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Your Tantra Newsletter: Turn It Off When You Want To Get Turned On
What To Do About That Big Pesky Sex Organ That Can Get In Your Way If You Don’t Handle It Right

Lying in my beloved’s arms after some delicious, warm, loving Tantric sex, I began musing about the various ways I turn off my mind so I can sink into my bodily pleasure. I thought you might be interested in knowing some of these techniques.

As we’ve been preaching for the past 5 years, getting out of your mind and into your body is a very good thing. Because getting into your body means feeling sensations and focusing on them. Learning to focus on your sensations not only helps you get out of your mind, it is the doorway for more powerful sensations and pleasure.

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter 2/28/14
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
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This free ezine (scroll to the end if you want to stop them) offers practical sex tips derived from modern sex research and the ancient wisdom of Tantra and the Kama Sutra. We teach Supreme Bliss Tantra to help you deepen relationship intimacy and reach astounding heights of sexual ecstasy through long-distance learning and hands-on training. Our Motto: Deeper Into The Heart Of Sex

Why is getting out of your head so hard for most people?

We are bombarded with media driven messages of more, more, more, stuff, that is. In Supreme Bliss Tantra we are into more, more, more pleasure. Sort of the other end of the spectrum. Right? Along with the more stuff we accumulate, we have more to do. Maintaining stuff is very time and energy consuming. Not to mention the additional work you have to do to pay for all the stuff.

The bottom line, we all have more on our “to-do” than we can ever possibly have the time for. So what to do?

The typical American works at least 40 hours a week, sleeps another 50+ hours, leaving about 65 or so hours for everything else, including commuting, eating, shopping, watching TV, talking with friends and family, staying in shape, and SEX.

With many, too many couples, sex gets relegated to the last thing we do at night when we’re tired and not very energetic. Though the bad news is our energy is low, the good news is the mind is also tired. But let’s say you want a quickie in the afternoon or you’ve planned all week to spend a few extra hours in bed on Saturday morning. Great Idea!

BUT your beloved announces that she just has too many things on her mind. (It could be a him.) This can be a real damper on your plans. Some of these issues are also present if one of you wants some early morning sex. However, that’s a topic for another newsletter.

If you are a Tantrika, you know that your priorities are pleasure and sex, because it is through pleasure and sex you feel the oneness with the universe, the All That Is. So sex and pleasure is at the top of our list, but maybe it isn’t number one on your list. The Academy of Supreme Bliss Tantra aims to change that.

Tantric Quote: "Blissful Temple"

“I have not encountered another temple as blissful as my own body.” -- SARAHA DOHA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Since many of you have yet to become trained Tantrikas, we offer
three quick tips for getting into your body and out of your mind, all of which we go into in depth in our ebook, “Supreme Bliss Tantra.”

Tip1: Breath And Meditate

If you are a trained meditator, yogi or tantrika, you can easily breathe your way into a quiet internal state and slip into your body. In Supreme Bliss Tantra, we guide you step by step into the learning of this process and how to use your breath as a guide to ecstasy.

Meditation can be a great way to prepare for Tantric Sex. Unfortunately too many traditions tell you to ignore your body and your sexual feelings while you are practicing meditation. We are suggesting that you can actually use meditation to jump into your body and out of your mind. When you learn to focus on your own pleasure, all sexual touching and sexual sensations become tools for deepening your meditation.

For step-by-step instructions, read our free Online Guided Tour and download your copy of our “Supreme Bliss Tantra,” ebook here:

Tip 2: Full Body Massage

By receiving a full body massage, you’ll have a great opportunity to feeling your body and sinking into your physical sensations. Whether you do this for each of you or just for the one who can’t get out of her mind, this is a sure fire technique. However, it does take a little time.

Tip 3: Focus On Fantasies

Use your mind to focus on pleasure with fantasies. A fantasy used improperly can be an escape from the now reality that takes you out of the experience. But for the person who really loves their partner and loves sex, a fantasy that involves your lovemaking partner can help you stay focused on pleasure and therefore staying out of the part of the mind that holds the “to-do” list. We have found that many women and some men don’t allow themselves to have fantasies, so this skill may have to be cultivated.

There are many books and DVDs out there that provide stimulation for creativity in the sexual realm. There’s a whole new genre of books called, female erotica. We also think that sexually-oriented DVDs can serve a similar purpose by focusing the mind on sex instead of all the little things left undone, in the house or the home.

Cherish your body, it is the temple of your pleasure and joy. Don’t let the tyranny of the mind keep you from enjoying everyday and every possible sexual encounter. Remember when you want to get turned on, you have to turn it off, the mind, that is.

Love, Somraj & Jeffre

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