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Your Tantra Newsletter: Do You Crave Inner Peace, A Skilled Lover, Deeper Intimacy, Sacred Sexual Union?
An Introduction To Our FREE 70- Special Report "The Top Ten Tantric Secrets of Sex, Love, & Intimacy”

Are you seeking to...

• Awaken your dormant sexual desires?
• Feel a sense of inner peace?
• Heal sexual wounds?
• Learn to make love sweetly and strongly for hours?

These are some of the reasons why your answer should be YES!

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 6/23/11
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
ISSN 1540-8825 (c) Copyright 2011 by

This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

As an unattached single, Tantric practice can help you weave your energies into a magnetic force to attract the ideal partner. Men who learn Supreme Bliss Tantra report...

• Mastering ejaculation so they make lovemaking last and last.
• Becoming skilled and sensitive lovers who're highly sought after.

Women who learn Supreme Bliss Tantra report great joy from...

• Connecting sex with heart to unblock pleasure channels.
• Enlivening their sexual fire and recapturing their love bliss.

Traditionally, Tantrikas practiced ceremonies of sacred sexual union to bring themselves closer to their beloved. If you're in an intimate partnership, Tantric Sex can expand, heighten, and prolong the magical connection between you.

Couples who learn Supreme Bliss Tantra report profound fulfillment from...

• Enriching their relationship by merging love, sex, and spirit.
• Deepening their intimacy and harmony with their beloved.

Whether you're in relationship or on your own, Tantric practice can help you open your love channels and sexual pathways so you can flow freely and joyously. Few of us grow up that way. We carry lots of unwanted baggage which weighs us down, slows us down, and brings us down.

We hope this brief Sunday drive through the countryside of sacred sex convinces you that Supreme Bliss Tantra is what you're looking for. Future installments of this Special Report will delve deeper into Tantric secrets that can benefit your romantic and sensual life.

Look forward to learning how to be completely natural, accept yourself and your body fully, and develop passionate intimacy. Soon you'll understand how to experience the joyous phenomenon of extended Tantric Orgasm for both men and women, how to heal and renew your sexual drives, how to cleanse and revitalize your inner sexual energy system, and how to live life in love with gusto.


You've just read an excerpt from the first of "The Top Ten Tantric Secrets of Sex, Love, & Intimacy" from our FREE 70-page Special Report. When we re-started our Sacred Sexual Secrets email newsletter this month, we didn't realize that there was a problem with the special report registration form.

So we wanted to give you a taste of what Supreme Bliss Tantra is all about and inspire you to click here to get your own private email copy...

You'll love reading this fascinating expose on how you can deepen your relationship, enflame your love, and juice up your sex life using Tantric techniques perfected in the East thousands of years ago. We've paid $10, $30, even $50 for less.

And it's FREE only to newsletter subscribers.

Plus we've just added new material, new DISCOUNTS, and package deals on our ebooks, ecourses, and services for you. So if you read it before you'll want to get another free copy right now.

That is if you're interested in putting into action these secrets that will ignite your love life, revitalize the intimacy in your relationship, and transform your orgasms into incredible sacred experiences.

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Love, Somraj and Jeffre



Supreme Bliss is the zenith of sexual ecstasy which transforms orgasmic energy into expanded consciousness.

Supreme Bliss Tantra is the modern system of personal transformation based on the ancient Eastern spiritual path which uses sexual energy practices to...
deepen love and intimacy,
extend lovemaking, and
create continuous full-body mind-altering Tantric Orgasms.

By opening your senses of the present moment, embracing all of life and all of your being, and focusing on pleasure as a divine gift, Supreme Bliss Tantra...
heals your mind, body, and spirit,
connects you passionately with your deeper self and your beloved, and
immerses you deeply into the untold joys of sacred sexuality to
reach cosmic peaks of pleasure to make life an ecstatic journey in total communion with all that is.


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