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Your Tantric Erotica Newsletter:
The Blending Of Aurecle And Tanya

What could be better than true love and Tantric Sex? How about true love, Tantric Sex, and magical powers.

In our continuing effort to teach Supreme Bliss Tantra and celebrate getting turned on, here's the first few paragraphs of our next Tantric Erotica. It's about thirteen teenagers -- no, make that fourteen -- reaching sexual maturity in a fantasy culture where they know how to run energy and use it to its fullest potential.

We hope reading this story turns you on and inspires you as much as it did for us while writing it. The first part follows here with the rest on our blog here... .

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"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 6/23/13
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
ISSN 1540-8825 (c) Copyright 2013 by
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

The thirteen of us stood nervously in sacred circle wearing our ancient ceremonial jewelry, high-winged sandals and rainbow-leafed headgear. Our ceremonial saris were so diaphanous that we almost appeared nude in most light.

Oh, don't be shocked. This is how we had played together since childhood and loved together since reaching sexual maturity at age seven. Except for me this last year.

Isn’t that how the old saying goes, “Families that play together, stay together.” We knew each other so well that were known throughout the Fae lands as the troupe that partied hearty. True, we always led with our hearts and, in spite of our lewd antics, were all still technically virgins.

Last night was a good example. It was a special Joining with my BFF, Shereen, my last before turning seventeen. Most nights for the past few months we had fallen asleep wrapped around each together. As we touched and kissed and licked up and down each other's body, I reached several delightful Culminations after I had given her a major one. She put me right to sleep when she snuggled up to me and whispered in my ear, "I love you tonight, Tanya."

When we awoke I turned to give her ripe curves and crevices my full attention. Instead she sat up and said, "Happy birthaversary, lover. How was your dream last night?"

"About the same," I answered, "long and colorful and faceless."

"An interesting way to have enjoyed being sixteen. Are your dreams why you've gone off men this year? "

"I don't know," I mused. "They project a radically different future for the Fae and are so rich with promise for me personally, it 's taken away most of the pleasure of Joining with our six boyfriends. Especially John, who can't seem to get the message."

Shereen looked wistful as she murmured under her breath, "I hope someday he'll get the message who really adores him."

I shared my prescient thoughts about this night. I couldn't see exactly how, but I knew that my self-imposed sexual exile from the boys, oh, better make that men, of our group would be over. I'd related my plan to intentionally abort the connection with John midstream, with the one she craved to mate with.

Now, just after sunset of the seventh moon of the 27th year of the reign of our Shamaness of Sierra Norte, dramatic things were bound to happen. There was more to it than that we were all seventeen at last. Today was my seventeenth birthaversary.

Did I mention that any occurrence of seven was sacred to our troupe?

It's not technically accurate to call the thirteen of us a family. We weren’t related in the sense of having the same blue blood. But we lived in the same complex in Castle Peak and knew each other's minds, bodies, and souls intimately. In the traditional way, our troupe of six boys and seven girls was brought together after we’d all been weaned within seven weeks of each other. Since I was last of our troupe to turn seventeen, we'd been honored at gatherings all day as mature adults. Finally. Seven couples who in the last ten years had become one happy family.

Well, except for the seventh man. On this the seventh moon of the year, we were one short of being seven men and seven women.

We stood in sacred circle, hushed in anticipation of the Blue Moon. A second full moon had just unexpectedly appeared this month. It was written in our ancient lore that both miracles and cataclysms occur on Blue Moons at midnight.

Very auspicious said the prophecies of our Shamaness. Yes, we adored and worshipped her, but the way of the Seventh Fae People was not overly formal. Since we were young, John called her Shama and, as was our custom, we followed his lead.

The ambitious young Fae was the tallest and smartest man among us. Which meant, by the way, that he was nearly my height at six feet but far my junior in terms of intellect and physical strength. I'm leaning over to be polite since he'd been one of my lovers over the years. It wouldn't be right for me to come right out and say that my aptitude and potential for fairy magic was much higher than his.

None of this had stopped John from assuming he would be my lifelong mate before the coming year was out. Our way was uninhibited, anything goes, up to and not including going steady and Welcoming him, or anyone else, Within. Though we each Joined with each other at our frequent erotic rituals, permanent boy-girl pairing was forbidden until we all became adults at seventeen. Today.

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The story continues on our blog here... .

And remember we’d love your feedback. Please post at the end of the story by hitting the “View comments” button.

Love, Somraj and Jeffre


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