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More About How To Stop
Amazing Orgasm Control

Learn To Make Love The Way Women Crave And Give Them Orgasm After Sexual Orgasm

Why limit these wonderful desires that spring to life from deep within? Instead, learn to enjoy sacred sex, bringing the spiritual into bedroom and transforming physical desire into a deeper, more intimate connection.

One of the things you're going to learn along the way, my friend, is that this is the kind of sex that women prefer.

Chapter 7 explains in great erotic detail the 9 ways that Tantric Loveplay differs from normal sex.

Porno flicks don't capture what the average woman craves. And that craving can be summed up Tantrically. as intimate communion.

Tantric adepts are known far and wide for their ability to please women. These "experts" make love in a manner that's very close to how this exercise unfolds. They don't pump strenuously until their partner cums. Instead, they tease, tickle, and tantalize forever. Instead of succumbing to the urge to cum that still makes an unexpected occurrence, they dance with their own energy and the rising tide of ecstasy in their partner. They're not rushing headlong towards the goal of Big O. No, they're savoring every little sensation themselves and milking it for all the pleasure it's worth.
----- from Chapter 6

Duct Tape On A Leaky Pipe Will Burst Sooner Or Later

While we're on the subject, let me tell how I found what I call the Ultimate Solution. Much of pre mature ejaculation problem sex therapy focuses on how to STOP your natural enjoyable processes from occurring. You already know that doesn't work for me.

You'll see a lot of pre mature ejaculation problem treatments out there - creams, sprays, condoms, squeeze tricks - that are supposed to help you stop pre mature ejaculation problems too soon.

But there's more bad news. These traditional techniques of male orgasm mastery concentrate on control. Control requires always being careful. This puts you on guard and under constant tension.

That kind of therapy is decidedly non-Tantric because you end up wound tighter than a spring. If you know anything about the ancient art and science of sacred sexuality, you must be aware that Tantra teaches us to relax, enjoy, and not resist.

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No More Popping Off With The Slightest Excitement

Besides, springs easily pop off if you tweak them. That's what we want to overcome, right?

By the way, you'll see me using the word control a lot in this message because that's what so many guys search for on the net. But we're going to change all that with my Ultimate Solution to pre mature ejaculation.

Look, anything is worth a try, don't you agree? But to me, this approach is a stop gap, a quick fix, like duct tape on a leaky pipe. It's gonna burst sooner or later.

Wouldn't you rather maximize your sexual potential and simply learn to last longer during sex?

In contrast, when I set out to learn to have longer sex, I wanted a pleasure-positive method that worked Tantrically. The roots of Tantra are all about understanding what goes on inside you, learning to flow with your natural sexual stamina instead of fighting innate desires like sexual arousal.

"Wow this was so much fun!!! And so exciting!!! Thanks. J. & G. A.

Choose When To Cum, How Many Times, or Not At All!

I wrote this "longer sex" ebook so that you can become an Orgasm Control Master too. It's about how you can be at choice about pre mature ejaculation control and cum when you want to, or not. It's about you enjoying undreamed of pleasure for amazingly long periods of time.

I don't pull any punches as I tell you stories of longer sex and graphic erotic play using down-to-earth guy talk. My wife even appears au naturel in many of the scenes along with advice from our friends and playmates. Some are the best male lovers you'd ever meet.

Other sex tips and sexual techniques come from expert Tantric Goddesses who do hands-on coaching to help men overcome their ejaculation problems according to the methods in my "longer sex" ebook.

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery is my personal story of how I transformed my sexuality from quick gluttony to slow gourmet. Now I know how to stop pre mature ejaculation problems and much much more.

This volume is really my story about my love relationship with my pleasure stick. It's about creating more and more pleasure by learning to master my precious organ's natural ups and downs.

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Tantric Love Play is more like sensuously sipping an expensive Cabernet than chugging a six-pack of brew. It more resembles sampling the delicacies at a gourmet buffet than inhaling a pepperoni pizza during Monday Night Football. It's certainly more like a twilight stroll through a perfumed garden during Spring with your beloved on your arm than running a hundred-yard dash. ----- from Chapter 7

Not Just Get Hard, Get In, And Get Off - So Much More!

What I learned wasn't so much about how to get hard, penetrate, and enjoy the old in and out for a couple minutes. It was about what was going on inside me.

Yes, in my big head as well as my little head. In fact, all over my body.

"It was amazing! I started to feel a change within the first two days! Pretty soon I was having multiple orgasms, stronger orgasms, better orgasms & lasting longer then I ever thought possible. I could actually choose when I would ejaculate, how many orgasms I'd have and how long my orgasms lasted. It was simply incredible!"

