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The Wet Truth About Cosmic Showering G-Spot Orgasms & How To Learn To Enjoy It
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Tantric Sex Tips from Sacred Sexual Secrets Newsletter 9-13-07
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Published by Somraj Pokras and Jeffre TallTrees
ISSN 1540-8825 (c) Copyright 2007 by Tantra At Tahoe
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What is the G-Spot and what part does it play in female ejaculation?

A woman's G "spot" is actually a sponge of little glands and ducts that surround the urethra. The urethra is the one to two inch tube that conducts urine from the bladder to the outside world. The urethra and its spongy insulation run along the front wall of yoni (Tantric for vagina).

The good news is that the urethral sponge is erectile. So when you play with it the right way, it swells under the surface of yoni's inner tissues. The exact truth is that different parts of the urethral sponge can be aroused. So it appears that the G-Spot moves from time to time, even within one lovemaking session. But with the right attitude, guidance, and practice you can easily learn to stimulate the best place at each moment.

Pressure on the Sacred Gate often creates a sensation called "urgency" in the medical world, the feeling of needing to pee. For reassurance, it's a good idea for her to empty her bladder before this kind of play -- and play on a couple of thick towels for that extra sense of security. First of all, please accept that female ejaculate is not urine. It's chemically different. Anyone who's been with a female ejaculator knows that amrita, the Tantric name for female ejaculate, is sweet, thin, clear, and odorless, not yellow. In fact, it more closely resembles male semen, obviously without the sperm..

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Sexologists estimate that from 10% to 40% of women are conscious of ejaculating when their G-Spot swells with the right kind of arousal. This means they can tell when they emit sexual fluids distinct from yoni lubrication.

Some women ejaculate every time they have sex. Some only with certain lovers and certain love play. Some rarely. Others squirt only at certain times during their monthly cycle. Some dribble, some gush, some downright squirt. Mostly this happens during orgasm, but some women can do it at other times, too, when highly aroused.

We believe many women already ejaculate but don't know it. Not knowing about the possibility, they aren't aware of it. They may be dribbling such a small amount of fluid that they don't notice it. Or sadly, they might have been misled by their family physician, gynecologist, or ignorant lovers.

"Total orgasm of the body and mind might be described as a showering of nectar from the head, running down your insides like a springtime shower. It is a wave of subtle chi energy that breaks up muscle armoring, releases nerve and lymphatic tension, and opens up hidden powers of feeling." --MANTAK CHIA in Taoist Secrets of Love

Those sexually-liberated females who understand the gift of ejaculation relish this feeling of warm release. The same with enlightened lovers who swoon when showered with such an intimate gift.

A woman doesn't have to squirt for both her and her lover to enjoy sex immensely. We don't want to suggest for a moment that you're inadequate if you don't ejaculate or if you can't make your partner gush. It's a preference, like same-sex play or anal sex. Go for it if you want to. If you do, with our ebook, you'll have the complete program to follow.

How can a woman learn to ejaculate? Well, that's a big subject. Gushing requires relaxation, accepting oneself as a sexual being, opening the sexual energy channels inside, learning to consciously employ the four cornerstones of sexual ecstasy, and using the right kind of physical stimulation, usually applied to the Sacred Gate.

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Somraj and Jeffre

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“Women are like flowers and need to be enticed very tenderly.
Even a beautiful or very angry woman cannot resist a man
falling at her feet; this is a universal rule.” -- KAMA SUTRA

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