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Your Tantra Newsletter: 19 Women’s Erogenous Zones - Part 1
A Complete Tour Of All The Orgasmic Triggers In And Around A Woman’s Jewels

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To celebrate, the next few issues contain pivotal excerpts from our new ebook Long Hot Tantric Love Making. These articles will give you the whole story about all 61 human sexual erogenous zones. If that term isn’t part of your usual vocabulary, an erogenous zone is a spot on the body that gets you hot and bothered when played with properly. We think a major reason why women particularly struggle with orgasm is their lack of understanding — and that of their partners — about how to pleasure all of them.

The following article goes into depth about the 19 primary erogenous inside and around a woman’s jewels (genitals).

"Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter #278 published 12/1/16
Published by Somraj Pokras & Jeffre TallTrees
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Women’s jewels (genitals) are quite remarkable for their ability to change shape for emerging babies and penetrating vajras (penises). And of course for the incredible pleasure they can give if treated properly.

As might have already noticed, we use the Sanskrit word yoni for the Vulva, the outer part of the yoni that's visible to the outside world, and the Vagina, the inner canal. For clarity, we sometimes write outer yoni for the vulva and inner yoni for the vagina.

No part of a woman's anatomy has received so much attention, so much love, and so much abuse as her yoni. Ancient cultures revered her, modern lovers treasure her, and anyone who's ever been born owes her a profound debt of gratitude. There are many poetic names for the yoni throughout history. Honey pot, garden of delight, secret garden, and sacred shrine, temple or gate are lovely. The ancient Chinese Taoists, who's most valued gem was jade, called a woman's sex organ the jade gate, jade door, pleasure grotto, or cinnabar cave.

Since a primary subject of this book is how to best insert a vajra inside a yoni and how to make it orgasmic once inside, it’s vital for both givers and receivers to understand a woman’s jewel anatomy. That’s where this chapter begins. Not only is it vital for a lover to fully appreciate the nature of the organ being penetrated, but the more conscious a woman is of her yoni, the better her sexual experience will be.

When you view a woman's yoni between her spread legs, you'll notice pubic hair at the top that covers her Mound Of Venus, medically known as the Mons Pubis, Mons Veneris, or just Mons. This is a soft pad of tissue over the top of her pubic bone that contains an abundant supply of scent glands. Just below the mound is the clio, our name for the clitoris. A woman's clio and yoni are protected by two vertical folds of skin which when closed form a protective shield from the outside world. We commonly call them Lips though the official term is Labia. The Rosetta (anus) is located below them.

The longer, larger, thicker Outer Lips, technically referred to as Labia Majora, have a layer of fatty tissue that provides some padding. Depending on how much, they vary from slender or plump. The outer lips extend from the mound to below Yoni's Mouth just above the perineum. We prefer to call yoni’s opening her mouth instead of the medical term Introitus. Pubic hair typically grows from the mound down around the outside of the outer lips. The inner side is most often smooth and hairless. At rest, the outer lips cover the entire yoni.

When the outer lips spread open, they reveal the inner parts. The Inner Lips, technically the Labia Minora, are typically thinner and arranged in elaborate drapes and folds. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and are covered by mucous membranes. This “mucosa” is comprised of soft, delicate, silky, and often slippery tissue.

Sometimes the inner lips are longer and sometimes they’re shorter than the fleshier outer lips. Longer ones can protrude quite far. The inner lips may be symmetrical or very different from each other. Their configuration has nothing to do with how much pleasure they can create. By the way, we’re disgusted with the growing trend of surgical labial reductions. Ladies, we encourage you to celebrate your yoni’s unique beauty however it shows up.

Usually inner lips are way more sensitive than the outer lips. They surround and cover yoni's mouth when she's not turned on. The tissue that protects the clio connects to the top of inner lips.