You see, I discovered that sex is all about energy. I'm talking about the heat and excitement that builds up in your cock when you get turned on. That's all that causes an orgasm, the build-up of too much sexual energy in your genitals. When it has no other way to go, it explodes out the end of your erect member along with a load of semen.

Multiple Orgasms For Him & Her Every Time, Guaranteed!

Did you know that you can move those orgasmic sensations around your body? When you learn how, and it's not very difficult, you too will be able to spread sexual energy throughout your whole body for complete climax control.

Why would you want to? First, so the build-up in your genitals doesn't make you cum. And second, because then you can have full-body multiple orgasms.

Full-body multiple orgasms? No way!

As Wayne said in Wayne's World, WAY!. Yes, you can learn it easily.

You know, the same thing can happen elsewhere in your body. No kidding, I'm talking about orgasm all over.

The energy builds, the muscles contract, your tissues vibrate, your nerves are on fire, but since there's no balls and canal you don't make a big wet spot.

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery Is Your Secret Weapon

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery is...

  • The complete manual for extended lovemaking,

  • The penis-owner's boot camp you never attended as a teenager,

  • An understandable method of using the ancient secrets of prolonged sexual stamina for men,

  • A totally natural system without drugs or aids so that it remains with you forever.

  • A how-to book containing information on sexual techniques perfected by modern sex researchers,

  • All the ancient secrets collected in one place that have worked for thousands of years,

  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions for learning unlimited sexual stamina,

  • Over 50 fun workable exercises that will teach you to permanently master your too-quick orgasm control response,

  • A smorgasbord of 12 physical techniques that can help you prevent pre ejaculation when you want to,

  • Your personal sex tips manual with 30 sure-fire solo techniques to help you maximize your sexual power, and

  • 18 revolutionary partner methods to finish the job of you becoming an Orgasm Control Master.

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Women Will Silently Sense Your Power & Sensitivity

The Ultimate Solution is all about learning to ride the edge, that fine line between absorbing all the pleasure you can take, and taking too much all at once and cuming. ----- from Chapter 2

Easily master what's in Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery in a few short weeks and learn how to...

  • Revolutionize your sexual stamina,

  • Direct that powerful urge of pre ejaculation inward instead of outward,

  • Continuously channel your inexhaustible supply of sexual stamina to your pleasure centers, and

  • Separate orgasm from ejaculation so you can cum for as long and as often as you want.

With the Ultimate Solution under your belt, you don't have to wear the badge of Orgasm Control Master to know you're an incredible lover. With that kind of confidence, you won't have to say a word. Women will sense the powerful but sensitive animal in you.

What Exactly Do You Get For Only $19.95?

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery is...

  • A complete summary of the best sexual techniques from all over the world, so you don't have to experiment to find out what works and what doesn't. Just one small phase of this system is proven to be 95% successful if you're willing to practice with your sexual stamina and sex energy. (Now, that doesn't sound like a hard sell, does it?)

  • A 197 page personal sex education program containing 50 exercises for sexual stamina muscle building. Men have permanently changed their orgasm control response just this way for thousands of years and you can too.

  • A "last longer" ebook, which you download instantly by following simple instructions. Your purchase and participation remain confidential, though of course you can print a copy for your own private use.

  • A fun way to learn to have different kinds of orgasms than most men are used to. Then you can choose if and when to cum instead of being swept over the cliff and squirting too soon.

  • Packed full of multiple answers to every question. By reading and practicing, you get to try lots of different methods of pre ejaculation orgasm control and choose the ones that work best for you in the privacy of your own mind and bedroom.

  • The Tantric way of making love so that you last longer on multiple levels, including sex, heart, and spirit. Learn this and you'll be the kind of lover that women crave - sensitive and passionate with long-lasting sexual stamina.

  • The opposite of mind or body pre ejaculation orgasm control which puts you under tension, always being careful and resisting your own excitement. Instead, this "last longer" ebook will teach you to relax more, go with the flow, heighten your sensitivity, allow natural forces to run their course, and enjoy more pleasure without pre ejaculation.

  • Organized as personal training using a gradual step-by-step teaching method. By following the "last longer" ebook's clear and detailed instructions, you'll have everything you need to easily personalize the program to fit your unique needs and permanently develop pre ejaculation orgasm control.

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You're going to discover (if you don't already know) that ejaculation doesn't always have to accompany orgasm. When you're relaxed inside and super turned on, the contractions around your prostate that cause the emission of semen aren't activated. But the energy being so intense, you can still have those wonderful pelvic muscle contractions that feel so good. That's what causes a dry orgasm, a long series of slow pleasurable spasms without ejaculating and with a rush of energy. I call these "implosive orgasms" because the energy gets pumped back inside and can circulate over and over again.
---- from Chapter 1

Just Call It "Tool Time" For All You Do-It-Yourselfers

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery is...

