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Welcome to our Tantra Listings section which includes valuable websites we use in our work, plus other sex-positive and helpful sites that support what we're doing with Supreme Bliss Tantra and Kama Sutra Tantra.

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Tantra Listings

Butterfly Workshops: Women and Men Dancing in Eternal Ecstasy on Earth Now! Laurie Handlers offers beginners, intermediate, advanced Tantra courses in the US, the UK and India. For more info call (202) 686-7440.

Margot Anand: The home of our teachers and frequent sponsors and partners for our trainings. The philosophy of SkyDancing Tantra and the educational opportunities available through the institute provide a gateway into the Tantric way of life by helping you to awaken to your ecstatic potential, embrace your own vital powers, create a more fulfilling love life and enliven your sensuality as well as your spirituality. SkyDancing Institute USA teaches a unique process that can open the door to your creative inspiration in love as well as in work. Ecstasy, joy, well being and intimacy can happen where body, heart and spirit are joined.

Source School of Tantra: Charles & Caroline Muir's school of Tantra in Maui. Turn sex into a relationship practice of healing energy, renewal and transformation. You will become a master lover while having the best vacation of your life!

Tantra Magic: Discover ancient secrets of Tantra, Kama Sutra, Tantric Sex, Sacred Sexuality. The ON LINE source for all your sensual essentials: videos, books, manuals, cassettes, articles, music, tools, accessories, free gifts and more.

Institute for Ecstatic Living: Make Tantra a part of your daily life.... Timeless Loving, Tantric Massage for Lovers workshops and Tantra Vacations to Costa Rica with Steve & Lokita Carter. Workshops with Margot Anand. Join our Tantric Community Bulletin Board and find like-minded friends!

4 Freedoms Tantra Sacred Loving: Tantra workshops and coaching with Pala Copeland and Al Link. Learn secrets of erotic love, how to create passion and intimacy, keep romance and relationship alive and vital. Use your sexual energy for spiritual awakening. Find your true higher self. Fun, easy, safe sex-positive learning for lovers. Speakers service.

Love4Couples: Tantra meditation retreats for couples in Europe. Welcome to making love , the art of Tantra.

Nepal Institute: Exploring Tantra with Swami Virato.

American Tantra: We are dedicated to transformation and personal growth opportunities as this new millennium unfolds. To this end, we offer: products, services and articles to inspire healthier post-dysfunctional relationships; integrating and utilizing the energies of sex and spirit in our daily lives; and sharing inspiring, sensual and romantic music that reflects beauty, love and passion.

The Tantra Centre of Melbourne: We facilitate evening groups, one and two day non residential workshops, weekend residentials and weeklong Tantra intensives and trainings. We have also recently sponsored the Australian visit by Margot Anand. The Tantra Centre runs workshops throughout the year across Australia and New Zealand.

Tantra New York: Carla offers private love-coaching sessions and group workshops in New York, Maui, and California, using authentic Tantra rituals, Tantric massage, and Tantric Kama Sutra yoga techniques to greatly enhance people's sexual experience and bring about sexual healing. Tantra enhances self-esteem and helps people to become conscious and fabulous lovers who love themselves and others on all levels--physical, emotional and spiritual. Tantric lovemaking is a meditation in motion--a dance of autonomy and merging, taking those who practice it to the highest spiritual realms.

Vital Energy Center: As a Vital Energist, Marci Javril facilitates your daily awareness through ancient rejuvenation practices, tuning in to your specific needs. Learn how to be self-renewing and revitalize every part of your life. Receive simple yet dramatic techniques that increase your ability to recharge hidden parts of your life"

Oceanic Tantra: A Heartfelt Path to Profound Pleasure...In Oceanic Tantra we learn to trust, love, and surrender to ourselves, the Divine, and others. A path of the heart, physical longevity and enlightenment.

White Lotus East: Devoted to your sensual awakening and helping you achieve a higher state of sexual awareness. Our mission is to enlighten you in the mysteries of Tantra and wisdom of Taoism.

The Institute of Intimate Wisdom offers adult sex education and sexual healing services via telephone, e-mail or in person. The site includes a sensual advice column, sacred sexuality discussion forum, a membership section with interesting articles on sacred sexuality and other topics and artistic quality erotic art. The Institute of Intimate Wisdom also offers a Sexual Healing Correspondence Course that is primarily designed to be a career path for women entrepreneurs that are interested in the extremely lucrative field of intimatcy coaching, but it is also very helpful for those, who simply want to experience deeper, more meaningful and satisfying personal relationships.

The Goddess Wisdom Forum offers sensual resources for spiritual people. It is a place where adult sex educators, intimacy coaches, tantra teachers, sensual massage therapists, sexual healers and etc can announce their services and other spiritual-minded people that are interested in sacred sexuality can come together to meet, talk, offer support and get advice from one another. Self-service advertising is always free for sexual healers, adult sex educators and massage therapists.

Tantra For Women: Love Journey: The Healing Path For Women. Evalena Rose coaches women and women couples in how to apply Tantra in their lives and in developing communication that sustains intimacy.

RobinTaylor.net: Offering Spiritual and Sexual Healing.

Sacred Tantra: Tantra With Robert Frey. Experience lasting personal growth and transformation, Magnetize more love, higher quality love, Increase intimacy and harmony in relationships, Heal past wounds and disappointments

Kundalini-Tantra: One of the aspects of teaching Tantra is to develop the ability to recreate language at a new level, on a different plane of consciousness so as to be able to impart deep knowledge that has no words in todays languages.

Kama Sutra Tantra: A new site that refers visitors to Tantra At Tahoe.

TantricOasis: A Journey Into The Heart of Your Sexuality from Goddess Dagny.

Alchemy of Bliss Tantra Kama Sutra Workshops


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