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Now Men's Super Multiple Orgasms Can Be Hands-Free
The 6 Models Of The Amazing Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator

Tantric Sex Tips from Sacred Sexual Secrets Newsletter 9-27-07
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Published by Somraj Pokras and Jeffre TallTrees
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Is There A Male G Spot & Why Should You Care?
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Yes, every man has a secret orgasmic trigger similar to a woman's G Spot. It's the male prostate gland, that walnut-shaped node inside his groin that is the central controller of a man's orgasm. The important nerves that regulate his sex organs, including those controlling erection, orgasm, and ejaculation, converge around the prostate. That's why we call this area a man's "sexual command center."

And it explains why male G Spot massage can be an exciting addition to a man's self-pleasuring or to a couple's love play. If you haven't paid much attention to this powerful pleasure detonator, then you'll want to learn to pleasure your own or your man's G-Spot. Because this is where his orgasms start, this is what you use to make them grow to gigantic proportions.

Longer, stronger, and over and over again.

I'm convinced that nothing compares to the kind of ecstasy that a man can get from his G-Spot. In fact, with a little practice the male G-Spot can become the key to virtually unlimited sexual stamina and multiple explosions off the top of the Richter scale.

Prostate Massage: Try It, You'll Like (& It's Good For Your Body)
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There's more than incredible pleasure awaiting you down there. Massaging the prostate through the soft spot between his balls and anus, his perineum, or from the inside has been a way to maintain male sexual health since ancient times. Men who suffer from prostate diseases such as prostatitis and BPH can get relief from these problems through regular prostate massages.

So doctors tell us it's good for a guy's sexual health to receive regular massage of his favorite gland. Yet few ever explain how to do it cleanly and safely. Fewer ever mention how to enjoy it in the extreme. I'd urge you to rush off and try it now, except for two little problems. One, how do you get your partner willing and comfortable to "do" you? And two, reaching back there yourself is a stretch for most men.

Fortunately, I've got some good news. The medical experts at Aneros have developed a powerful hands-free prostate massager to stimulate your G-Spot perfectly. And after years of growing popularity, they now there are six different models of the amazing Male G-Spot Stimulator and three discount packages for different sized guys and different kinds of pleasures. Click here for all the details .

The 6 Different Models Of Aneros
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Each Aneros is a hands-free, PATENTED, anal sphincter assisted prostate stimulator that allows a man to achieve electrifying, often unsurpassed orgasms (also known as "Super-Os"). Here are the 6 different models of Aneros for different physiques and sexual tastes...

Aneros MGX: The original ground-breaking model redesigned for more effective stimulation of the prostate, the MGX gives its user the ability to reach stunning orgasms.

Aneros SGX: The smaller cousin of the MGX, the Aneros SGX offers the same ability as the MGX to achieve incredible male orgasms for those with smaller builds..

Aneros Progasm: The newest member of the Aneros family! Large, yet agile, the Progasm will take you to new heights of pleasure.

Aneros Eupho: Elegant second generation prostate stimulator, beautifully designed, recommended for the advanced user.

Aneros Maximus: The Maximus is the larger cousin of the MGX and SGX and delivers a "full" prostate massage for mind blowing results.

Aneros Helix: The Aneros Helix has an angled head and thin stem for greater pivoting mobility, resulting in incredible pleasure.

Can't decide which is best for you? Get 2 and save! Check out our Super Discount Package Deals here .

Are You Into Experimenting Like Me?
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I've experimented with just about every sex toy out there and I've got to tell you that the Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator is one of a kind. It's medically researched, designed, and patented for maximum male G-Spot pleasure. Since it was originally created to effectively massage the prostate and relieve inflammation, release congested prostate fluid, and promote general prostate health, it's anatomically tailored to the perfectly fit the male body. So that makes your experimenting with male sexual pleasure safe.

The original patented Aneros is approximately one inch (2.5 cm) in diameter and has an insertion length of approximately four inches (10 cm). Some of the six current models are bigger, one smaller, and the twists and turns of the others introduce unique sensations. They're all made of non-porous medically-approved material and can easily be cleaned with hot, soapy water. That makes it much easier and cleaner to use than a finger, and applies much more focused pressure than a dildo or vibrator.

In other words, the Aneros is much easier and cleaner to use than a finger, and applies much more focused pressure than a dildo or vibrator.

