With my new "longer sex" ebook, you can develop amazing ejaculation control no matter how sensitive you are just like thousands of others.
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The Ancient & Modern Secrets Of Each Chapter Revealed

Chapter 1, Introduction, explains how the "longer sex" ebook's contents actually address the major sexual challenge of Orgasm Control Mastery.

Chapter 2, Mechanics, describes the anatomy of single and multiple orgasm, the 10 causes of and ways to stop premature ejaculation, the 10-point scale for measuring arousal, the RAMPER secret formula in depth, and where Tantric sacred sexuality fits in.

Chapter 3, Solo Prep, contains 17 solo exercises to prepare you for greater sexual stamina, including pelvic muscle exercises and guidelines about how often to ejaculate at your age once you gain mastery.

Chapter 4, Solo Mastery, includes 13 solo exercises to master single and multiple orgasms using peaking, plateauing, sexual breathing, and channeling energy.

Chapter 5, Partner Prep, presents 9 dual exercises to develop longer lovemaking skills, including guidelines to finding and working with a love partner, what to say to your lovers about your training program, giving sexual feedback, and manual and oral techniques.

Chapter 6, Lovemaking, focuses on 9 partner exercises to develop supreme patience for greater sexual stamina, including 5 main sexual positions with 33 variations.

Chapter 7, Tantric Mastery, presents the Ultimate Solution for total Tantric orgasm control mastery with detailed instructions on how to practice the 6-stage Heart-Centered Love Ritual which culminates in riding the wave of orgasmic energy, love bliss, ecstatic delirium, and spiritual rapture.

Chapter 8, Final Thoughts, contains summary advice and continuing recommendations, resources to answer any remaining questions, a modern and ancient bibliography, 27 music recommendations, and the glossary of Tantric and sex terms.

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Here's How Each Chapter Will Revolutionize Your Sex Life

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery contains...

  • The causes and solutions to poor timing plus the mechanics and anatomy of orgasm.
  • Graphic stories of erotic play.
  • 30 solo exercises that help you prepare for partner work.
  • Surefire ways to learn pacing, peaking, plateauing.
  • A smorgasbord of physical techniques to interrupt ejaculation.
  • 18 partner exercises based on everything you learned solo.
  • 33 sexual positions and how they affect arousal.
  • Methods to recruit and brief sexual partners.
  • Actual advice from Tantric Goddesses that you can contact.

Chapter 1: Introduction


  • A graphic story of lengthy erotic play.
  • Orgasm mastery.
  • Cuming quick is common & curable.
  • The common predicament of men.
  • What women really want.
  • Electronic book objectives.
  • Electronic book contents.
  • Tantric terms.
  • How the exercises work.

Questions answered include...

  • How can a quick cumer like me learn to make love forever?
  • How does the pursuit of pleasure replace the urge to cum?
  • Am I alone with this problem?
  • How can I be sure there's nothing really wrong me?
  • What are my chances of curing this long–term problem?
  • What do women really want in a lover and how can I become that easily?

Chapter 2: Mechanics


  • The anatomy of ejaculation.
  • 10 primary causes of cuming too soon.
  • The mechanics of orgasms and sexual energy.
  • The book's method, RAMPER.
  • The 10-point arousal scale and how it helps.
  • 5 physiological changes at orgasm.
  • What is Tantra and how can it help.
  • 10 principles of sacred sexuality.
  • Mastering your 7 energy centers.
  • Multiple benefits of lasting longer.

Questions answered include...

  • Why do I sometimes cum so quick and what can I do about it?
  • How can Tantra help me master my orgasms?
  • How will I benefit from not cuming so quickly?
  • What is so much better than cuming that I'll lose the irresistible urge to cum?
  • What surefire system can I use to change my orgasmic response permanently?
  • How can I learn to have non-ejaculatory orgasms while experiencing more and greater pleasure?

Chapter 3: Solo Prep


  • 17 solo exercises to prepare for greater sexual stamina.
  • Practice guidelines.
  • Healthy ejaculation frequency at your age.
  • How to brief your partner.
  • The long term limitations of desensitizing.
  • 4 powerful relaxation exercises.
  • The ancient secret of Tantric breathing.
  • 5 ways to open your senses.
  • Measuring arousal on the 10-point scale.
  • 6 fantastic sexual muscle exercises.

Questions answered include...

  • What do I say to my partner when I start the solo part of this program?
  • How often should I cum once I master this program?
  • How can I relax when I get so excited?
  • How can I strengthen my sexual muscles to assist me in mastering my orgasms?
  • How can I tell how close I am to the point of no return?
  • How can I heighten my pleasure while avoiding the point of no return?

