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"I have read half the book and see that is well worth the money. I have noticed that just by reading it that it also improves confidence with others. Thank you very much. ----- Adam M. of Hamilton, New Zealand

I Totally Transformed My Sexual Life With
Ancient Erotic Secrets, Just Like You Can

My name is Somraj. I'm 55, athletic, sexually active, but have always been very sensitive. You know, down there. I'm just another modern guy from California who used to think he knew it all.

I had my own consulting company and made lots of money as a corporate trainer before I retired to the mountains. The royalties from dozens of business training manuals and three popular how-to books helped my transition. I once counted that I trained 20,000 students at Fortune 500 companies, high-tech dot-coms, and government agencies.

When I totally transformed my sexuality with the ancient erotic secrets called Tantra, I decided to change my name to something really different, Somraj.

"I have searched for years, wondering if I was unique. I've already started some of the exercises. What is different is the previous info was very limited and incorporated none of the Tantra teachings which, now that I am aware of those, will make all the difference. I've already shared with my partner my interest in Tantric Lovemaking.... And she received some of the most intimate exchange between us to date. We have been married since April of 1990. She was impressed, not to mention.. .Most satisfied! Thanks." ----- Pat M. of Mankato, Minnesota

The Kama Sutra And Tantra Can Come To Your Rescue, Too

Do you know anything about Tantra, the sacred sex practiced in the East thousands of years ago? The famous Indian sex manual, the Kama Sutra, was an outgrowth of Tantra. Well, more about that later.

As I remember the story, Shangri-la was some sort of idyllic mountain valley in the Himalayas where everything was beautiful and everyone was happy all the time. Embrace Tantric Love Play as presented here and you'll be transported there. You may not want to leave. Now that you have the skills to make love for hours, you don't have to leave. Like us, you'll probably begin to view the necessities of daily life as interruptions in the real world of sexual communion. ----- from Chapter 7

You Can Guarantee That Your Longer Sex Life Works
The Way Nature Intended Now

Anyway, I changed my life mostly because my sex life wasn't working. As long as I can remember, I've been a horny guy. I was never good at pre mature ejaculation control and didn't even know you could learn it.

I even gave up sex for a while cause I couldn't make my ex-wife cum. But as you probably guessed, that was one personal decision that didn't last long.

As much as I love stroking myself, I just love stroking inside a pussy so much more. Don't you?

So you see, I think I understand what you must be going through. Been there, done that. But my ejaculation problem is all in the past now for me.

With a little trust and some practice, it could be for you too.

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No One Ever Taught Me The Secrets Of Sexual Prowess

Before I changed things, I had to look long and hard in the mirror and admit I didn't know everything about sex and having sex longer. My God, how could I, no one ever taught me how to...

  • make love,
  • last longer in bed,
  • make maximum use of my sexual potential,
  • manage those incredibly strong forces inside, and
  • stop pre mature ejaculation problems while connecting with someone who turned me on.

So looking honestly at myself and deciding to do something about it was my turning point.

Why am I telling you this? Because the same decision is staring you in face right now, bud!

"I'm making my way through chapter three but already the lessons have helped my love making and general health. Thanks. I can feel and understand the transformation Our sexuality already is moving to a new level. A more trained one." ----- James of Bend, Oregon

Where Did This Simple Practical
Step-By-Step Program Come From?

Because I didn't have a guide, my conversion from "quick on the draw" pre mature ejaculation problem to longer sex and unlimited sexual stamina took me longer than it needs to take you.

First, I had to admit that I wasn't the Orgasm Control Master I'd committed to become. Because I knew how to help demanding business executives solve problems, I was good at collecting data and figuring things out. So I approached my problem like any other research assignment.

There's lots of information scattered all over about pre mature ejaculation. Some great, some good, some bogus.

Until I tried everything, I couldn't tell the good from the not-so-good. To make your job easier, I've collected everything in one place. With my "longer sex" ebook, you can quickly figure out what fits you best.