This unusually-shaped small plastic device has two wings and a handle. After its amazingly easy insertion, one of the small plastic wings presses against the prostate inside while the outside wing presses against the external Perineum Point. Because of it's comfortable and convenient design, you can use Aneros during all kinds of sexual play, on your own or with a partner, on its own or combined with a hand job. Now you won't need to be deprived of the incredible dual orgasms women experience from their clitoris and G-Spot together.

Super Orgasms With Or Without A Partner
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When it was initially released some years ago, many users reported unbelievable orgasms and unique pleasure that, while different from a traditional orgasm, could only be described as "orgasmic." The Aneros makes it possible for a man to enjoy non-ejaculatory, full-body shaking, continuous orgasms in waves of minutes at a time. In other words, multi male G Spot orgasms that rival women's G Spot orgasms and closely resemble Tantric Orgasms usually only possible after considerable training.

We've had many users report that in the midst of their orgasms their beds shake uncontrollably, they lose all sense of time, and that they make "fierce" animal noises. "Growl like a bear" seems to be a popular reaction to the pleasure received from using the Aneros.

Here's how I described my first experience: "The waves of pleasure were enormous, at an entirely new level. The surges of heat and electricity up and down my body made me vibrate all over. It was like I was coming deep inside but without the muscle contractions that usually make me squirt. And it kept going on and on, me writhing, screaming, and shaking until I was spent."

Our enthusiasts have said that the "Super Orgasms" received from using the Aneros Massager are on a completely different level, both physically and spiritually, from traditional penile orgasms. However, using the Aneros and a penile orgasm are not mutually exclusive. In fact, many couples use the Aneros during intercourse.
Because the Aneros also promotes sexual health, the Aneros has been reported to have a "Viagra-like" effect during intercourse and also enhances the strength of a traditional orgasm.

The Aneros Secret: Hands-Free Self-Propelled Pleasure
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The secret of the Aneros lies in the user's pelvic muscles. Contraction of the anal sphincters automatically applies pressure to the male G-Spot, stimulating the prostate's neural plexus. In other words, the control of stimulation is totally hands-free.

This hands-free, self-propelled function is what makes the Aneros such a truly unique device. It converts the anal sphincter's natural motions and contractions directly into stimulation of the prostate and perineum, meaning that you don't have to use a hand. That's right-no hands!.

Repeated exercise builds strength of anal sphincters and PC muscles so vital in the quality of male orgasm. Users of Aneros report...
- Increased penis sensitivity which can restore lost erections.
- Improved strength, hardness, and longevity of erections.
- Greater orgasm intensity and with longer duration.
- Incredible dry orgasms which send cascades of pleasure waves throughout the body.

Somraj, Your Male Orgasm Mentor

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Featured Ebook: "Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm"
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Live Your Fantasies With Male G-Spot Play

Our ebook, "Tantric Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm: Awakening His Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss," teaches both givers and receivers of male prostate massage who crave enormous confidence in giving the exquisite ecstasy only imagined in the most erotic dreams. Men, you can have unlimited male multiple orgasms with our new Tantric Sex ebook. Givers, you can easily become every man's dream lover with our ebook.

It's designed for both ecstatic solo play as well as partner loveplay, it's the complete 206-page guidebook to supercharge a man's sexual play with Tantric Male G-Spot Orgasms. Not just one, but multiple explosions of incredible power and emotional sweetness. Our how-to Tantric Sex manual shows you how to expand your capacity for pleasure with step-by-step instructions from the ancient secrets of the Kama Sutra and modern sexology.

No longer will your or your lover's G-Spot be mysterious and elusive. After reading the hot sex tips in Chapter 4, you'll know exactly how to find your male G-Spot. After doing the exciting G-Spot massage practices in Chapter 5, you'll know exactly how to touch and arouse your man G-Spot. After mastering the 4 solo and 8 partner sexual positions in Chapter 4, you'll know exactly how to trigger explosive pleasure with the male G-Spot.

As we write in our ebook: "The waves of pleasure were enormous, at an entirely new level. The surges of heat and electricity up and down my body made me vibrate all over. It was like I was coming deep inside but without the muscle contractions that usually make me squirt. And it kept going on and on, me writhing, screaming, and shaking until I was spent."

Our male G-Spot ebook includes 47 exciting solo and hands-on partner practices that will show you exactly how to find, excite, and create incredible pleasure from your own or your partner's G-Spot. It's chock full of frank, accurate, detailed, up-to-date information and 49 graphic color photos and charts about male sexual anatomy.

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Wishing you the most cosmic Super Orgasms,

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