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Your Tantra Newsletter: Porno Can Be Spiritual, Too
Use Your Primal Energies For Learning, Transforming, Healing, & Knowing Yourself

Last night we were making love and feeling some great energy, but we weren't completely in the flow. Right, as much as we seek utopia, reality happens even to trained Tantrikas. But we have the tools to adjust and roll with it so we had some wonderful fun, connected our energies, and created some delicious ecstasy that we shared.

One time when my energy dipped, I got this idea in my head to put on a porno flick. I want to tell you about it because mostly of what happened inside our spirits and minds. And I'm not going to soften my language so that you get the full brunt, the total impact of these strong primal energies. If you react to some of my language or some of these images, I ask you only to suspend your judgement until you finish this article and look inside yourself. So what I should have said in the first paragraph you probably got, shit happens.

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"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 7/18/11
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
ISSN 1540-8825 (c) Copyright 2011 by
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

Now you might have the belief that spiritual teachers should be purer than needing to resort to sex films. You might even denounce the exploitation of those poor naked women getting fucked in every orifice and creamed on everywhere, at least until you meet one and find out how much fun it is for them and how much money they make. I've met several porn stars face to face and the sexual energy that surrounds them and exudes from every pore is palpable and intoxicating. But that's another story for another time.

Anyway, we put on this porno which tried to have a story line that we put up with until the foreplay heated up and the sex went into high gear. The bodies were beautiful and we admired that. Imagining what they were about to do on screen right in front of us was way titillating. Which by the way is the benefit of anything that gets your own energy flowing inside. Part of the philosophy of Supreme Bliss Tantra, if it feels good let go of your past judgements and negative beliefs and enjoy it. As long as you're conscious.

So we were doing our best to enjoy the movie that seemed to be broadcasting on radio station KLSF (kissing, licking, sucking, and fucking). What I'm saying you already know if you've watched some porn and played with your own or your baby's jewels. Namely, that the vibration is pretty primal and animalistic. But, hey, that drive is what makes our species propagate so don't knock it until you've learned to appreciate it.

The guy had a hard body, especially where it counted with his big vajra (penis), and was obviously enjoying himself when she was devouring his throbbing member and when he was thrusting it in and out of her yoni (vagina). At least he acted like it was pleasurable which is much better than just going through the motions. He was gorgeous enough and convincing enough that he turned us both on. It made me excited and hard again so we positioned ourselves so we could make love and watch.

It sure helped that she was shapely and lovely and uninhibited. Now that I think about it, her breasts weren't that big but they were well-shaped. It sure seemed like she was really enjoying sucking him which sent chills and heat coursing through our bodies. We felt an electric surge inside when she spread her legs. And when his mushroom-headed tool entered her swollen wet pussy lips, we shuddered passionately.

The lovemaking on screen was beautiful and exciting, but not as beautiful and exciting as what our bodies were doing. So often we looked away and just focused on what were doing to each other. But one time they were obviously acting and it was so superficial that Jeffre remarked "oh, for Goddess sake, that wasn't the least bit real!"

FInally I can get to my point of this provocative description. I had an immediate negative reaction and totally lost it. I got soft, pulled out, and rolled over. I'm not at all saying that Jeffre was wrong, no, on the contrary she was right on. I just got triggered. Which by the way is partly why I've been so graphic here, to see if any of the language or pictures might trigger you.

You see, the essence of the life approach of Supreme Bliss Tantra is whatever turns you on is good for you, as long as you enter into it and experience it with consciousness. The transformation comes from learning to say yes to anything you encounter with resistance stemming from exterior programming or false social taboos. Now I'm not saying to have to actually do things that turn you off or embrace evil or violence. Certainly we all have innate likes and dislikes that either resonate or not with our inner being. But few of us have grown up in an environment where we've learned how to get in touch with our inner beings, our true nature, our spiritual essence. That's the spiritual training ground that Supreme Bliss Tantra, especially Tantric Sex, provides you, if and only if you watch what's going on inside yourself objectively. In other words, as a way to know yourself, what makes you feel good, feel not so good, what you really desire, and what you're certain you don't want anywhere in your life.

I went right to sleep and slept deeply but woke up early with a clear realization of what happened inside me the previous night. I've always had a strong aversion to hostile lovers. You know, the woman who laughs at your body, especially your penis size (hey, they all shrink sometimes but it's the energy connection that really satisfies women anyway). The demeaning lover who doesn't like anything you do. The demanding one who keeps asking for more, stronger, kinkier, more outrageous.

But I can't honestly remember ever being with one. At least not this lifetime. Maybe I was abused in a previous life, I don't know exactly. But the kind of lover I am became crystal clear because of my looking at my negative reaction the night before. What I do know is that the sexual connection is sacred to me. It's about totally accepting the other, appreciating all the good things, enjoying whatever happens thoroughly. When I'm welcomed into another's body -- I don't just mean when vajra plunges her depths, I mean physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually -- to me that's the ultimate compliment, the ultimate validation of my loving heart. One who lets me in knows deep down that I'm a lover of her true Goddess nature and in those moments unconditionally loving the one I'm embracing.

At least when I am. And when I'm not, it's a fascinating workshop in "Who Am I?"

So if I've provoked you with this story, I hope you can find a way to still love and appreciate me for my essence (even though I do enjoy playing the Bad Boy). I do believe love is senior to all else and that making love is sacred. No matter how primal or romantic or animal or sweet or dominating or passionate or forceful or tender, if the two are conscious and consenting, they're just playing a game together, regardless of the words or how closely it matches your picture of love.

If you were uncomfortable or stressed or resistant or judgmental or downright shocked about the passages above, look inside and ask yourself why. What got triggered inside and where did it come from. I hope you learn something about your inner being.

Now that I've got this out of my system and had fun playing the Bad Boy (which by the way some women, evolved and otherwise really get off on), I can go back to being a spiritual mentor who never breaks the mold of how you think I ought to be.

Or maybe not.

Love, Somraj

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