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If You Can't Take The Brutal Honest Truth, DON'T READ This Section

I hope this brief overview of the Tantric approach to pre ejaculation control, sex education, and multiple Orgasm Control Mastery gives you an idea of what you'll gain by buying my "longer sex" ebook.

Unfortunately, just reading about RAMPER won't change your life forever. I've got to level with you one last time.

I know you'd love a quick fix, a silver bullet, a magic spell that transforms you from a quick-squirting frog into the prince on the white horse who can last longer in bed.

But here's reality, bud. You've got this pre mature ejaculation energy pattern that you've had for years, maybe your whole life. Does it seem unreasonable to say that it will take a few weeks to shift it and stop premature ejaculation completely?

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Yes, the Ultimate Solution IS a longer sex secret weapon. But because of it's unique unbridled power, it requires practice to change your sex habits, sexual techniques, and energy patterns.

"The best thing was learning to see my own energy moving through my body." C.U.

That's why Chapters 3 through 7 of Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery are made up of exercises that you do in the privacy of your own bedroom.

When you finish my "longer sex" ebook, you'll have the ability to ride the wave of ecstatic lovemaking for as long as you want. As Chapter 7 explains...

"It's a wave of orgasmic energy, of love bliss, of ecstatic delirium, of spiritual rapture. Once you experience it fully, it will transform your life. Let me warn you, you won't be satisfied with pure animal lust anymore. When you taste your connection to the divine, you will want to stay home in bed, basking in the mindless serenity". ----- Chapter 7

Is That All, Just A Proven Way To Revolutionize Your Sex Life Permanently?

No, this premature ejaculation cure is just the beginning.

"Your book is fantastic in the clear, down to earth manner of expression. This both clearly informs as to the "how's" and "why's". But also (very importantly) your sense of wonder and personal delight in the experiences and possibilities shines through. When I can I will arrange to visit you in Tahoe to learn more." ------ Steve W. of Melbourne, Australia

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery is...

  • Ripe with guidance, exercises, and sexual techniques drawn from in-depth research into current practices by the leading sex therapists today,

  • The easiest-to-read modern male version of the powerful ancient spiritual science of sacred sex from Tantra and the Kama Sutra, and

  • Richly punctuated with traditional Chinese Taoist secrets of prolonged lovemaking for men.

My "longer sex" ebook with the Ultimate Solution contains...

  • Scripts that lead you through recruiting a Tantric partner or convincing an existing one to help.

  • Testimonials from Tantric Goddesses who offer hands-on coaching.

  • Listing of our favorite music to enhance your practice and play.

  • Detailed descriptions of sexual and genital anatomy.

  • An exhaustive bibliography and glossary to support further study.

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105 Positions, Techniques, And Exercises All For You

The magic of Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery contains...

  • A complete description in layman's terms of the anatomy, mechanics, and phases of both single and multiple orgasms,

  • The 10 causes and solutions to pre mature ejaculation,

  • Titillating stories of erotic play,

  • 30 solo exercises that help you prepare for partner work,

  • Surefire ways to learn pacing, peaking, and plateauing so you can float at the precipice of orgasmic pleasure,

  • A smorgasbord of the top 12 physical techniques to stop premature ejaculation,

  • 18 partner exercises based on everything you learned solo,

  • 33 sexual positions and how they affect arousal,

  • Methods to recruit and brief sexual partners,

  • Graphic explanations of the 4 zones of sacred sexual play so you can minimize the risk of sexually transmitted disease.

"Chapter 5 is about more than you, since you've got to negotiate a workable deal with a partner, new or long-term. This is not something that works well if you keep it a secret or spring on a lover while in the sack. So we'll talk about communication before I ask you to touch each other. Then, you'll take turns doing each other, with hands at first, and may want to add mouths, lips, and tongues while you're at it. The final exercises in this chapter are about doing each other. Oh, I almost forgot, without cuming, at least to start." ----- from Chapter 5

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In a few weeks, when you finish Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery, I guarantee you'll become one of the world's most skilled lovers. But you'll be having so much fun timing your single and multiple orgasms that you won't care whether anybody else can last longer during sex.

What you will happen to you when you're done? You'll know that YOU CAN...

  • Use 33 sexual POSITIONS to vary stimulation.
  • Satisfy ANY woman you're with.
  • Last as LONG as you want.
  • SATISFY as many partners as you choose in the same night.
  • Fully ENJOY every minute of sex without a care in the world.

The changes inside you will be priceless because you'll FEEL...

  • Amazing pleasure and untold ECSTASY that goes on and on.
  • So VIRILE that you'll puff up inside when you hear the word "stud."
  • Like the kind of lover women CRAVE to be with over and over.

And what will your ORGASMS be like. Why, you'll have...

  • MULIPLE orgasms every time you make love.
  • Orgasms that are better, STRONGER, and more powerful then any you've every had before.
  • FULL-BODY orgasms you can feel everywhere.
  • Multiple orgasms that go ON AND ON.

After a few short weeks of practice, you'll be ABLE to...

  • Last as long as YOU choose every time you make love.
  • Stop premature ejaculation rather than it controlling you.
  • Let go of sexual performance anxiety forever.
  • Choose when you want to ejaculate or NOT.
  • Do all this naturally without DRUGS or props.

