• Do you want your sex to be more intense, more complete, more cosmic?

  • Do you want your connection to be deeper and more intimate so that you always enjoy Spiritual Sex?

  • Do you want to enter the O-Zone, that lofty state of continuous rolling orgasms where each one is stronger than the last?

Then you want to learn to give and receive the amazing sacred sexual pleasure of the MORE Session.

MORE Session Private Tantric Workshop from Tantra At Tahoe

What Is A MORE Session?

MORE stands for "Multiple Orgasmic Response with Ecstasy." Both men and women can train themselves and their bodies to have a never-ending series of more powerful orgasms.

Too many lovers never reach high crescendos of pleasure, or explode too soon, consequently never accumulating enough energy to enter the Orgasm Zone. The O-Zone is the arena where sex and spirit merge, where you merge with the God or Goddess in your beloved, where you connect with the divine.

The easiest way to give this kind of incredible pleasure to both men and women is with your hands and fingers.

The MORE Session is so intense because it's purely a one-way process in which one of you totally focuses on the other's pleasure. This works better, especially if you're just learning Tantric Sex, when one of you can completely concentrate on your own ecstasy, if you know how to. This means no worrying about reciprocating, no inhibitions, no holding back.

If you think it's easy to sink totally into your own pleasure, you've most likely got some interesting learning experiences ahead. Being total in sex is a purely spiritual experience that takes dedication, practice, and personal growth for everyone.

To make a sexual encounter like the MORE Session truly ecstatic requires making love at multiple levels simultaneously. You have to totally present, fully comfortable, entirely open, and heart connected. This isn't natural for most Westerners which is why Supreme Bliss Tantra requires extensive practice for the average lover.

Click HERE to read our September 28, 2005 newsletter article all about MORE Sessions and MORE Session Training.

What Do MORE Sessions Focus On?

MORE Sessions depend on the receiver knowing exactly how they want to connect mentally, emotionally, and spiritually before physically. They follow a general outline of six-stages which begin with the setting, communication, intimacy, meditation, and energizing even before focused foreplay.

With this right kind of build-up that activates all energy centers, sensual massage all over the body is a true delight. Once the receiver gets turned on, the focus shifts to his or her sacred jewels, our Tantric name for genitals. Reaching multiple peaks of pleasure on the outside is followed by the same inside and then combining the two sources of orgasmic delight.

We can make a strong case that a Tantric jewel massage is much, much more than a typical hand-job to get someone off. Yes, there's so much more involved both with the giver and inside the receiver. How you welcome sexual pleasure and manage your own orgasmic energy are critical.

But simply by looking at the mechanics of this powerful encounter an outside observer might say that the intense focus on G-Spot massage is what makes the MORE Session unique. Yes, that's true. Givers have to know how to find this illusive orgasmic trigger. They must be super tuned in so they're timing is right on. They need to know the four basic strokes of G-Spot massage and the umpteen variations that their sweetheart might request at any given juncture. Read about G-Spot massage for women HERE and men HERE.

That's one reason why the training we offer in MORE Sessions includes in-depth sexual anatomy. We go much deeper than the organs you can fondle on the outside. What's connected to what inside, how can you best tickle and titillate them, and how can you give intense pleasure and avoid unwanted pain.

  • What Is MORE Session Training?

    We offer MORE Session Training in 1 to 5 days of Private Tantra Workshop. You can click HERE to read all about them, but we've included a summary at the right.

    For those new to Supreme Bliss Tantra, the ideal arrangement of MORE Session Training is a 3-day Private Tantra Workshop, followed by some weeks of home practice, and concluding with a 2-day Private Tantra Workshop. Of course, if you live far from Lake Tahoe, California we can do all five days consecutively. In the final 2-day session, one day focuses on each partner's MORE Session. For heterosexuals, this will be one day for the woman and one for the man. For same sex couples, you will still need one day for each partner to master the intricacies of this sacred ritual.

    Maybe the most important part of MORE Session Training is the homeplay, the practice you do together between the two workshops, and afterwards. Getting the most out of Spiritual Sex loveplay like this depends on mastering a whole series of building blocks. Just to name a few, these include...

    • Sexual anatomy
    • Orgasmic breathing
    • Heart connection rituals
    • Jewel (genital) massage
    • Dynamic meditations
    • Sexual communication
    • G-Spot massage
    • Balancing male/female energies

    For those with experience, we can arrange MORE Session Training in as little as a 1-day Private Tantra Workshop.

  • What Happens In A Private Tantric Workshop?

    A Private Tantric Workshop is a series of rapid-fire Tantra Instruction sessions designed to unleash your dormant sexual orgasmic energy. They're an active introduction to sacred sexuality that teaches the Tantric practices that, if done regularly, will eventually enable you to move orgasmic universal life force energy throughout your body, mind, and spirit so you can experience ecstatic sex and spiritual enlightenment. Private Tantric Workshops are the intensive fast track to incorporating sacred sexual practices into your life.

    Our private Tantric Workshops are usually conducted two-on-two or two-on-one. Sessions include some explanation, more demonstration, and lots of physical practice to teach you to incorporate running ecstatic energy into your life and lovemaking. Activities include dynamic meditations, breathing exercises, sensual massage, and lots of frank talk about sex.

    After watching demonstrations, you'll try practices for yourself with the guidance of a supportive coach. You may prefer to do this solo, with your partner, or with one of us. At times you may choose to interact directly with your leader(s). Rest assured that in Supreme Bliss Tantra your comfort level is paramount so you get to choose what you're comfortable doing in public together and separately.

    What's Included In MORE Session Training?

    MORE Session Training will teach you the building blocks to enjoy multiple cosmic climaxes. To make the most of this advanced Supreme Bliss Tantra ritual, you need to dedicate time to practice regularly. That's why MORE Session Training is best for couples. But if you're currently unattached, we can find ways to train you and support your homeplay.

    We include the following elements in the MORE Session Training package...

    How To Register For MORE Session Training

    MORE Session Training is not something you should jump into lightly because the process is a serious undertaking. To insure that you learn to give and receive the powerful pleasure of multiple orgasms with ecstasy, it includes all the additional bonuses at the left to support your commitment to practice, practice, practice.

    When you're ready to register, review our terms of service first. If you don't join us at Dhyana, our mountain home in Truckee near Lake Tahoe, California, we'll need to add travel expenses to these fees later.

    Click here to register.


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