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Your Tantra Newsletter: The Tantric Shaving Ritual To Take Pride In Your Sacred Landscape - Tantric Sex Tips To Awaken Your Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss

Tantric Sex Tips from Sacred Sexual Secrets Newsletter 6-07-07
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  Published by Somraj Pokras and Jeffre TallTrees
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Dear Sacred Sexual Secrets Subscriber:

Please take pride in your innate sexuality and accept this power as a divine gift and a sacred trust. To encourage you, we've excerpted one of our favorite parts of our ebook "Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation: Awakening Her Sacred Gate To Supreme Bliss." It's about pubic grooming for her.

But why only her? It applies equally well to a guy's hairy crotch. You've got quite something to admire there, right? (And don't tell her that trimming will make your big pleasure stick look even bigger.)

              Love, Somraj,  Jeffre, & John

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Appreciate Your Sacred Landscape
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Because of our social conditioning, most of us don't appreciate our jewels (genitals) fully and accept their unique shape, size, and aroma. If you want to experience the heights of sexual ecstasy, it's essential that you start now on a personal program of loving these sacred parts of your body.

Right now, begin exploring yoni's sacred landscape in greater detail. What do you think of when you visualize your yoni (vagina)? A rose as it's poetically viewed in the modern West? A lotus flower as the Tantrics traditionally viewed her? Do you think of her as a unique work of art?

Because we revere the power of the Goddess as expressed in each woman's body and her sexual powers, Tantrikas honor the yoni as a sacred place. We gaze reverently, we bow and namasté, and offer gifts of pleasure.

Each yoni is a beautiful work of art. Just as no two women's faces are alike, yonis are all different. Lips, clio (clitoris), opening can be larger, smaller, closer, farther. Some lips are longer, some shorter, each with its own special flair and personality. And remember, size and shape have nothing to do with functioning, sexual or otherwise.

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Take Pride In Your Tantric Yoni-Do
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Some women care for their pubic hairdo just as deliberately as they do the hair on their heads. Some tidy, some create a heart or other design over their mons (mound of Venus), some shave completely naked down to yoni's opening. We honor all manifestations of the Goddess.

Do you have a yoni-do? Have you ever shaved down there? We don't urge one form over another, but we do suggest you consider your preferences. Begin to take personal pride in the appearance of your most sacred grotto. This isn't preparation for a sojourn at a nudist camp or declaring you want to be a porn star. It's revering your most sacred of spaces for your own pride.

What would look best to you? What feels best with tight pants and during sex? What does your partner prefer? Experiment and find your pubic hair identity. We know couples who bestow the responsibility for jewel hairdos on their partner. It takes a lot of trust in your partner and yourself to allow another to take razor or trimmer to such a delicate place.

Somraj's vajra doesn't like the bristle of a growing yoni bush, both on the giving and receiving side. He trims around vajra's base every couple weeks or so. This keeps the wildest hairs at bay and out of the way when open access is desired. Jeffre routinely dipilitates yoni's environs, and through trimming leaves short softer hairs on her outer lips.

That's what works for us. What works best for you?

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Partner Shaving Practice
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Discuss with your partner some of the options you've considered. Find out what she or he might like. Discuss the possibility of your partner shaving you. This can be quite a turn on. If you're willing, go for it.

Yes, please try this at home tonight.

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How To Trim Your Most Sacred Hairs Without Bumps Or Irritation
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Do you like the look and feel of trimmed or clean-shaven genitals? Many sex-positive lovers are so proud of their sexual pleasure that they groom their pubic hair. And they love the incredible slipperiness of loveplay when completely smooth vagina, lips, penis, and testicles meet. So will you if you haven't tried it!

For the most sensuous Tantric Sex, you'll want to embrace PUBIC PRIDE:

   - Be proud of your genitals by grooming your pubic hair.
   - Let your lover see your beauty down there.
   - Feel the smooth baby-like skin between your honey's thighs.
   - Show off your pleasure stick and make it look bigger.

Whether you just trim for a neat appearance, adopt an erotic "do," or go for the totally bare look, you need a safe, painless way to shave. Wouldn't it be great if you could stop dragging those blades across your most precious skin?

Now you can remove pubic hair without painful waxing, tweezing, or bleaching. Say good-bye forever to dangerous blades, nicks, cuts, messy ointments, and harsh chemicals.

The good news: our favorite pubic shaver is a little wonder that will change your sex life. And you can save up to $48 on great package deals with FREE shipping.

We searched the world to find a shaver that does not "bite" vaginal
lips, penis skin, or testicles. The Body Bare Personal Shaver is the only one of many tested that does the job - and does it well! It won't nick or cause
red bumps, irritation, discomfort, or ingrown hairs.

Body Bare is clearly the best dry razor in the world for both men's and women's private parts.

Our favorite Personal Pubic Shaver is designed specifically for grooming
sensitive intimate areas. It will shave your pubic area closer, faster, easier and, most importantly, safer than anything else you've ever used, period!
This imported rechargeable, battery-operated, ultra-fine-screen,
rotary-head dry personal razor will leave your most intimate areas as
smooth as a newborn baby's bottom.

When you order our best shaver package, you can save over $48. Click here for further details and to order yours today:

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Juicy Joke: "How To Make A Man Smarter"

A small boy accompanied his parents to a nudist
colony. They all stripped off and went out into the
garden. The boy looked round with interest and then
asked his father why some men had big ones and
some men had small ones.

Dad couldn't be bothered with long explanations so
he just said,  "Those with big ones are smart and
those with small ones are stupid"

The boy wandered off on his own for a while and
then met his father again.

"Have you seen mother?" asked his Dad.

"She's behind that bush over there," said the boy,
"talking to a stupid man who's getting smarter by
the minute!"

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