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We hope you’ve been enjoying the previous three Sacred Sexual Secrets newsletter focused on the 112 spiritual sexual meditation techniques in Osho’s Book Of Secrets. The last article dealt with sutra 49 which is about shaking in sex. You can find those three articles at the top of our archives page here…

Our last Sacred Sexual Secrets article, sutra 50 of the 112 spiritual sexual meditation techniques in Osho’s Book Of Secrets, was about learning to make love yourself without a partner. Not about self-pleasuring per se, which by the way is a wonderful thing we wholeheartedly support, but about accepting your inner opposite gender and creating an energetic circle. A great path towards personal growth and transformation. We ended with the realization that you’ll find life much better by not fighting the live forces within you, but by simply accepting the sexual flow that’s always alive within you and letting it carry you to higher states of bliss and ecstasy. This edition shows you how to achieve that.

You can find links to the previous articles in this series at the top of our archives page here…

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 7/28/14
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

51 “When joy arises, become it.”

The great appeal of this sutra is because so many of us haven’t been trained or conditioned to walk through life happily. Much the opposite We don’t center our life around joy, around what feels good. As a result we end up, for the most part, miserable. But what if you learned a way to maximize the positive feelings? That’s what the sutra 50 is about.

Osho explains, “You be centered in your own feeling of rising energy. The moment you look at it, it will spread. It will become your whole body, your whole being. And do not just be an observer of it, merge into it. There are very few moments when you feel joy, happiness, bliss, but you go on missing them because you become object-centered.”

Osho is referring to getting caught up in the thing, or person, that you think is making you happy — the object. Of course, sometimes we feel great running into a long-lost friend, hearing a moving song, seeing a beautiful sunset. But this sutra is about focusing on where the joy is really coming from, from you, from inside.

“When you see a friend and suddenly feel a joy arising in your heart, concentrate on this joy. Feel it and become it, and meet the friend while being aware and filled with joy. Let the friend be just on the periphery, and you remain centered in your feeling of happiness.”

Use this fortunate circumstance to bring you more into your heart center. Of course you realize that Tantric LoveMaking is a heart-centered process. So, again, though we’re not addressing sex directly, this sutra is teaching us how to make love spiritually and bond with your beloved in a deeper, sweeter way.

“Whenever there is joy, you feel that is coming from without. That is not the actual case. The joy is always within you.”

In reality, the joy being within you is true about your reaction to everything that happens to you in life. You’re let down and you feel hurt. You get a promotion and you feel on top of the world. Your favorite team loses and you’re bummed out. Somebody snubs you at a party and you get angry. The one you’ve been pining for smiles at you from across the room and your heart sings.

And let’s not forget how you feel when having sex with the one you love. Or anyone, for that matter. You might feel great for a while or it might bring up lots of other emotions depending on the situation. All natural responses, of course, but where does the energy that creates these feelings actually come from?

“Others are only situations in which things that are hidden in you are expressed. They are not causes; they are not causing something in you. Whatsoever is happening, is happening TO YOU. It has always been there; it is only that the meeting with this friend has become a situation in which whatsoever was hidden has come out in the open.”

If you can accept this dynamic, that how you respond to things happening all around you is the result of what’s percolating under the surface inside, then you’ll want to know how to make use of it. Osho continues… “Whenever this happens, remain centered in the inner feeling, and then you will have a different attitude about everything in life.”

What a wonderful way to use the ups and downs of life as a teacher. Let the outside world in its infinite blind wisdom focus your attention on yourself. On who you are and what you need to look at to become more whole, more at peace, more in love with yourself.

We see again in this sutra how Tantra is really a path of transformation. All too often we just refer to how Tantric Sex is a spiritual path that stimulates personal growth and higher consciousness while enjoying yourself. And all that is true. But at its foundation, Tantra teaches us to use any energy to create transformation.

Now doesn’t it sound great that, as you evolve and reach for enlightenment, you can have more fun, and be happier, and have — and give — more powerful orgasms?

There’s a great story from ancient India that emphasizes this point. It’s about Buddha as he first traveled the countryside sharing his experience of enlightenment. A very angry man followed him around and hounded him and berated him and when he was invited to approach, spat on the holy man. When the incensed fellow finally paused, Buddha smiled sincerely and thanked him. This was the last thing the man expected and it gave him pause to listen to Buddha’s explanation. He said you’ve helped me look inside and find that I have eradicated all traces of anger. And for that I am grateful. That reaction was such a shock to the angry man that it caused him to look inside and discover that’s where his emotion was coming from. Then he too became transformed and became a major disciple of the growing movement.

As this sutra indicates, Buddha had done this work and cleansed himself of energies he didn’t want. You can do the same with good feelings — from sex, from joy, from happiness — or anything else.

“With negative or positive, with any emotion, use this and there will be a great change in you. If the emotion is negative, you will be freed of it by being aware that is is within you. If the emotion is positive, you will become the emotion itself. If it is joy, you will become joy. If it is anger, the anger will dissolve.”

To me personally, a wonderful part of Tantra is the quest for personal truth. In other walks of life and other religions, others set the standards of what is good and bad. But Tantra teaches that awareness becomes the tool that lets you determine what’s right and what’s not. Whatever arises within you, transforms through your consciousness. If it’s good for you by your own nature, it grows and spreads and you become more one with it. Your underlying nature deepens and emerges and you become more of who you are on the outside. If it’s bad for you, awareness dissolves it and the energy dissipates. The memories cease to haunt you and control you. You become free of those things that you don’t want, those things that aren’t you, simply through awareness.

“Use your awareness. Through awareness all that is negative like darkness will dissolve — hatred, anger, sadness, violence. Then love, joy, ecstasy will for the first time become revealed to you.”

Osho says, “Virtue and sin are not social concepts, they are inner realization.” What a wonderful way to go through life knowing that you are the ultimate judge of your life.

Love, Somraj & Jeffre


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