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Your Tantra Newsletter: The Secret To Having The Big O
Cosmic Orgasm Is An Inside Job

What’s the secret to that Big O, that cosmic orgasm where tidal waves of pleasure surge through your body and volcanos of ecstasy erupt all around you? How can you feel those elusive lightning bolts of divine energy that connect you to your beloved and the entire universe while being propelled into the sky and keep you soaring to higher and higher peaks? Since you’re so interested, we’re going to answer those questions in the coming series of articles about the ultimate achievement of your orgasmic potential through Supreme Bliss Tantra.


"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 3/30/12
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
ISSN 1540-8825 (c) Copyright 2012 by
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

The idea for sharing these secrets with you came from the recent flurry of new clients for our Private Tantra Workshops. In years past, the majority of our students have been couples seeking to enhance their sexual and spiritual intimacy. But now many of our new followers are single.

If you thought Supreme Bliss Tantra was about merging male and female energies, you'd be right. That’s why a Tantric relationship is so special. Even though modern society tends to condition our opposite gender out of us, we've all got both sets of qualities. When the man can be warm and receptive and the woman can lead and exercise power -- in addition to their sex’s expected talents -- everyone wins. And you can both use both sets of qualities to make the passion so much greater.

So why would a single person want to incorporate Tantra into their life? To awaken their opposite inner gender, to expand their sexual potential, to learn to deal with the other sex. Sure, but these new clients are starting at the place of wanting to enjoy sex more.

For many, this presents itself as having better orgasms. For him, this often equates to learning to last longer so his partner can have multiple orgasms during intercourse. Or just one. It’s estimated that way less than half of women routinely do this. And at the same time he can learn to become multi-orgasmic.

For her, this usually means to realize her full sexual potential through multiple pathways to orgasm so she can climax more easily, enjoy orgasms from multiple sources, and float away on a cloud of bliss after a long series of ecstatic explosions.

For both this means extended full-body orgasms that last and last and make you higher than you can imagine until you’ve soared there.

I still clearly remember a survey I did about women’s climaxes at a swingers’ resort many years ago. Now swingers, who enjoy swapping partners openly instead of all-too-common cheating, aren’t necessarily Tantric. But I figured that they’re more sex-positive than the average couple and likely to have more experience. Though most students of Tantra learn how to increase their kundalini -- the ancient word for orgasmic energy -- solo or with their partner, you’d guess that swingers would learn what they like and be more adept at getting themselves off in different ways.

Well, for the women I interviewed, I found that this was only partly true. They knew what they liked as a result of experimenting, but almost all of them found only one unique pathway with special requirements to reach orgasm. For many it was only by receiving skilled oral sex. One used her finger in front of her partner. Others in public. Several could only get off with a vibrator.

What disappointed and surprised me was that almost all of them stopped there. Once they’d found a way to come, kinky and demanding as it might be, they stopped seeking more. Which is in direct opposition to the Tantric sexual motto: more, More, MORE!

The coming series of secrets will help you on this fantastic voyage to amazing sexual pinnacles and overwhelming love energy and even lofty spiritual insights. But first you have to realize that orgasm is not a primary goal in Supreme Bliss Tantra. It’s maximizing the pleasure you feel in each moment. Which of course means letting go of the antiquated programming against sex and pleasure that almost all of us have been conditioned with. When you learn to fully fill your Pleasure Balloon - that imaginary sexual energy bubble inside and around your body -- you’ll find yourself floating away to unheard of peaks which detonate again and again with mind-boggling delight. Those are an entirely different class of climax which rock your foundations and cleanse your soul.

Simply, you find the Big O by enjoying the journey and forgetting the goal.

But getting there is much more than technique. The size of his organ or the flatness of your tummy have little to do with it. Sure, a skilled tongue and hand help. But what’s going on inside is really in the driver’s seat. Does you mind block or amplify your sensations? Do your emotions expand your pleasure or distract you? Do you telegraph or communicate what you want so you get what most turns you on in each moment? Do you even know what your body wants in each moment?

The answers to these questions is where the secrets lie as the coming articles will explain. We’ll be dealing with your ability to “be in your body.” We’ll tell you how to open your sexual energy system. We’ll guide you in using the Law Of Attraction, thinking in a way that attracts more love, more pleasure, more connection. We’ll explain how to find what you like by experimenting safely to fill your pleasure balloon. And we’ll describe healing processes that can quickly release the blocks and inhibitions that are preventing you from feeling all you can, all you want.

This will be a mission, far from an impossible one, that awakens your sexual identity, your spiritual consciousness, your assertive communication skills. Since you’re the only one who can succeed, you’ll end up being completely responsible for reaching your orgasmic potential.

We’re sure hoping you’ll join us by reading the coming newsletters.

Love, Somraj and Jeffre


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