Woman ejaculation is a cool thing to play with for many lovers. Do you already love woman ejaculation or are you ready to try something new like woman ejaculation?

Whether you're a guy or a gal, woman ejaculation may be a total novelty to you. Maybe you're curious about Tantra and the idea of woman ejaculation titillates you. It's just another of life's intrinsic flows. If you say "Yes!" to life as Tantra teaches, you'll probably want to say yes to woman ejaculation, too.

Here are a few more reasons to say yes to woman ejaculation....

  • Normal: Gushing during sex is normal and natural so why not join the growing crowd of those who can do woman ejaculation.

  • Pleasure: Learning woman ejaculation increases a woman's sensitivity and enhances her pleasure. And it's just plain fun.

  • Potential: All women are born with the sexual anatomy and physical ability to enjoy woman ejaculation. So why not be all you can be? Hey, you don't want to miss anything, right?

  • Liberating: Learning to let go, necessary for woman ejaculation, is liberating. When you can surrender to the full sexual power lying dormant deep within, you free untapped reservoirs of life force and joy.

  • Orgasms: A wet orgasm from woman ejaculation is often a great orgasm. Why not have bigger, better, stronger orgasms if you can?

  • Healing: Learning woman ejaculation can help you release negative emotions trapped in your tissues creating sexual blocks and inhibitions. See our book, Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Woman Ejaculation for complete details of the power of sexual healing.

  • Rekindling: If you've lost interest in sex, with your beloved, learning woman ejaculation can be a great way to recapture your interest.

  • Equality: Men get to make a big wet spot now and then, so why not women? It's empowering to many women to learn to "spill their seed" like guys who have been applauded for doing for so long.

Woman ejaculation is just another item on the great menu of ecstatic sexuality. It's a preference, like same-sex play or anal sex. Go for it if you want to.

The next page in our Woman Ejaculation Guided Tour is about the fluid expelled during woman ejaculation.


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