Below yoni’s mouth is the Perineum, the smooth, tough, yet flexible skin between the yoni and the anus. Informally this is known as the Taint, a street term said to originate from the saying "t'ain't pussy and t'ain't ass." Though it’s not particularly sensitive by itself, pressing or stretching the perineum can be pleasurable because it stretches the rosetta and another pleasure zone just below yoni's mouth. Of course, the rosetta is the sensitive orifice of elimination between the butt cheeks which is also loaded with nerve endings. Maybe that's why a vocal minority of lovers really enjoy backdoor sex which we'll get into later.


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A yoni's mouth is surrounded by the inner lips and Vestibule, which is the courtyard area enclosed within the inner lips. It's the soft, sensitive tissue all around yoni’s mouth which extends from just below clio's pearl to just above the perineum.

Like men, women also have a slender tube called the urethra that conducts urine outward from the bladder. The opening of the urethra, which we prefer to call the Outlet, is technically known as the Meatus. It lies in the vestibule below a woman's clio within the yoni's inner lips. Though most outlets are just above the upper edge of the yoni's mouth, some are just inside the top side of yoni’s mouth.

All these parts are highly sensitive, including a woman's outer lips, vestibule, inner lips, outlet, and clio, roughly in that increasing order of sexual responsiveness. That's why she loves touches, licks, and insertions especially when they're offered from the mindset of the Tantric Attitude.

The clio is the little organ whose bud peaks out under a covering of skin at the apex where the inner lips meet. This is the only human organ whose purpose is strictly dedicated to pleasure. The hood protects clio's highly sensitive head, or Pearl.

Many consider the clio, or what Paul Verlaine called the “shining pink button” in his 1889 poem, the crown jewel of female anatomy. This flexible and erectile organ is located above the vestibule where the inner lips meet. It’s unique because, unlike every other part of the body, it has no other purpose but pleasure. Because of the proliferation of tiny blood vessels and 8,000 nerve endings in such a small space, the clio is hypersensitive and a powerful source of sexual pleasure. Before sufficient arousal, direct contact with clio's pearl can be too much, even painful, for many women. You might have discovered, the same occurs after an explosive orgasm making most clios off limits for a while.

Clio's pearl -- the head, tip, or glans -- is shaped like an acorn or olive. It’s the part most sensitive to touch. The picture above shows an extremely large pearl with the protective tissue retracted. Possibly this woman had part of that covering surgically removed like Jeffre did many years ago. Though pearls average the size of pencil eraser, they vary considerably in size from woman to woman. They can be as small as a tiny pea or an inch or two long. Just like vajra length and girth, clio’s size has no effect on how much pleasure it can generate.

If you pull back the skin above the clio that covers it, you may or may not see its pearl. Some clios are very shy and just aren't visible until they swell with enough excitement. Others are more like an exhibitionist. Either way, since they’re attached to the inner lips, movements like sexual thrusting inside yoni, provide indirect stimulation.

Clio's Hood, medically called the Prepuce, is made up of flaps of fleshy tissue connected at the top of the inner lips. It’s quite thick on some women. That’s good news because it protects the highly-sensitive pearl from the friction of clothes and from over-stimulation during sexual play. These sensations can be intense, making them extremely uncomfortable and sometimes painful if there's too much too soon. When erect, the pearl usually protrudes from under clio's hood. The image at the right is more typical with the less distinct pearl being largely covered by the hood. That’s the bad news, making it somewhat harder to find and pleasure.

Not many people realize that a clio is much more than what you can see. There’s about eight inches inside a woman’s body. The deeper parts of a woman’s clio and the remainder of the inner female erogenous zones are explained in detail in the second half of this article. You can read it anytime in our Orgasmic Sex Discussion Board here…

By the way, though you could argue it both ways, we also include the Nipples in our list of outer primary female erogenous zones. That's because for many women's whose sexual energy systems are fully open and awake, the nipples can trigger powerful full-body orgasms.

Love, Somraj & Jeffre


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