"It was wonderful. When I finally came I was sucking in air like it was the last bit on earth. I came and, this is the strange part, I felt a HUGE pulse of energy move from my groin, through my abdomen, into my neck and hit my head like a dam release. My head felt like it was filled with blood, energy, everything. I can't even remember feeling my penis during the climax. My head tingled like I'd had a few too many Novocaine shots. I could barely utter a yes but we were laughing so hard. The rest of the night was awesome. More play and more regular loving. Weird but maybe just an uncontrolled glimpse at the energy I'm realizing. I'm progressing with the program." ----- James of Bend, Oregon

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  2. A FREE 5-Step Positive Mental Attitude course included in Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery.

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  4. FREE email support to insure you get your pre ejaculation control ebook in good order, get you questions answered, and know how to get the most benefit out of your Orgasm Control Mastery program. This is how you'll get tips, advice, and reminders to keep practicing.

  5. A FREE 10-week email course that teaches you how to build sexual muscles of steel. The muscles at the base of your pelvis are the ones most of us never learn to control. Guess what, these muscles are the ones that make you squirt. When you strengthen, tone, and learn to relax them, the solution to your ejaculation problem is nearly assured. By the way, I spent $39.95 to join a website to learn these same exercises. (This course is currently under development. Most of the material is already spread throughout Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery. We'll let you know as soon as it's ready.)

  6. SPECIAL OFFERS, including discounts up to 75% on future services, only available to ebook buyers.

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Your purchase of my "longer sex" ebook is backed by our 100% Ironclad 100-day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Wow, that's a mouthful!

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Again, I'm going to be perfectly honest. Chances are if you get my "longer sex" ebook and don't practice, little will change. You do know this is a practical how-to guide, right? So if you don't intend to do the exercises for a few weeks or months to change your sex life, I'm taking a big risk offering this 100% guarantee. You could get my premature ejaculation cure ebook, read a little, and then decide you want your money back. Which I'll give you.

I want everyone, you foremost among them, to develop unlimited sexual stamina and have hours of incredible sexual ecstasy like I do now. So I'm offering to trust that you'll do the right thing in exchange for trusting my words and promises.

"Tantric lovemaking is a joint dance where each lover surrenders to inner waves of energy and assists their partner to reach higher and higher levels. Pleasure, not orgasm, is the aim. By soaring together, both reach unheard of peaks and plateaus that culminate in bigger, stronger, deeper, spiritual climaxes which are often simultaneous." ----- from Chapter 5

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If You're Still Hesitating About Changing Your Sexual Stamina Permanently, Read This

Look, I appreciate it that you've stayed with me long enough to get to this point in my letter. In a sense, you've been courageous enough to admit you're taking this embarrassing quick-on-the-draw problem seriously, just like I did a few years ago.

So I'm going to shoot straight with you. Let's realistically consider the options open to you in order to dramatically improve your personal sexual performance...

  1. You could search the world over for a woman who cums in a flash. I had a girlfriend like that when I was 29. A couple strokes and bam, she exploded. Thank goodness it only required a couple strokes. But our relationship just didn't work on all the other fronts. As much as I miss her hair-trigger orgasms, it would have been a shame to go through life with someone I didn't truly love just to salve my bruised male ego. And besides, how well do you think it would work as a pick up line? "Do you orgasm quickly?"

  2. You could invest loads of time researching male sex education by visiting your local library, talking to experts, and surfing the web. If you choose this way, don't you think you'll spend more than $19.95 just in photocopies? Isn't your time worth more than the hours you'll spend retracing my exact steps?

  3. You could search at Amazon.com (use the hot listing on our resources page on our main web site if you really want to) for books about premature ejaculation treatments. Again, you'll spend lots more than my lil' old "longer sex" ebook right here. And guess, what, I've seen them all and none of them has everything in one easy-to-understand easy-to-follow place. But if you're the independent type like me and decide to do your own research, I guess I can't complain.

  4. You could do some networking and find a sex therapist who you'll pay $100s or $1000s to teach you just a few of the sexual techniques collected in my pre ejaculation control ebook. If you take this route, I sure hope you'll find someone you can trust, and someone you can understand who'll talk straight to you, like I'm doing from the get go.

  5.  You can decide not to believe a word of the medical and scientific facts in this message, ignore my claims and these glowing testimonials, and simply give up. Just forget down deep about being a healthy highly-sexual being. Hey, I tried that in my previous marriage with a woman I couldn't make cum no matter what I did. But ultimately, trying to stuff my natural sexual urges didn't work for me. I couldn't forget about my pleasure stick and the ecstasy I was avoiding to try and minimize the emotional pain.

  6. If you're still not convinced, you could ask your wife or girlfriend what she thinks you should do. Duh! Don't you think she can't wait for the orgasm after screaming multiple orgasm you're going to give her once becoming an Orgasm Control Master?

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    "The moment of orgasm is the closest most people come to communion with their inner being and God. Tantra teaches that this experience is a brief glimpse into our true divine nature: ecstatic in the body, compassionate in the heart, empty in the mind, blissful in the spirit." ----- from Chapter 7

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