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Your Tantra Newsletter: Long Passionate Tantric LoveMaking
Great Lover Secrets Of Divine Coupling With The Kaleidoscope Rhythm Of Sex Stroking

Because ecstatic mutually-satisfying sex isn't natural, a vital element of Supreme Bliss Tantra is learning to make love in a new and conscious way. Until the last part of the last century there wasn’t the intense kind of study about sexuality that was prevalent in ancient China, Arabia, and India. If being a great lover is important to you whether you’re male or female, then we encourage you to take advantage of the many good modern sex manuals out there.

You can learn all about foreplay, oral sex, sensual kissing, erotic massage, his and her G-spots, making lovemaking last longer, Kama Sutra sex positions, and more like threesomes and fantasy role-playing and bondage and domination, just to name a few. We’ve written a few Tantric Sex how-to-guides ourselves which hopefully you’ve downloaded and benefited from. If not, you can find them all here… .

What's been lacking is a book about what great lovers do once their jewels (genitals) are coupled. Which is why this newsletter is announcing that we’re working on just such an ebook, entitled Long Passionate Tantric LoveMaking. You can win a free copy by taking our survey to enter a drawing here…

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 3/30/15
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

Doing It Shouldn’t Be A Dirty Word
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If you're squeamish about frank sex talk then this article may not be your thing because our subject is vajra stroking inside yoni. That's Tantric for a penis moving in and out of the vagina. Fancy names are intercourse, union, coitus, coition, copulation, coupling, congress, penetration, insertion, mating, the act of love, or simply lovemaking. Take your pick.

Some sex teachers call it PIV sex, for penis in vagina. We often use the ancient Tantric term for the ultimate lovemaking ritual, maithuna.

Regretfully, there are many dirty words for making love. Early in the last century, African Americans called sex “rock and roll” which didn’t make the burgeoning musical genre too popular with religious conservatives. And let’s not forget the medieval reference in Shakespeare’s Othello to “making the beast with two backs.” Apparently Willie favored making love since wrote that King Lear said “let copulation thrive.”

If you accept, as we do, that sex is spiritual then whatever you call it can’t be a dirty word. We all have to accept, however, that there’s a lot more to coupling than sticking it in and getting off. Women extol the virtues of affection, cuddling, and closeness downplaying penetration. Since Tantric Sex is all about togetherness at all the chakras and intimacy is essential for reaching the heights of supreme bliss, we agree. Chemistry before biology is a great guideline.

But we worry that some women claim they prefer snuggling because they rarely come during intercourse. This doesn’t have to be, by the way, if they connect their heart with sex, develop their sexuality more fully, and make love with a partner who understands how to help them to orgasm through PIV sex.

What’s Better Than The Porn-Tested Jack Hammer Stroke?
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In the 1992 classic flick Wayne’s World, Wayne said to Garth speaking about the beautiful model Claudia Schiffer, “She tested very high on the Stroke-Ability Scale.” Probably right, Wayne, but did either you or Garth have any idea about how to stroke? Or much experience? Probably not.

So what’s the right way to do it?

We can tell you right off the bat that jack-hammering isn’t something great lovers start with or continue for long. Rapid in-and-out without stopping is not well received by most women’s yonis. Humping like a jack rabbit without regard for where your bed partner is at will not win you an award. In fact, hard deep thrusting, especially without adequate warm-up, may very well be painful.

Unfortunately for guys who crave a formula, there’s no one right lovemaking rhythm for every woman or for every situation or for every moment during sexual union. Sometimes slow and gentle is way erotic, especially at the beginning. Hard and fast can be hot, too, if used with discretion and sensitivity. Using a variety of strokes is the art a great lover learns to appreciate and employ, keeping those sensitive tissues guessing and reaching out for more.

Why not try changing gears, starting and stopping, while shifting positions, angles, speed, and depth? We recommend a kaleidoscope of moves that more resembles sensual news age music than continuous loud heavy metal rock.

What Does The Kama Sutra Recommend?
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When lovers accept that there's more to lovemaking than pumping like a battering ram, then they have some work to do. What’s most commonly portrayed in porno flicks, vigorous rhythmic thrusting, was called the "sport of the sparrow" in the Kama Sutra. In the ancient India love guide, the sparrow's sport was only recommended at the approach to climax.

Often, the untrained and misguided male lover thinks that continuous fast and hard plunging is what makes women orgasm. Usually not true. The Kama Sutra says that women can't stand forceful thrusting early until they get more turned on. Our experience is much the same. Too many fast hard strokes at once create more numbness than pleasure. Plus most women don’t like the same thing over and over. Avoid the monotony of the same strokes and an unchanging rhythm without variation.

We have lots more to write about Long Passionate Tantric LoveMaking that will have to wait until next time. Be sure to enter the drawing to win your free copy by taking our survey here…

Love, Somraj and Jeffre

P.S. We can guarantee you a copy of our new ebook if you’re willing to be more involved. We’d love to get more detailed input about what works and what needs work in the sack from several valiant research participants. This could be as simple as a answering some specific questions about your lovemaking patterns and practices. Or actually experimenting with techniques in our upcoming ebook. Let us know if you’re interested here…


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