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Your Tantra Newsletter: Using Passion Circuits To Fill Your Whole Body With Pleasure
Another Excerpt From Our Forthcoming “Long Hot Tantric Love Making Ebook

Here’s another free juicy excerpt from our long-awaited new ebook “Long Hot Tantric Love Making.” Since it’s all about sexual intercourse, this article explains how to channel passion to make you higher than ever before. Sure, sex is natural. But when you learn to harness your sexual energy, it’s Super-Natural. By the way, you can find earlier excerpts in our archives here… .

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 8/22/16
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
ISSN 1540-8825 (c) Copyright 2016 by
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

Our bodies are alive with lots of all kinds of bioenergy. Your senses are receiving lots of information. Your nerves are sending messages to your brain and your brain transmits signals back. Your muscles are contracting and relaxing. Your blood is pumping and you're drawing in and expelling breath. Your cells are alive and doing their thing.
All this motion creates an electromagnetic field that surrounds and inhabits your body, your Bio-Field. It generates ripples, waves, and currents of electrical energy. A subtle manifestation of this force is kundalini, which is sexual energy or, when it's super strong, orgasmic energy. This innate sexual life-force can lie asleep in hidden pockets or collect in pools when it's activated. You might feel it, but it doesn't do too much unless it's moving.
We all have physiological channels like nerves that electrical impulses follow. Kundalini tends to flow along subtler channels of the sort that acupuncturists address. Most people can feel a slight current if they relax, empty their mind, and put the palms of their hands or the soles of their feet together. As you become more practiced and adept at Running Energy (consciously filling your whole body with passion), you'll become more sensitized to your own unique electromagnetic pathways.
Your Inner Flute, the channel connecting your chakras traditionally deemed Sushumna, is a common course that channels the flow of your kundalini. Yogis also work with the left and right conduits of energy, called Ida and Pingala. Ancient scriptures pronounced that your Bio-Field contains 72,000 Nadis, or subtle energy streams. Whether you accept all this or not, let's just say there are lots of flows awaiting your increased sensitivity.
Our erogenous zones are particularly sensitive to this high frequency maybe because they contain pockets of dormant kundalini waiting to be unleashed. When you limit your erotic dalliances to the physical end of the spectrum, Ordinary Sex can certainly be great fun. But when you expand your sexual transceivers to send and receive a wider range of frequencies, Tantric LoveMaking becomes even more passionate. As you transition from LovePlay to Initial Entry to the Valley Phase, you're preparing your bodies to play with a much wider spectrum of these powers.
We've already discussed the process of exploring Sweet Spots and Sweet Rhythms. (Find our June newsletter here… You hunt for pools of pleasure by rubbing yoni (vagina) or rosetta's (anus) mouth or walls with vajra's (penis) head and shaft. You vary stroke depth, speed, length, force, and angle searching for sometimes elusive singles, sometimes dense crowds, of tingles, sparks, and jolts. Sometimes it's like searching for our dogs in a big forest when they've caught the scent of an animal. Sometimes it's totally obvious like first thing in the morning when they jump on us demanding their first petting session of the day.
In The Valley, the guy's positive pole is looking for negative poles inside the woman's yoni or rosetta. These are patches of sexual charge waiting to flow that aren't actively connected to a bioelectric channel. When you find a Sweet Spot or Sweet Rhythm, maybe that's why it feels like plugging your vajra into an electrical power outlet. Or having your yoni or rosetta jolted by a rod charged with sizzling pleasure.
When you hold and concentrate on one of these spots, you’re completing a Passion Circuit that lets the current surge between the two of you. A Passion Circuit is…
An electrical connection that lets a current of pleasure flow between two bodies, typically between two Sweet Spots like vajra’s head and the G-Crest, creating Resonance where each lover’s vibrations reinforce the other.
Often that feels like inner goose bumps, a titillating warmth oozing through your body, or a tidal wave of sizzling excitement. When you're really lucky it feels like an ecstasy grenade detonating everywhere inside.
Hooking Into Passion Circuits
If you can imagine that a yoni or a rosetta is an old telephone operator's control board, tapping into a Passion Circuit is like plugging a cable into one of its many sockets. Making the connection may feel like a surge of warmth, an electric shock, or a cascade of sparks shooting through you. You let the pleasure fill your jewels and, if you know how, stream through all your chakras throughout your body.
While it's possible that only one of you will feel a Sweet Spot or Sweet Rhythm, a Passion Circuit connects the two of you. Your nervous systems are electrically connected via your jewels. His vajra pumps a current of pleasure into her, and her yoni spews even more back. As you cycle the energy back any forth, it grows and spreads, expanding both of your Pleasure Balloons. In physics this is called Resonance, where the vibration of one body reverberates at the perfect frequency to make another body vibrate in unison. The two vibrations reinforce each other so they are both prolonged.
In simpler terms, what one of you feels, makes the other swoon. Which the first feels and makes them swoon. And back and forth, inducing stronger sensations in each other as you exchange swoonings.
For example, Somraj might feel a little explosion of pleasure that makes vajra's head swell and pulse. He can tell that Jeffre feels it too because she invariably starts undulating, bucking, and moaning louder. We've trained ourselves not to speed up and go for it in response to the intense cascade of sensation. Instead we breath deeper and slower and flow with the excitement. That seems to cause the energy Somraj feels to jump across into Jeffre's body. She feels it and it raises her turn-on which Somraj feels flooding back into his body.
In these Short Cycles we exchange giving and receiving energy as we build to a joint peak of pleasure. Circulating kundalini like this is like a resonant loop where the vibration that one of us transmits reinforces the other's vibrations. Back and forth, back and forth, and in no time we're both shaking in ecstasy.
When the sexual current feels so good to both of you, you'll want to keep doing what completed the circuit. Remember the Go-For-It Guideline: When something feels good, keep doing it without changing. You keep hitting the Sweet Spot or stroking with the Sweet Rhythm. The more you milk the arousal trigger, the more you fill your Pleasure Balloon.
It's true that you might make some slight adjustments to absorb the entire pocket of kundalini without getting too carried away. But pounding a Sweet Spot like a jackhammer doesn't encourage spreading the energy all over in the same way that pressing, tapping, and vibrating does. Shifting into high gear with maximum speed and force isn't how you repeat the kind of stroking that got you here. It too often throws you out of the Sweet Rhythm.
You'll know when you've exhausted the pool of charge when the sensations stop sparking and streaming pleasure. That means it's time to pull your cable plug out and search for a new socket in the switchboard. That doesn't mean you withdraw your vajra. You just shift your attention to more fruitful territory within.

Love, Somraj & Jeffre


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