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I Scoured The Internet And Medical Libraries
So You Don't Have To

Along the way, I had a lot of great teachers, some skilled female lovers. My wife, Jeffre, a sex therapist for a couple decades, was foremost among them. So you can bet that my "longer sex" ebook contains the best of modern psychology, sex education, and ancient secrets to longer sex.

"As a therapist, I would really like to pass it on to other men along the way." Steve H. of Portland, Oregon

I read all the ancient esoteric books and modern clinical texts I could find about sexual techniques. As a result, Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery is packed with the essential background, but in a down-to-earth way I'm sure you'll relate to. For example, did you know that...

  • There are 10 scientific causes of pre mature ejaculation?

  • Mental stress is a major cause of pre mature ejaculation problems and you can learn to shift that relatively easily?

  • Ejaculating has two distinct phases that you can learn to separate?

  • Orgasm and ejaculation are different things and you can learn to separate them too?

This just begins to highlight some of the amazing truths you'll learn during your first hour of reading my "longer sex" ebook.

By this point, you've learned an awful lot about your own and each other's turn-ons. Surely, that's given you greater awareness and confidence in and around sex. For this exercise, though, forget about being too clinical with all that information you've filed away in your mind. Instead, just play in the moment. Act like little kids exploring new territory for the first time. ----- from Chapter 5

This Is A Down-To-Earth Guy-Talk Manual,
Not A Scientific Treatise

If you've done any study yourself, you know that most sex education books are written by doctors or psychologists in a clinical manner. I've got years of education and post-graduate degrees, too, but I vowed my "longer sex" ebook would be written the way real guys talk. Kinda like this page.

"I like the way you express your 'male point of view' because that sort of thing is so very scarce in any literature I know of. You have more down to earth 'grit' in your writing, it's helpful." ----- Paul G. of Berkeley, California

During my searching to for longer sex, I didn't always find explanations that made sense. Some ideas to stop pre mature ejaculation problems I could put into action and some I couldn't.

When I did find pre mature ejaculation problem exercises, some were great and some didn't do much for me. But I've included everything that has any value for you.

I've turned everything that works into simple step-by-step instructions that you can easily follow to stop pre mature ejaculation problems quickly.

This Is Your Complete Guide So
You Don't Have To Look Anywhere Else

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery focuses on...

  • Your sexual performance anxiety and how to overcome it,

  • The sexual ruts you might have fallen into and how to get out of them, and

  • How to re-invent your sexual techniques in the sack from quick pre mature ejaculation problem to amazing skill to stop pre mature ejaculation.

Honestly, I appreciate all the people out there trying to help with ejaculation problems. I've learned something from each. Just like me, they each report raving successes from their favorite pre mature ejaculation problem treatment.

Who can guarantee that what works for somebody else is the perfect solution for YOU?

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The Whole Story, Nothing But YOUR Story, So Help Me God

That's why Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery gives you the complete story. You get...

  • Documented sexual techniques that have worked for others,

  • My preferred methods to cure pre mature ejaculation,

  • The keys to my clients' pre mature ejaculation cure successes, and

  • Easy-to-follow instructions for longer sex.

So you see, if you give my "longer sex" ebook a try for less than $20, you can't lose. The remedy to your pre mature ejaculation problem has got to be in somewhere in the 197 pages. (And, remember, if you don't like it, I'll give you your money back.)

More importantly, though, most of us who cum too quickly aren't real great at recognizing the internal signals that could warn of us impending ejaculation. If you learn to register every little nuance of every little feeling, going slow and digesting all their energy, then you're less likely to trip over the point of no return. When you're enjoying every breath, sound, and movement, you'll be supremely conscious of your own level of excitement. And you'll be able to respond to that excitement before it becomes too hard to manage, pushing you over the cliff into squirting. ----- from Chapter 2

How About $300 Worth Of Training For $19.95?

