Female ejaculation pics are more and more common on the internet these days. But that doesn't necessarily help you or your female lover learn how to do it.

Female ejaculation pics may not show that squirting actually comes from playing with a woman's G-Spot. How can a female ejaculation pic show inside where the G-Spot is located?

Whether you're looking at a female ejaculation pic or not, the primary prerequisites for successful female ejaculation are fairly straight forward. The number one requirement is that the Goddess, the woman, be very turned on. Her G Spot and vulva must be swollen, engorged. Can you tell that from a female ejaculation pic? Maybe not.

The other requirements which a female ejaculation pic won't show are all related to her turn-on. She must...

  • feel safe with her partner

  • be in the moment enjoying pleasure

  • know what her body likes best

  • be capable of asking for what she needs and wants

  • be able to let go of her expectations and control

  • feel okay with her body and her fluids, and

  • feel comfortable that she won't ruin the bed or other surface

which last is why we're so high on using bed protectors rarely seen in a female ejaculation pic.

You won't see these requirements in a female ejaculation pic but they're a tall order for many women. Sexual healing to free her inhibitions and orgasm pathway may be needed first, which also you can't tell from a female ejaculation pic.

Buy Tantric G-Spot Orgasm Female Ejaculation E-Book Fortunately, our ebook, Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation: Awakening the Sacred Gate, has a complete chapter with step-by-step instructions on sexual healing.

In this crazy anti-ecstatic society, the Goddess can learn to be all she can be in the pleasure realm. Female ejaculation pics show that squirting and gushing is an immense source of deep ecstasy, giving women more and more power to love themselves, feel themselves and shower the world with their love juices.

Another important requirement for learning to ejaculate that needs special attention is strong PC muscles as our next page explains.


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