Chapter 4: Solo Mastery


  • 9 dual exercises to develop longer lovemaking skills.
  • How to avoid false expectations.
  • The 3 vital guidelines of love partnering.
  • How to handle 9 likely partner reactions.
  • Turning each other on.
  • 3 formulas for sexual feedback.
  • How to agree on sexual signals.
  • 4 kinds of hand jobs to perfect your skills (and your partners').
  • Taking turns pleasuring each other.
  • How to make oral pleasuring last and last.
  • Doing each other at the same time.

Questions answered include...

  • How do I drop expectations to get out of my own way?
  • How do I focus my mind to help not hinder me?
  • How do I engage my longtime partner in cooperating in my learning program?
  • What can I possibly say to gain the cooperation of a new partner without putting myself down?
  • How can I improve communication with my partner during practice and lovemaking?
  • How can I incorporate my solo orgasm mastery skills with partner play without cuming too quick?
  • How can I enjoy more and more oral pleasure without exploding?
  • Does this system work for 69?

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Chapter 5: Partner Prep


  • 9 partner exercises for greater sexual stamina.
  • How to exercise supreme patience easily.
  • Having a smart (safe) sex talk comfortably.
  • 5 main sexual positions with 33 variations.
  • 3 ways to approach penetration slowly.
  • 3 detailed moving exercises.
  • 6 penetration exercises.
  • Pop quiz to judge your progress.

Questions answered include...

  • What's the best lovemaking position for me to learn to last forever?
  • How can I approach penetration slowly enough to not cum right away?
  • How can I keep stroking without cuming?
  • How can I get accustomed to stroking long and slow in and out?
  • What's the Taoist 9 shallow, 1 deep method?
  • How can I back off from the point of no return while making love?
  • How can I spread my sexual energy out of my genitals while making love so it doesn't explode with ejaculation?

Chapter 6: Lovemaking


  • The Ultimate Ecstatic Solution for total Tantric orgasm mastery.
  • Tantric love play in detail
  • Riding the wave of orgasmic energy, love bliss, ecstatic delirium, and spiritual rapture.
  • The complete Tantra Vision.
  • Ecstasy orgasm and sacred sex.
  • 9 ways Tantric love play differs from normal sex.
  • Moving sexual energy.
  • Preparing for Tantric love.
  • 6 stage Heart-Centered Love Ritual.
  • The Shangri-la exercise.

Questions answered include...

  • How can I make love for hours?
  • How will I learn to make love like a Tantric adept?
  • What could possibly feel better than orgasm with ejaculation?
  • Can I become a Tantric lover without changing religions?
  • What ancient secrets can help me as a modern lover?
  • What's the complete formula to channel orgasmic energy throughout my body and exchange it with my lover?
  • How can we prepare to make every encounter rapturous?
  • How can we consciously create ecstatic states every time we make love?

Chapter 7: Tantric Mastery


  • 13 solo exercises to master orgasms.
  • Peaking using 3 major techniques.
  • 6 ways to interrupt ejaculation if it starts.
  • 24 strokes for self-pleasure.
  • Using sexual breathing to regulate arousal.
  • Learning to visualize and channel energy.
  • Pumping and rocking your pelvis.
  • Techniques to acceleration your training.
  • Plateauing to stay aroused continuously.

Questions answered include...

  • How can stop I stop going past the point of no return?
  • How can I stop cuming if I get too close?
  • How can I pace myself using relaxation and breathing to feel more for longer and ejaculate less?
  • How can I back off from a peak of pleasure without going over the top?
  • How can I use my breath to spread my excitement around?
  • What subtle adjustments will keep me from cuming?
  • How can I have multiple long ecstatic dry orgasms without ejaculating?

Chapter 8: Final Thoughts


  • Final advice and continuing recommendations.
  • A real story about YOU making love.
  • Resources to answer any remaining questions
  • Active listings for hands-on coaching.
  • The 3-stage smart sex talk.
  • 4 levels of sexual disease risk and how to avoid them.
  • Modern and ancient bibliography.
  • 27 music recommendations.
  • Glossary of Tantric and sex terms.

Questions answered include...

  • How can I get on the fastest track to Tantric transformation?
  • Where do I turn if I have questions?
  • Where can I find a Tantric Goddess to work with me privately?
  • How can I insure that sex is as safe as possible?
  • What should I read for further study?
  • What music will help create the mood for practice and
  • ecstasy?
  • Where can I look up new sexual and Tantric words?

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