Is my premature ejaculation problem ebook really worth $20? No, it's not. I think my "longer sex" ebook is actually worth somewhere around $300.

Because it's been so popular and effective, we're in the midst of a big project to split Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery into these separate ebooks for $19.95 each...

  • How To Make Love Making Last
  • Male Genital Massage
  • Sexual Energy Ecstasy
  • Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery

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  • How To Make Love Making Last
  • Male Genital Massage
  • Sexual Energy Ecstasy
  • Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery

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And by the way, since it's an ebook that you order and receive confidentially, there are no hidden costs. No shipping, no handling, no surcharges, no add-ons. (OK, California residents have to pay sales tax.) And a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. And 7 FREE Bonuses.

Ancient Secrets Yield Powerful Modern How-tos

Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery is a “how-to” book with successful sexual techniques that have worked for so many men like you for thousands of years. 

More pleasure, more ecstasy, more orgasms. Count on it!

The earliest known surviving records of Tantra date back over seven thousand years. The Taoists in China knew these sexual techniques secrets as did ancient Yoga students in India. Much of the lore that couples longer sex with spiritual connection comes from Tibet. The Kama Sutra, which instructs in the way of multiple orgasms, was written nearly two thousand years ago summarizing the art and science of sexual love.

"One of the things that made a marked difference in our recent lovemaking was what I read in the early pages of the book; to paraphrase 'enjoy, feel the moment'. In other words, what made the difference was that I, like most uninformed men, not only 'felt the moment' but worked towards the climax without regard (most times) for my partner. By "comprehending" the feeling, relaxing and enjoying the feeling and living in the feeling I was able to prolong the pleasure I was experiencing, the pleasure I was providing to my partner, and achieve a much more pleasurable duration for us both!" ----- Pat M. of Mankato, Minnesota

Hours Of Mind-Blowing Ecstasy Whenever You Want
Without Drugs Or "Marital Aids"

These ancient cultures that developed Tantra and the Kama Sutra didn't have drugs or other foreign instruments to help maintain orgasm control, have longer sex, and extend ecstatic lovemaking.

Instead, the early Tantra adepts experimented, learned, and practiced until they figured out ways to enjoy multiple orgasms without stopping natural flows or losing energy. With the power of their minds, they developed sexual techniques that refined their physical skills to levels unheard of in the modern world. In fact, they learned how to heighten their senses, raise consciousness, and maximize energy from their sexual techniques and practices. 

12 Top Tips To Cure Cuming Quickly

Because it might help you in the short term, Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery includes 12 ways to interrupt and prevent pre mature ejaculation...

• 1 type of Perineum Press (pushing up on the soft spot between your testicles and anus)
• 3 types of PC Muscles Squeezes (one long and hard, two medium, or several quick squeezes of your pubococcygeus muscles)
• 2 types of Pelvic Root Locks (push out or pull up on your anal muscles)
• 3 types of Penis Squeezes (squeeze at the base, middle, or crown of your penis when you're real close)
• 3 types of Testicle Pulls (pull your testicles down with your thumb and forefinger, pull downon your scrotum, or relax the muscles supporting your balls) ----- from Chapter 4

There isn't enough room to give you all the details right here. But at least, you know there are some things that do work with practice and that it's possible to learn these simple actions easily. When you try them, some climax control methods seem like magic. I guess I'd have to agree with you, they are.

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I've got to level with you, stopping an orgasm just ain't any fun for me. Wouldn't you rather be able to keep going with all that pleasure instead of suddenly derailing the train? I sure would.

You have so much exuberance bubbling inside you.

Instead of feeling bad and fighting sexual sensation, my "longer sex" ebook shows you how to celebrate that wonderful orgasmic energy that makes you cum. Through some simple practices, you can master the movement of these powerful inner forces. And learn to go with the flow that erupts ecstatically inside.

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