Tantric Sex Therapy Is More About Getting Back To Feeling Pleasure

Tantric Sex Therapy is as essential part of the Tantric Sex Coaching that follows your initial Tantric Sex Solutions session. Though it's a popular term, we don't usually call our coaching Tantric Sex Therapy because our approach is more about the pursuit of pleasure than about solving problems. Supreme Bliss Tantra wasn't designed as Tantric Sex Therapy or as a healing process. We're just fortunate that it turns out to work that way.

Supreme Bliss Tantra teaches that pleasure is your birthright. Ecstatic sex is healthy. Feeling good is natural. Love is an urge common to all human beings.

Who among us is trained and initiated to revere and master these most basic and powerful of life's drives? Because no one tells or shows us how to find out for ourselves, we end up conflicted and confused, with beliefs and experiences that block the organic flow of the natural urge to feel pleasure with the self or another.

Simply, Tantric Sex Therapy centers around enjoying sex, love, and life. And then, of course, dealing with the inevitable resistance that bubbles out of our minds.

Tantric Sex Therapy Deepens Intimacy With Your Beloved & With Yourself

Buy Tantric Sex Solutions from Tantra At TahoeIf you want to deepen the intimacy in your relationship, in the bedroom, or with yourself, Tantric Sex Therapy can assist you through energetic healing of mind, body, and spirit. You can work through inhibitions, sexual wounding, orgasm or erection difficulties, and other insecurities.

The only way to find out what your truth is, is to explore with consciousness and see what feels good.

Tantric Sex Therapy directs you to summon and channel sexual pleasure to cleanse old unwanted energy and blockages that leave deep impressions in the body. Tantric Sex Therapy enables you to dissolve hidden blocks, find out who you really are, and reach a higher state of psychological and spiritual awareness. It's also a loving practice where you become more connected to your beloved, creating joy, pleasure, playfulness, ecstasy, and bliss.

Psychotherapy can gradually release the power of the past. Tantric Sex Therapy can move this blocked energy much more rapidly can get at issues that talking cannot. Anyone can benefit enormously as Tantra Sex Therapy addresses the "issues in the tissues."

Augmenting Tantric Sex Therapy With Shamanic Healing

Jeffre, who's a shaman trained by various teachers, wants to explain how she uses shamanic healing to augment Tantric Sex Therapy.

"I work with the energies of the body and the spirit. Shamanic healing is modern energy medicine that's evolved from the traditions of indigenous peoples all over the world. Peru is the home of these traditions combined with other practices from Native America traditions of North America. I combine my background in psychology and sexology plus the transformative power of Supreme Bliss Tantra with these  healing practices rooted in other realms of consciousness.

"As modern physics has shown, time and space are relative, not steady states, nor are they in linear relationship as previously thought. Shamans have know this for millennia. Shamans journey beyond time and space to discover the threads of the unique healing path for each individual.

"We can see beyond the everyday.

"Because of this, shamanic work can be easily done across long distances to assist in Tantric Sex Therapy as part of your Tantric Sex Coaching. In other words, when I work as a shaman I don't need to meet my client face to face.

"As a result of my own experiences, I can personally attest to the power of shamanic healing. I offer life readings, aura (light body) cleansing, energy and entity extraction, as well as soul and destiny retrieval."

Buy Tantric Sex Solutions from Tantra At TahoeTo take advantage of Jeffre's expertise, please begin by registering for a Tantric Sex SOLUTIONS consultation. Then you can decide together about including shamanic healing in your subsequent Tantric Sex Coaching sessions.

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Sample Tantric Sex Solutions Subjects

• Sex Addiction

• Sex After Surgery

• Sex Conflicts

• Sex During Illness

• Sex Phobias

• Sex With Family Members

• Sex With Parents

• Sexless Marriage

• Sexual Difficulties

• Sexual Harassment

• Sexual Illness

• Sexual Inhibitions

• Sexual Injury

• Sexual Repression

• Shame

• Shyness

• Sibling Sex

• STD Prevention

• Stopped Having Sex

• Stress & Sex

• Suppressed Desire

• Taboos

• Trauma

• Trust Issues

• Tummy Size

• Unreliable Erections

• Weight & Sex

• Work Or Family Stress

• Workplace Sex

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