Ejaculation feminine is a phenomenon we believe every woman can learn. Strong sexual muscles help ejaculation feminine.

Most females who have fully realized their sexual nature love to experience ejaculation feminine. Whether you are experienced at ejaculation feminine or want to learn ejaculation feminine, you will benefit in multiple ways from having strong sexual muscles.

After childbirth, you may have learned Kegel exercises to strengthen these muscles. Strong muscles help to prevent incontinence (wetting when you don't want to) of all kinds that which comes with age, or coughing or sneezing. Prevent it with daily practice so you won't have to worry, ever, about wetting your pants, as well as making it easier to learn ejaculation feminine, too.

The sexual muscles at the base of the pelvis are called PC muscles, short for Pubo-Coccygeal. They extend from the pubic bone in the front around your jewels and anus to the coccyx at the base of your spine in back.

PC muscles not only support women (guys have them too) but they help you interrupt urination when you want to. They dramatically enhance sexual pleasure, strengthen orgasms, not just ejaculation feminine, and increase the likelihood of ejaculation feminine.

With strong PC muscles, the Goddess (woman) can enjoy expansion of her orgasms, lengthening them as well as strengthening them.

A guy with strong PCs helps his prostate stay healthy and strengthening his orgasms, too. When his woman has strong PCs, she can squeeze his vajra (penis) for added pleasure for both. UUmmmm!! Let's go practice, all this thinking about it is too exciting.

Sounds like a very good thing, right? In addition, strong PC muscles will ensure a stronger ejaculation feminine, with practice of course.

So how do you build your PC to help learn ejaculation feminine? Just squeeze and hold them several dozen times morning, noon, and night. Just minutes a day can make a difference. You'll notice the difference, hopefully with ejaculation feminine, in a couple of weeks.

There's a faster and better way to strengthen your PC to supercharge your ejaculation feminine.

Buy KegelMaster to improve your Tantric Sex LifeWe've discovered a wonderful device called the KegelMaster 2000. It's a plastic penis-shaped rod split down the middle separated by springs. Insert, squeeze, and voila, you're exercising to increase your likelihood of ejaculation feminine.

What we really like about this one is the range of settings available and the ability of this "toy" to safely stay closed during insertion and removal. Your yoni (vagina) will really appreciate this kind of thoughtfulness. Click here for details and ordering.

Women, are you ready for ejaculation feminine? Take the short quiz on the following page to find out .



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