  • A do-it-yourself sexual stamina program you can easily master in the privacy of your own bedroom,

  • A sure-fire prescription to start having multiple orgasms every time.

  • A Tantric work which focuses on maximizing your pleasure, not limiting or controlling how you feel,

  • An entirely natural self-help method without drugs, medications, or marital aids,

  • Written by a guy, for guys, in guy's language,

  • Geared to give women exactly the kind of "last longer during sex" satisfaction they want, and

  • The whole sex education package in one place so you don't have to search endlessly for what you personally need.

Unique? You Can't Get All This In One Place Anywhere Else For Any Amount Of Money, Much Less $19.95

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery is a unique pre ejaculation orgasm control cure in so many ways because I...

  • Give you the straight story without any bull,

  • Tell it like it is, without complicated impersonal medical terminology,

  • Created the comprehensive "last longer during sex" manual that completely covers the subject of pre ejaculation orgasm control,

  • Don't just give you one solution to stop pre ejaculation, but all of them that have any chance of working for you,

  • Show you how to teach yourself Orgasm Control Mastery using the unique proven 6-step RAMPER program (described below).

If you're interested, don't leave yet. Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery and the RAMPER program are not available in stores, in print, or anywhere else on the web.

You may have so much juice and sexual energy built up that the explosive release may be just what your body needs. Wonderful! You may be so turned on you feel you've got to blow your wad. Fine! Or you may enjoy it so much you feel you deserve a reward. Great, go for it! Sometimes I do so why can't you? Just remember to appreciate this fantastic God-given talent you've got for giving yourself pleasure. It's a gift. ----- from Chapter 3

5-Step Positive Mental Attitude Course Included FREE

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery includes a built-in positive mental attitude sexual stamina education course. Are you getting the idea that there's a powerful new approach to the pleasures of life underlying the Ultimate Solution?

The powerful mindset that you'll learn while becoming an Orgasm Control Master includes...

  1. Be open minded and try anything until you find what works best for you.

  2. Tinker, experiment, and use trial and error like you're trying to build something in your shop.

  3. And while you're tinkering with that favorite toy in your pants, drop all the sexual embarrassment that's been drummed into you since you were little. It's just slowing you down from getting over your pre ejaculation orgasm control problem.

  4. Learn to enjoy sex fully, without all the emotional crap -- guilt, shame, fear -- that's been piled on all of us.

  5. Accept yourself. Did you believe me earlier when I said there's nothing wrong with you? You just haven't gotten around to this vital course in male sexuality yet. You know, the one I'm so convinced that's going to transform you into the lover you've always dreamed of being.

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Will You Buy My New Ebook If I Can Really Show You How This Breakthrough Program Will Work For A Guy Like You?

To become an Orgasm Control Master, you start by learning two things...

1. How to recognize the feeling of cuming as it approaches, and

2. How to relax the muscles that contract at the base of your penis which cause pre ejaculation orgasm control problems.

The exercises to last longer during sex in my "last longer" ebook will teach you to recognize the point of no return. You know, that moment when you feel yourself sliding over the cliff towards creaming with nothing to hang on to. I call it 9.9.

This will make more sense to you when you learn what 1, 2, 3, etc. feels like. Of course, 10 is when that big squeeze starts deep down and you suddenly squirt.

Inner Orgasm Mastery Is Your Ticket
To The E Ride (E for Ecstasy)

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery teaches something so much better that once you develop the knack of inner orgasm from the exercises in this ebook, you'll never want to go back to spraying your seed outside indiscriminately.

Inner orgasm, is that anything like inner tennis or golf? ---- from Chapter 2

You're familiar with the outer explosive orgasm: the very pleasurable ten-second involuntary muscle contractions at the base of your pelvis accompanied by releasing your precious fluids to the outside world. Believe it or not, you can make those muscles respond to your power of choice. So you get the fun without the wetness.

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery teaches you to stop pre ejaculation before the point of no return, relax into the excitement, and infuse your whole body with that glorious energy. In a nutshell (pardon the pun), this is how you separate ejaculation from orgasm.

When you learn secret weapon of the Orgasm Control Mastery formula, you can avoid the emission, but still have those wonderful waves of pleasure.

That's what causes a dry or energy orgasm, a long series of slow pleasurable spasms with a rush of energy without ejaculating. I call these implosions inner multiple orgasms because you pump the energy back inside.

When you learn the Ultimate Solution to pre ejaculation orgasm control problems, each of your many multiple orgasms will be better, stronger, more powerful then any orgasm you've ever experienced in the past.

