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Your Tantra Newsletter: Initial Entry To Long Hot Tantric LoveMaking
How To Use Your First Strokes To Awaken Her Yoni To Ecstatic Jewel Union

(We’ve completed editing our new ebook, Long Hot Tantric Love Making, which concentrates on Jewel Union, our name for sexual intercourse. Here’s another X-rated excerpt to give you a detailed idea of what’s in the works.)

Initial Entry means when a man’s vajra (penis) first penetrates a yoni (vagina). Initial Entry is a discipline in consciousness to insure that you gauge a woman’s readiness before you barge in too forcefully. Therefore it's slow and measured. You both want to be totally present and fully conscious as he eases comfortably into her.

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 5/26/16
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

The style of penetration we suggest is to snuggle in one millimeter at a time without rushing, pushing, or forcing. Her yoni needs time to adjust to being filled. Otherwise it could feel like an urgent, unfriendly, or violent assault. Initial Entry is more a relaxing phase than a fervent dance.

Let’s not forget that slow insertion and shallow thrusting helps a man settle in to the extreme initial jolt of sensation. This is one useful way to let the onslaught of excitement bleed away to avoid premature ejaculation. Slow Initial Entry helps an ultra sensitive guy like Somraj make love for as long as he wants.

Sure, there are occasions when the primeval animal in a woman needs and wants to be ravished by a savage beast. When you get clear signals that she’s in heat and makes demands like “F**k me now, please!” you probably don’t need the measured caution we’re suggesting. We just wouldn’t recommend it for your first date or without clear mutual consent beforehand.

Like Star Trek, Tantric LoveMaking has a Prime Directive… “Pull, don’t push.” Captain Kirk's orders were to avoid interfering with the natural evolution of alien societies. Back on Earth, it means that a lover doesn’t push, forcing his vajra inside. He waits until her yoni opens and pulls him in.

As a result, the First Strokes of your vajra should be gentle. There’s a long tradition in the sexual literature about this. Maybe the first notable expert was Su Nü or The Plain Girl, who advised the prominent Yellow Emperor of the Chinese Yin Dynasty nearly 3000 years B.C., about his sex life. According to Su Nü, when a woman shows the right signs…
“The man can enter her, teasingly thrusting, keeping his penetration shallow while watching for further reactions. If the jade stalk [vajra] is thick and large, insert it one and a half inches. If it is weaker and smaller, insert it one inch. Do not agitate or rock, but withdraw slowly, then insert it again.”

In other words, make your first few First Strokes not-too-deep, not-too-fast, not-too-hard until her yoni is fully awakened. It's ideal to start your First Strokes with a little Vajra Yoni-Massage around yoni’s mouth. Make sure there’s enough wetness. When she's giving you cues that she wants for more, let vajra’s head remain up against the entrance. Hold still for a moment instead of barging in.

Test her readiness for penetration by gently and lovingly entering about an inch. As vajra's head descends through the soft engorged tissue, you should feel the muscles protecting her opening. This is the first band surrounding her yoni’s canal that you DON’T want to force your way past. Again, pause and feel. Then slowly pull out a bit without withdrawing all the way. Maintain the electrical and energetic connection during this critical process.

Though Tantric LoveMaking is a team effort, Initial Entry is where the giver exercises and demonstrates masculine power. She can feel you holding back your desire to let go and ravish her. In this completely vulnerable moment, you can do whatever you want to her. So when she energetically senses that your First Strokes are for her, she receives your profound expression of love and respect. Instead of exploding with lust when she finally spreads her legs, make this a sacred ritual that honors her femininity. In other words, your First Strokes are more about building trust than making her come.

Again, this approach is valuable insurance against a sensitive vajra ejaculating too quickly. You don’t want to be consumed with the urgency, the pressure of lust, or the urge to explode and release.

When the fast boil calms to a simmer, repeat the slow lingering entry. Tenderly slide vajra’s head inside, pause, and pull out partially. Take your time and let vajra’s head caress just inside yoni’s mouth until she relaxes. Repeat until you feel a softening, a welcoming, almost as if her yoni is sucking you deeper.

For a moment let’s consider the dynamics of what’s happening inside her during Initial Entry. Before your date, her yoni has most likely been resting quietly. Suddenly she’s assaulted by waves of overwhelming sensation that can make her yoni tense up and constrict. Even if she wants these wonderful feelings, they may take some time to adjust to.

If she’s not very experienced sexually or hasn’t made love recently, this adjustment can take many minutes. A yoni is an amazingly elastic cavity that is potentially supple and responsive. But if she has a history of sexual frustration, emotional disappointments, or unrequited love, it may be unnaturally tight and rigidly taut. Those tensions result from deep-rooted and deadened armored tissues. Penetration can be very scary, especially if she’s endured early sexual abuse or violent assault.

This is why you don’t hurry. You can’t force her to open, but you can force her to clam up if you act like a fool who rushes in blindly.

In this delicate juncture, your vajra can provide a much-needed service of helping her yoni awaken to pleasure. You delicately make contact and let her adjust. You hold still and let her try to relax, breath, and release the unwanted stored energy. In a sense, vajra’s head absorbs yoni’s tension and channels the residual emotion away.
Undoubtedly, unblocking nerve channels and recapturing her natural lifeblood is something only she can do. Your vajra provides the impetus and focal point for her work.

Love, Somraj & Jeffre


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