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Your Tantra Newsletter: Eat And Drink Your Way To Enlightenment
How To Be More Sensitive And Open Your Senses In Order To Be More Alive

In March of this year, 2014, we began a series of Sacred Sexual Secrets articles about the 112 spiritual and sexual meditation techniques in Osho’s Book Of Secrets. You can find links to the previous articles at the top of our archives page here… .

The last article about sutra 51 dealt with the process of using joy or any emotion from the outside to expand your energy center on the inside. Ready to move on?

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 8/25/14
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

Sutra 52: Eat and drink consciously.

The fifth Tantra technique: “When eating or drinking, become the taste of food or drink and be filled.”

Too many philosophies and religions denounce desire as sin, the doorway to evil. In contrast, this sutra advises just the opposite. Osho says, “If the taste is not lived, you are just stuffing. Go slow, and be aware of the taste. And only when you go slow can you be aware. Do not just go on swallowing things. Taste them unhurriedly and become the taste. When you feel the sweetness, become that sweetness. And then it can be felt all over the body — not just in the mouth, not just on the tongue, it can be felt all over the body! A certain sweetness — or anything else — is spreading in ripples. Whatsoever you are eating, feel the taste and become the taste. This is how Tantra appears to be quite the contrary from other traditions.”

These other traditions denounced taste as desire which should be avoided completely to purify yourself. “Tantra says taste it as much as possible; be more sensitive, alive. And not only be sensitive — become the taste.”

If you know anything about Tantric Sex, you’ll recognize the practice of going slowly, savoring, and feeling more. Have you learned to make pleasure even more than satisfying this way? You can make anything more sensuous this way. In fact, this is the core of being truly erotic. If your mind is in the right place. If you focus your attention on the pleasure.

Hopefully this is familiar and easy to understand. But what does he mean about “become the taste”? Though it’s not obvious or automatic to most people, it certainly is a discipline that’s fundamental in all our Supreme Bliss Tantra training. Here’s how.

Clear your mind first (regular meditation helps) and focus all your attention on the taste. Slowly let the feeling it creates in your mouth intensify and expand. Then you’re really savoring the energy of the taste. If you’ve practiced cleansing your chakras and opening your inner channels, this energy can grow and spread throughout your body. When it fills you everywhere, you’re “becoming the taste.”

Are you getting the idea why this sutra is really giving sexual advice, too? This savoring that lets the energy consume you is truly Tantric Sex. It’s exactly what we’ve learned to do and what we teach in our Private Tantra Workshops. Try exactly this the next time you make love. Ask your beloved to touch you slowly and sensuously. Just receive without reciprocating and focus on becoming the sensations until they fill you entirely. If you like it, explain it and reciprocate.
Becoming the taste is far from the common American practice of watching our diet and carefully studying the ingredients of anything we ingest. Haven’t you heard a friend casually remark before a first bite, “I really shouldn’t eat this,” or “I know this isn’t that good for me.” Now come on, a fast-food burger and fries every month or two probably won’t kill you. But what energy are you taking in when you put down what you swallow?

Of course, the growing awareness and availability of food that’s good for you, organic, and even non-GMO can only assist your health and longevity. When your consciousness is focused on how wholesome your food is and how healthy it will make you, you supercharge all its goodness.

But what if you condemn every bite? “Too much fat, oh no! Damn, it doesn’t say natural on the package. Oh screw it, I’ll eat it anyway.” Are the negative vibes going to hurt you? Well, who knows, but it sure spoils your enjoyment of an essential daily life activity. And Tantra is certainly about enjoying every little bit of life.

Even more, if you don’t concentrate on the taste and it’s goodness, you will gradually deaden your senses. You’ll become less sensitive. As Osho says, “And with less sensitivity, you will not be able to feel your body, you will not be able to feel your feelings.” So you see, not tasting will impact your sex life if you’re regularly tuning your body out of the equation of living.

He continues, “Then you will be just centered in the head. This centeredness in the head is the split. Tantra says do not create any division within yourself.” We explained in March article about how separating thinking and feeling prevents you from being whole. If you missed it, read the article here… .

“It is beautiful to taste; it is beautiful to be more sensitive. And if you are more sensitive you will be more alive, and if you are more alive, then more life will enter your inner being. You will be more open.” Now right here is an essential theme of Supreme Bliss Tantra, be more open, be more whole, be more alive. Sex is a great teacher on this path. But as we’re learning here, so are your taste buds. Or any of your other senses as well.

Since sutras are so often metaphorical, Osho helps us extend the meaning of becoming the taste when he says, “We are not touching! We are afraid to touch… you have to come to the hand, you have to move to the hand. You have to come to your fingers and your palm as if you, you soul, have come to the hand. Only then can you touch.”

In our trainings we do a simple exercise which is exactly this called Tantric Touch. Move your fingertips every so lightly and slowing over your beloved’s skin with total concentration. It feels so much more erotic and exciting when you become the touch.

Let’s not forget that the last words of the sutra are “and be filled” by the taste. Osho says, “When drinking water, feel the coolness. Close your eyes, drink it slowly, taste it. Feel the coolness and feel that you have become that coolness, because the coolness is being transferred to you from the water; it is becoming a part of your body. Your mouth is touching, your tongue is touching, and the coolness is transferred. Allow it to happen to the whole of your body. Allow its ripples to spread, and you will feel a coolness all over your body. In that way your sensitivity can grow, and you can become more alive and more filled.”
I hope you’re grokking the essence of the Tantric process of transformation. Relax and open yourself. Clear the mind and focus on the now. Expand your senses and let the feelings grow. Feel the energy and let it spread. As it fills you, you will become more alive.

Sure, Tantric Sex is a great way to practice this. But so is your sense of taste, not to mention your sense of touch, sound, and smell. So if we advocate having sex in your mouth, you can see we’re suggesting something a little different than what oral sex means to most people. We’re talking about tasting and touching and smelling and enjoying the sensations you’re receiving when you’re eating and drinking.

Most of us are armored to some degree against informational and stressful bombardments from the outside world. Or at least the messages and sensations we fear will be bombardments. We shut down and close off and find that life is so empty. Osho explains, “But we are the reasons why it is empty. We are not filling it and we are not allowing anything to fill it.”

The bottom line is be more alive. Experience more, feel more, taste more, touch more, sex more. “Be more alive, and you will be more divine.”

Love, Somraj & Jeffre


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