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You'll Learn To Time Your Climaxes
Like An Olympic Athlete

There may even come a time, totally up to you, when you'll pass on a quick squirt. You'll much prefer to have a long series of...

Long-lasting implosive multiple orgasms. Instead of discharging, the energy implodes flooding the entire body with pulsing orgasmic contractions and continuous wavelike vibrations. ----- from Chapter 7

Now doesn't that sound like the kind of pre ejaculation orgasm control mastery you could get into?

When you circulate that orgasmic energy over and over again, you naturally reach higher and higher peaks.

And while we're on the subject, how long do your orgasms last? In a recent survey, men told us typically just a few seconds.

With the Ultimate Solution, not only can you have multiple orgasm after multiple orgasm, but they last longer during sex as you practice. Last week I came for 15 minutes non-stop using my system. No kidding!

Multiple Orgasms Are Child's Play
For The Tantric Master You'll Become

That's how those who've learned these techniques have multiple orgasms, pleasurable spasm after spasm that go on and on without the squirting that for most of us ends the playtime.
----- from Chapter 1

Now, here's the best news of all. An inner orgasm, where the energy floods your body instead of exploding out the end of your dick, makes your arousal decrease dramatically. On the other side of that peak, you're suddenly less sensitive.

You know what that means? Yes, you can last longer during sex while you stroke faster and pump more vigorously as your excitement rebuilds slowly. By circulating your energy while you're peaking, your sexual stamina becomes virtually unlimited.

You can repeat this cycle over and over for as long as you want. Or as long as your partner needs to get totally worn out.

Can You Be Trusted With My Secret Formula To
Orgasm Control Mastery?

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery is organized around the secret formula of Orgasm Control Mastery, RAMPER, which stands for...

  • Relax,
  • Awareness,
  • Measure,
  • Pace yourself,
  • Energy circulation, and
  • Ride the wave.

Relaxing in a high state of arousal is the foundation. Tantric lovemaking is typically much slower than the fast pumping you see in porno flicks. Just by going slower you'll be more relaxed.

Relaxation lets you open your awareness, heighten your senses, and focus your mind. Which is what the A is all about.

What do you focus your mind on? Why on pleasure in the moment, of course. If you can appreciate how great your cock feels now, you'll be more willing to relax and go slow.

If you want your personal copy of the Ultimate Solution, click here.

You'll Know Exactly How Close You Are To The
Point Of No Return At Each Moment

Chapter 2 explains M this way...

RAMPER requires you to tune in to your senses and sensations. So what do you do with this sharpened awareness? The M in RAMPER means to monitor and measure your level of arousal.

If you know where your excitement level is, then you can play with it while stretching out your enjoyment and your partners'. The forces that turn us on aren't always obvious, and change from time to time. M is all about learning to read yourself so you know where you're at precisely.

As you practice, you'll learn to measure your level of arousal as it climbs towards the point of no return.
----- from Chapter 2

The P in RAMPER, pacing, doesn't mean just to go slow. It means to learn to flow with the ups and downs of your excitement for maximum enjoyment.

The key is peaking. Peaking means adjusting to the sudden surges of arousal so you come back down without going over the top.

Dance On The Edge Of The Orgasmic Cliff While
Every Cell Screams With Ecstasy

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery is all about learning to ride the edge of the cliff, that fine line between absorbing all the pleasure you can take, and taking too much all at once and cuming.

The E of RAMPER stands for energy and circulating it away from your genitals.

So here's a vital part of your initiation, you lucky stiff. Instead of shooting for the Big O, as your arousal builds, redirect your energy up, around, and throughout your body, allowing it to carry you to higher and higher levels of pleasure.

Some say it will fuel your brain with cosmic energy and give you psychedelic visions. Whatever. Not only will it feel ecstatic, but since you won't be depleting your energy, you'll be able to last and last and last. ----- from Chapter 2

Simultaneous Cosmic Orgasms Are Just
The Start Of Your Incredible New Sex Life

The last R of RAMPER is about riding the wave of ecstasy. This is where you fully realize your maximum sexual stamina potential.

That's why the acronym RAMPER is so apt, describing how your pleasure ramps up. Most of us who cum quick never experience these escalating plateaus. We never develop our capacity to absorb more and more pleasure. When you do, it feels like ecstatic waves surging inside. ---- from Chapter 2

Once you've experienced a non-stop whole-body inner multiple orgasm, you can understand how the typical male's fascination with squirting a big load pales by comparison.

"I love the enthusiasm, reverence and dedication in what you've created so I can enjoy riding that wave in sex and in life." P.O.

Ready to learn it? Click here.

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