Tantra Sex Training That Transforms Your Life

When you know that Tantra is your spiritual home and you're ready to completely immerse yourself (and your beloved if you're in relationship) in the path of sacred sexuality through Tantric Sex, we invite you to apply for our yearlong Advanced Tantric Initiation.

If you're interested in Tantric Sex Training but not sure about this total commitment, check out other Tantra Sex Training options HERE.

In keeping with tradition, we can offer you the ancient wisdom and sacred sexual secrets of Tantra through personal training, intense interaction, and intimate transmission. Our Advanced Tantric Initiation requires a deep commitment to change your sex, love, and spiritual life through regular Tantric practice and 14 days of intense sessions with us spread throughout one full year.

The aim of this yearlong program is the total transformation of your mind, body, and spirit so you can live perpetually in the exalted sacred space of Supreme Bliss. When you complete our Advanced Tantric Initiation, you'll be able to relate to any beloved now or in the future with divine love, reach the sublime pinnacles of sexual ecstasy at will, and walk through life with consciousness, compassion, and abundant joy.

A Major Commitment Of Time, Money, & Energy

Applying for our yearlong Advanced Tantric Initiation shouldn't be done lightly. We only accept a limited number of singles and couples to our year-long program. You must be dedicated to the aims of Tantra and committed to the major investment of time and money required.

Once you begin, you will join us for 2- to 4-day sessions every two or three months. You will make space in your busy life for the spiritual practice and home sexual play required several times weekly. You will stay in close touch with us via email reports and telephone check-ins. We will support you between sessions in order to guide your practice and home-play with regular telephone coaching.

Want To Teach Tantra Or Offer Tantric Massage?

If you're drawn to teaching Tantra, conducting sacred rituals, or offering Tantric Healing Massage, our year-long Advanced Tantric Initiation is the perfect graduate training for you. You will gain the knowledge, wisdom, background, and experience to work with men, women, and couples in a whole range of situations. We will be happy to let you apply what you're learning directly to us.

So Much More Than Private Tantric Workshops

The basic format of our yearlong Advanced Tantric Initiations is based on our Private Tantric Workshops. Please click here if you haven't already reviewed that page to understand what our training sessions are like.

Of course, you can simply register for a 2- to 4-day Private Tantric Workshop to introduce yourselves to the joys of Tantric Sex and Kama Sutra LoveMaking. But there's so much to learn, practice, and enjoy! If you want it all, a hallmark of a Tantric adept, you need to commit to working and playing with us throughout an entire year.

What You'll Gain In Our 2-Day Stages

Since Advanced Tantric Initiations go much deeper than private workshops, each stage typically lasts two days. Plus, the range of topics is much broader as this table shows...

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4






Learning Tantric energy fundamentals, physical exercises, and dynamic meditations to open your senses, increase the feelings throughout your body using the 4 cornerstones of ecstasy (sound, breath, movement, and presence), and learn to stream orgasmic energy throughout your body by actively welcoming sensations and stimulating pleasure.

Awakening your erogenous zones, increasing your sensitivity, and opening your energy channels through deep pelvic massage, healing physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages, and balancing male and female energies so your body can relax in high states of sexual arousal and your spirit can fully expand to fill your pleasure balloon.

Widening the scope of your sensual and erotic lovemaking to include sensual touch, erotic massage, Kama Sutra embraces (kissing, sucking, scratching, and biting), fantasy, role-playing, bondage and domination, while you learn to lead creatively and surrender peacefully to your own and your partner's spontaneous whims and erotic impulses.

In-depth anatomy study and hands-on practice with all your body's erogenous zones, emphasizing your jewels (genitals) including yoni (vulva) and vajra (penis) massage, G-Spot stroking, anal play, and oral pleasure, plus a through exploration of the use of sex toys and vibrators.

Stage 5
Stage 6
Stage 7





Learning to extend your lovemaking for hours, overcome premature male ejaculation, welcome higher levels of pleasure, and enjoy multiple orgasms including female ejaculation by incorporating all Tantric energy tools with multiple sources of stimulation, culminating in the continuous extended peak of Tantric Orgasm we call the O-Zone.

Integrating Tantric LovePlay and merging Tantric Sex into sexual intercourse through guided experience while thoroughly exploring the seven basic Kama Sutra sex positions and enjoy the dance of love with dozens of advanced lovemaking postures, all the while guiding the ebb and flow of your own and your partner's orgasmic energy as you learn to exchange ecstasy in simultaneous peaks.

Through total immersion into the ultimate Tantric ritual, Maithuna or complete sexual spiritual union, you will sink into the divine space of continuous love for two days and nights, opening yourself as an empty vessel to the cosmic waves of ecstasy coursing through you between earth and sky, while extending your limits of power and surrender to the max.

The culmination of your yearlong program is the final Stage of our Advanced Tantric Initiation, the mysterious Maithuna Ritual. During this two-day graduation experience, you will surrender to the cosmic forces of spiritual and sexual ecstasy and totally immerse yourselves into the Supreme Bliss of Tantra.

Ready To Apply For Advanced Tantric Initiation?

The fee for our yearlong Advanced Tantric Initiation is $8000 for a single, $10,000 for a couple payable in advance. This includes 14 days of training with us, unlimited email support, frequent telephone coaching, practice CDs, and support materials for an entire year. Obviously, this is a major investment in the future of your love relationship, sexual fulfillment, Tantric career, and spiritual life. This package fee, however, is significantly less than you'd pay separately for workshop days, email support, and telephone coaching.

If your interested, intrigued, or invested in attending our Advanced Tantric Initiation, contact us here.

New clients begin with our introductory consultation, the Tantric Sex Assess. If you're ready to apply for consideration for our Advanced Tantric Initiation, register here for the Tantric Sex Assess.

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