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Your Tantra Newsletter: Learn Tantric Skin Dancing While Skiing
Tantric Ski Dancing Isn’t Yet An Olympic Sport But It’s A Great Way To Learn To Transform Your Whole Life

I'm bummed that my new sport, Tantric Ski Dancing, won't be part of the Winter Olympics in Sochi in a couple weeks. But it still provides a valuable insight into living life in a way that nourishes your body and spirit. And demonstrates how Supreme Bliss Tantra is about more than sex.

Tantric Ski Dancing really means dancing while skiing. (We’ll get to SKIN dancing a bit later.) You turn and bounce, sway and jump in time with music that moves you. Just like Tantric Sex. I create special playlists on my smart phone for different moods and use my new Bose earbuds which control the music.

Like Tantric lovemaking, Tantric Ski Dancing generates life force energy that flows through your body vigorously while propelling you downhill. Of course, gravity provides a lot of the speed.

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You have to be pretty good on skis to flow like this with the terrain without crashing. Fortunately, in my 34th year on the slopes, I've gotten skilled enough to enjoy myself this way safely. I don't snowboard much but I can’t see why an experienced rider couldn't rock out on the slopes with Tantric Snowboard Dancing.

Do you enjoy running your hands across the bumps and crevasses of your lover's body? Well, Tantric Ski Dancing is much the same thing. It's closely akin to making love to the mountain with your whole body.

I didn't just pull my new Olympic sport out of thin air. Half the inspiration came from a ski lesson 10 years ago. I still remember the young Australian instructor named Shams who was teaching us three ways to unweight. That means lightening the pressure in your skis so you can turn easily.

He taught us first to slowly bend our knees while crossing the ski run and, as we began our turn, to straighten up as our hips swiveled in the new direction. This wasn't as dramatic as a jump, but just a little upward bounce lightened the weight on our skis.

Then he taught us an easier reverse technique to accomplish the same effect, namely bending our knees downward suddenly just before the turn. That was a little more challenging because the timing had to be perfect. Kind of like lovemaking. You need to be in sync with your partner if you both aim to run sexual energy and reach a high state of ecstasy.

Slipping out at the wrong time can be almost as jarring as a fall on hard snow.

It was Shams's third technique that revolutionized the pleasure I now have skiing several days each week during the winter. Instead of using the up and down motions of my legs to unweight, he showed us how to use the contours of the mountain. Instead of avoiding a little bump, we skied over the top and gravity naturally relieved the pressure on the downside where we turned easily.

Gradually I started to navigate the uneven terrain so that the mountain steered my turns with much less effort. Using the sides of humps to redirect me and turning upwards or downwards as needed so that the steepness of the slope regulated my speed, I found myself myself much more in tune with the mountain. As my skis massaged the slopes, my body danced and swayed in tune with nature's rhythms.

That's where another part of my Tantric training contributed. Our spiritual master, Osho, who was primarily responsible for bringing Tantra to the West, developed a form of moving meditation called Latihan. He found that Westerners had more trouble calming and focusing their minds through silent sitting meditation than those from the East. So he developed active meditations to give us something physical to become absorbed in.

Latihan is a dancing practice where you follow the melodies and instruments of music that resonates within you. You might find the drums drive your feet, the guitar moves your hips, and the vocals guide your shoulders and hands. Like Tantric Ski Dancing, it's not dancing with another person, it's dancing with the sounds by yourself. It makes your body and soul feel great, and when you sit afterwards, you automatically find yourself in a meditative state with lots of energy moving inside to enjoy.

That dancing effect is what motivated me to bring my smartphone and my most moving rock songs to the mountain. Sometimes my favorite tunes fill me with streams of pleasure even without moving. Coupling this with my love of skiing, created a memorable and energetic pastime. Now I follow the curves of the slopes in time with the rhythms in my ears. It's energizing and creative and fun.

And as I found myself more and more more in harmony with the snow, life force energy started to flow through me recharging me so my expenditures of effort sapped little of my reserves. Now I can ski fast for hours and not tire much.

What a great analogy for the energy interplay of Tantric lovers! Of course, you're massaging the hills and valleys of his or her body which are undoubtedly much hotter than a snow covered ski run. But flowing with their curves, feeling their motions, breathing together bring you to same kind of physical harmony.

You're making music when you skin dance together.

In Tantric Lovemaking, you stimulate and follow each other's passion. As pleasure bubbles up from your depths, it engulfs your lover. You push and pull where it excites the other and their turn-ons turn you on more. In its best manifestation it's a joint dance, a co-creation much more satisfying than doing yourself.

Let’s call it Tantric SKIN Dancing. Your mouth, your hands, your organs dance across your beloved's skin as theirs do on yours. All of yours flow in sync with all of theirs.

Of course, in Tantric SKI Dancing your partner - the mountain - is less responsive than your partner's body, but still alive in its quiet way. To compensate, you need to heighten your sensitivity and listen more closely. But this also a fundamental technique of Tantric Sex. Open more of your senses and tune in. On the slopes we're feeling the wind, hearing the swish of skis in snow, and seeing the forest bounty all around us.

In the bedroom you should be sensing your lover's heat, feeling their breath on your face, smelling their unique pheromones. Their tastes, touches, sounds all are provocative stimulants if you focus on them and let them in. To expand and circulate sexual energy at levels you've probably only glimpsed, requires this level of attention. The more conscious you are, the more you sense the subtle tickle inside that can grow to earth-shattering crescendos.

With this kind if awareness, Tantric Ski Dancing becomes a learning ground for Tantric Skin Dancing. But that's only one aspect of what you can learn with any sport, any hobby, any profession. If you approach it Tantrically, the sky is literally the limit.

So how do you approach life Tantrically? By adopting the Tantric Attitude and living your life in accordance with several simple principles. Be here now, open your senses, care for and enjoy your body. Search out activities that get your juices flowing and milk them for all the pleasure they're worth. Say Yes! to the joys of life and share them. That's living life Tantrically.

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Love, Somraj & Jeffre

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