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Female Ejaculation: New Fad Or Forgotten Joy?

Is female gushing a new thing? Not in the least.

Female ejaculation was well known and revered by Tantric adepts in ancient India thousands of years ago. The Chinese, Japanese, Arabians, Greeks, Africans, Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans all knew about it. Western historical reference began as early as the 4th century BC by Aristotle and by Galen in the 2nd century AD.

The first modern description of female ejaculation came in 1672 by the Dutch physiologist Regnier DeGraaf. He wrote that during the sexual act, the G-Spot discharges a fluid so copiously that it even flows outside the yoni (Tantric for vagina). He added that the "rushing out" of this fluid "with impetus" and "in one gush" causes as much pleasure for women as ejaculation does for men.

Of course, back then they didn't call it the G-Spot. The "G" was adopted in honor of the German obstetrician Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg who published a scientific article about it in 1950. He wrote...

"The convulsory expulsion of fluids occurs always at the acme of the orgasm and simultaneously with it."

Female Ejaculation Not Popular In Some Circles

Despite the long history and conclusive evidence that female ejaculation exists, many modern authorities, particularly in medicine, refuse to acknowledge its existence.

In the modern USA, many hapless women have had completely unnecessary surgery to correct urinary incontinence because of this ignorance. MDs call unwanted peeing incontinence. It makes us sick to think of the lives toyed with destructively and unnecessarily when all these women were doing was something normal, healthy, and pleasurable. Goddess only knows what damage those surgeries did to the sex lives of those countless unfortunate women and their partners.

We believe this limited view exists largely because our culture discounts the ancient belief that sex and the power of female sexuality are sacred. It's only since the late 1990s that serious research is investigating female sexuality and sexual physiology, separate and distinct from male sexuality.

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