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Bret Teaches Ronnie Tantra

'Tis the season of Tantric Sex. Summer is great for making powerful connections with the heart and mind and spirit as well as all parts of the body. We call it All-Chakra Communion and it sure makes all those little molecules that are you shiver and sing and swoon.

Actually, any season is the right time, according to one of my first jazz favorites by Ray Charles. No, that was "the nighttime is the right time" but you get the idea.

All of a sudden, several new couples are getting ready to start Private Tantric Workshops with us. So we're thinking back to when we started and how we made our love and our lovemaking different. We had to practice a lot to shift our consciousness and increase our sensitivity to life-force energy. Much more than sexual techniques, believe it. Though the end result certainly supercharged our sex life and continues to.

If you want to join the end-of-summer bandwagon to learn Supreme Bliss Tantra, you'll find lots of articles in our newsletter archives here about the different aspects of love, lovemaking, spirit, sex, techniques, and energy.

To graphically demonstrate how you can your love and sex more Tantric, we thought we'd start another erotic story here, one between best friends who blow their minds by practicing Tantra together for the first time. Since it's written from the guy's point of view, it's pretty explicit. Which is helpful, we believe, for all you women who want to bring MORE into your bed.

The first part follows here with the rest on our blog here... .

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"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 8/30/13
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

"Bret, why are men so bad?" asked Ronnie between bites of her sandwich. They'd both taken off their tops when they plopped own on their towels.

"Men, you mean, like me?" quipped Breton. Long-lunch Mondays on the beach were one of their undying traditions. Even with all this practice, he had little success keeping sand out of his sandwich.

"Come on, Bret, you’re not like other guys," she said, rolling over towards him on her beach towel. He tried hard not to stare at the perky nipples sticking through the sheer material of her bra.

"Gimme a break, even computer nerds like me can get it up. Ronnie, why don’t you just tell me what your latest athletic hunk did this time?" he asked, concern etching his bleach-blond rimmed face, oddly out of place for such a brilliant mobile-platform programmer.

"You mean my ex-boyfriend?" she hissed. "And you're not a nerd, you're just an intellectual surfer type."

"Oh, no, hun, you dumped him? What happened?" Bret asked.

"Look, Bret, we’ve been best buds for, what, six years now since we met in that Kundalini Yoga class. So when I win a Pulitzer for my ground-breaking journalism on, what will you tell the interviewer who asks how I feel about birthdays?"

"That they’re really important to you, which is why I got the big boss to open your favorite Korbel champagne after work Friday," answered Bret, glad that he waited until now to ask his favorite coworker at the NFL website's hectic newsroom why she looked so down.

"So what would you do if the purported love of your life showed up late for your thirtieth birthday party and then used his patented Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma’am style of lovemaking to make it up to you?" she humphed. "He claimed exhaustion from his latest in the long line of useless Hollywood auditions. That was right after he handed me my favorite vibrator before he fell asleep. Some party."

"Damn, what a loser! I’d dump him too, Ron," Bret replied. "I’m really sorry."

"Yeah, me too, which is why I’ve applied to the Monastery of the Angels to be a nun baker. I’ve had enough bad-boy ball players for one lifetime."

"Very funny. But didn’t you get on well with Sandy Koufax’s grandkid for a while?" asked Bret. "I seem to remember he made you come ten times one night."

"Yeah, he inherited his granddad’s great hands. But then I found him in bed with my sister," answered Ronnie. "But I really couldn’t blame him, she gives much better head than me."

"That’s not what your boss told me," Bret laughed.

"Yeah, right, as if I’d even want to see my boss with his pants off. I don’t think I could find his dick in all those folds of fat," groaned Ronnie.

"Seriously, amiga, why don’t you wake up and smell the jock strap. Quit fooling around with professional athletes, especially ones whose emotional age is 14. You know better than me that their egos we way bigger than their cocks. So why do keep hoping that they give a dam about satisfying you?"

And then to lighten the mood a tad, Bret said, "Hey, would you mind spreading some of this sunblock on my back? Just don’t push it in too deep."

Ignoring the crack crack, Ronnie spread the sunscreen with gusto, "I admit it, Bret, I’m a hopeless jockaholic with an unfulfilled crush on anyone who looks like my god-dad. Or can dribble like he can."

"It must be tough being Jerry West’s goddaughter. Always the most gorgeous creature in the room but never in the limelight," commiserated Bret. "Is that where your doing-it-with-daddy fantasies came from?"

"Maybe. Is he the only non-bad-boy ever to play professional sports?" wondered Ronnie.

"I don’t believe that and neither do you. Just stop trying to prove it, OK?"

"OK, I promise, no more jockathons for me. Just spread some of that gunk on my back, too. Please be gentle when you get near my crack," joked Ronnie.

"Stop putting me on," retorted Bret. "Every time I run into old Jerry he warns me how you rough you love it."

Rolling on her back with her bra loose over her pointy tits, Ronnie cracked up, "Bret, you are a great friend. You really know how to cheer me up. Thanks. I wish I knew how to return the favor."

"I keep telling you, babe, you just need to suck me off regularly. Totally to improve your technique, of course," said Bret.

"Bite me," yelled Ronnie good-naturedly. "Now why would I want to ruin the best relationship I’ve ever had, even if it is platonic. You know, maybe that’s why we get along so well. We don’t fuck each other, but we talk about all the gross things we do with everyone else. Hearing about that bimbo you had last week really turned me on."

"She was a rowboat passing in the night. OK, a very shapely young rowboat with the strongest pussy muscles that ever wrapped me tight. But you know how yucky I always feel the next morning," said Bret, looking across the Pacific lost in thought.

"I know, Bret, why do you think that is?"

"I can't fucking figure it out," he whined, "and I wish I could. It's cutting into my lifelong goal of being the best at my chosen form of athletic competition."

Ronnie guffawed, "Darling, I don't think sport-fucking is on the Olympic program just yet."

"Well, when you and I run the world, dude, we'll put things right," groused Bret.

"Don't call me, dude, dude," she barked with mock indignity. "Do you think maybe you've left something out of your award-winning Casanova formula?"

"Like what, whips and chains? Or starting with ATM and finishing up with DP?" he chirped.

"You're too hygienic for ever trying Ass-To-Mouth. And unless you've grown a second monster cock, I can't see how you could pull off Double Penetration," joked Ronnie, then turning serious. "No, hon, I was thinking of you getting your even bigger organ involved."

"I have a bigger organ than my larger-than-life pleasure-stick?"

"Yes, stupid, your big glowing heart," she answered.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

The story continues on our blog here... .

And remember we’d love your feedback. Please post at the end of the story by hitting the “View comments” button.

Love, Somraj and Jeffre


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