just be sure you use G-Spot massage to pump your energy up, not to push your baby over the top prematurely.

Please don't force it if this is new to either of you. We have two ebooks, one about the men's and one about the women's G-Spots, if this is new to you. If you get our complete Tantric Sex Library for a whopping 35% discount here, then you'll have the perfect home-study materials for weeks and months of delightful practice during the coming, or make that cuming, year.

Another wonderful way to build orgasmic energy is with oral play. We don't have to tell you that a soft, wet mouth, lip, or tongue on your innie or outie can really send you to the moon. When the time is right, if you enjoy giving and receiving oral sex, can catapult you both into orbit. Alternate oral caresses so you both are flying higher and higher, taking breaks as you choose to reach new peaks and then settle into them.


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In addition to Spiritual Sex not focusing on quick orgasm, sacred sexual union (intercourse) isn't always our main course. If you've drawn out your exchange of external and internal, manual and oral loveplay to this point, you may find yourselves higher than you've ever been.

Doing each other by hand or mouth simultaneously, what some call mutual masturbation and 69, can be a glorious way to reach for the stars together.

But we do love sacred sexual union with vajra (penis) stroking inside yoni. Of course, it's a very different experience after hours and hours of build up. And different when the aim is raising the intensity of each other's sensations without going for the Big O (orgasm).

In our day-long Spiritual Sex rituals, we typically build up for an hour or three, energize for a while by hand and mouth, enjoy slow sensual intercourse for a while, and flow back and forth with the other stages of the ritual. We might fuck for an hour screaming at the top of our lungs, and then feed each other grapes. With another round of French kissing, we might pass melting chocolate back and forth for a while before enjoying some mutual jewel licking.

A Tantric friend years ago once described this as "lava lamping," flowing from one kind of play to another, but this name only makes sense if you've seen one of the psychedelic oil lamps from the 70s

As the stroke of midnight approaches or whenever you both choose to go for it, synchronize your stroking so that you both build and explode together. As you do, consciously invoke the vision you created at the beginning of the ritual, sending your intention out into the universe with all the force and power of the hours of orgasmic energy you've generated. This powerful way of using your love to consecrate your future some call sex magic.

Since conscious connection is the hallmark of Spiritual Sex, make another conscious choice to close together before falling asleep. Express your gratitude, gently stroke your baby, share some soft sweet kisses. If you're feeling verbal, talk about what you most enjoyed and what you want more of. Though it need not take long, be sure to make your ending as meaningful as everything else.

Love, Somraj and Jeffre

                             Your Supreme Bliss Tantra Mentors


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