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Your Tantra Newsletter: Cosmic Tantric Anal Orgasms
Somraj’s Personal Experience With Reaching Altered States With Blended Stimulation

I had such powerful series of a long, strong, deep orgasms last Saturday that I thought you would be interested in hearing about how I got there. Especially if you share the feel-good, sex-positive, pleasure-first philosophy that’s at the heart of Supreme Bliss Tantra.

If you haven’t visited my website or read any of my books yet, let me introduce myself. My name is Somraj, a healthy adventurous male in my late sixties. Though my libido has always been a central part of my life, I wasn’t gifted with any natural talent at pleasing women. But with Tantric study and practice that was way fun, I eventually learned. One thing that I didn’t expect was all the work I’d have to do on being able to feel pleasure myself.


"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 10/26/15
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

The cosmic Tantric Orgasm I want to tell you about happened while my wife, Jeffre, and I were having one of our glorious 10-hour marathon lovemaking sessions. No, that doesn’t mean that I was inside her the whole time for continuous non-stop sexual stroking. Most yonis (vaginas) I’ve known and loved wear out from too much straight pumping. And most women I’ve known and loved prefer a variety of sexual play coupled with heart connection and intimate sharing.

Still, we shifted back and forth between kissing, caressing, massaging, oral, anal, and intercourse for hours. We have such freedom since our human kids are grown and living on their own. Our canine ones did require a couple walks amongst our tall trees which gave us a chance to recharge our sexual batteries before resuming our erotic antics.

At one point in a break Jeffre asked me an interesting question: “Are you focusing on your own pleasure?” Well, certainly, yes I was, to a degree. But as I reflected on it, I remembered that I was taught that women come first, literally. That was a central part of my training to become a good lover. I’ve always been so ultra-sensitive that my first decades of making love I came too quickly. Part of learning to pace myself and extend my sexual stamina was focusing on my partner’s kundalini, the ancient word for sexual energy.

Her query reminded me that she gets off on me getting off. So I made sure to notice and mention when I was purely going for it myself. It was like taking breaks from putting all my attention on your woman’s pleasure. I routinely go in and out of focusing on my own pleasure but it helped to make it explicit. When you love someone and you're making love with them, you want them to enjoy as much sexual turn-on as you do, don’t you?

As long as you don’t forget yourself. The unique quality of Tantric LoveMaking is the exchange of energy. If only one of us is generating kundalini, we don’t soar as often or as high.

Several times while we were making love early on I put all my attention inside myself and how I was feeling and just let myself go. This is something I had to learn and practice at length before I was able to just feel pleasure and get higher and higher without ejaculating. Several times I entered an extended expanded space where my whole body sparked with electricity and shook with ecstasy.

We call these peak events Tantric Orgasms. They’re more than the ten seconds of pounding pelvic contractions that Masters and Johnson first wrote about in the sixties. Tantric Orgasms are more like the intense excitation that happens right before you physically explode. Except you feel it all over your body and it goes on and on as long you want. During our Saturday loveplay t I let them go for 30 to 40 seconds a few times. After a whole bunch of them for a few hours, I got too tired to keep shaking so strongly for more then 10 or 15 seconds.

The biggest orgasmic experience for me happened after Jeffre was done receiving. She wore out before me due to one of her famous titanic explosive orgasms. Frankly, it was good for my unrelenting male ego. Maybe we could go all night if we were younger. Yet, we feel 10 hours of loveplay is pretty amazing for mature lovers like us in the neighborhood of 70.

After she recovered from her powerful climax, she entered my AH with well-lubed fingers. That’s our polite shorthand for asshole. Our first Tantra teacher calls it the “rosetta” since it looks like a puckered rose. That inner massage plus a slippery hand wrapped around my vajra (penis) was totally incredible even after hours and hours of delicious sensations and stellar highs.

Again, this is not something I could naturally so thoroughly enjoy before training. Jeffre has learned how to penetrate me slowly and sensuously so I open to pleasure without resisting. More importantly, she knows when and how to stroke my G-Spot. For those of you who haven’t yet been initiated into ecstatic anal play, we’re talking about male prostate massage.

If you haven’t read my Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm ebook (, let me explain that the male G-Spot is the central control center for male ejaculation and climax which, by the way, are two distinct things that you can learn to separate. The incentive to learn to enjoy prostate massage comes from the irrefutable fact that the most intense feelings a guy can have are centered there and can go on and on and on.

Like women who learn to enjoy simultaneous stimulation of the clio (clitoris) and G-Spot, blended orgasms from vajra and AH play is like nothing most lovers have every experienced.

Now, remember, I’d already had a series of exciting Tantric Orgasms that made me squirm and squeal with pleasure. But the two-pronged attack of simultaneous prostate and vajra massage catapulted me to another level of pleasure. I’ve been there before so it wasn't a complete shock. But since this whole day I’d been consciously witnessing the ebbs and flows of sexual energy all over my body, I was particularly sensitive to what was happening.

I know I’m supposed to be word-smithing here, but if you’ve experienced this elevated level of ecstasy, you’ll understand how even the best words fall short. The best I can do is with a metaphor.

Once we were floating in a warm tropical lake in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico searching for the channel to a lower lake. When we found it we were suddenly swept away curving first this way and then that way shouting and laughing for joy at the turns and the speed. When we were ejected into the lower lake we were overtaken by this all-encompassing feeling of pleasure and fun. Like a warm cushioned rollercoaster that’s massaging your fun glands.

The double whammy that Jeffre was giving me last Saturday started like that waterslide down that Yucatan channel. I was being swept down by this irresistible current of good feelings all over. My body was shaking and jerking as I hit peak after peak of pleasure. It wasn’t that I was out of control. I probably could have stopped, but I wanted more and more so I kept swimming down the canal trying to grab every sensation I could.

When I was ejected out of the channel, it felt like I was propelled upwards to another level, a higher plane where every cell in my body was climaxing in response to wave after wave of non-stop ecstasy. I knew I was loud but later Jeffre confirmed that I was screaming for the longest time. In retrospect I’m sure I was bouncing up and down on the bed over and over, but at the time I was certain my body was levitating.

And then she did my AH again and again. I’m calling this a series of “cosmic” Tantric Orgasms but that word isn’t enough describe the other-worldly sensations, the altered state of consciousness, the incredible amount of sensation pulsing through my body.

Oddly enough, since there was no ejaculation, these earth-shattering climaxes weren’t the least been draining of my desire and sexual energy. Yes, my muscles sure felt used the next day, but even at midnight I couldn’t go right to sleep.

If experiencing cosmic orgasms interests you, let me point out that it’s taken me years to get to this place. My initial learning curve to get any pleasure through my back door was months, maybe even a couple years. Now after nearly 20 years of enjoying AH sex, I’m finally coming into my full orgasmic power.

To understand the benefits and challenges of adding AH lovemaking into your playtime, read my two earlier spring 2013 newsletters “Say AH To Anal Orgasms: How To Awaken A Whole New Arena Of Ecstatic Tantric Love Play.” So that you’ll know how proceed, I’ve included a four-step program for opening to the incredible joys of blended orgasms. Check them out here…

Love, Somraj


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