A Tantric Love Expert That's Professional But Open-Minded

A Tantric Love Expert approaches sex, love, and spiritual questions differently. We're continually shocked by the ignorance and close-mindedness many physicians and psychologists display toward healthy sexuality. Unfortunately, the prejudices that we're working to resolve are pervasive in these helping professions. In other words, we recommend you choose your expert coach or therapist carefully.

Buy Tantric Sex Advice from Tantra At TahoeGetting advice from a Tantric Love Expert differs from meeting with the average psychotherapist who has little training and no experience in advising clients about sexuality. We have professional degrees, extensive research, and decades of experience in both modern science, state-of-the-art sexology, and the ancient arts of sexual health, sexual dysfunction, and sexual healing.

A Tantric Love Expert Isn't Made Overnight

One doesn't become a Tantric Love Expert overnight. It's taken us years of study, practice, research and experience to accumulate thousands of insights into what makes people tick sexually. Our knowledge comes from ancient texts, modern gurus, professional publications, and medical science. We practice what we preach in our own sex life and find that even after years our lovemaking and life together continues to grow and evolve.

Because we have really open minds, you don't have to fear about being judged, put down, or laughed at whatever's on your mind. Here's how we introduce our qualifications...

Tantric Love Expert Dr. Jeffre TallTrees

Tantric Love Expert Dr. Jeffre TallTrees from Tantra At TahoeI'm a licensed psychologist and Tantra teacher with over 30 years of clinical experience specializing in relationships and human sexuality. It's wonderful to be a cofounder of Tantra At Tahoe, author, shaman, healer, counselor, workshop leader, and avid skier who lives in the paradise of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Tantric Love Expert Somraj Pokras

Tantric Love Expert Somraj Pokras from Tantra At TahoeSupreme Bliss Tantra has revolutionized my lovemaking and my life and I want to share my struggles and learnings with you. I've been through so much and come out the other side with the help of such wonderful teachers and masters. I offer my experience and insight to you. Please accept.

By the way, I'm the author of countless articles about Tantra, over 50 personal developments workshops, and 7 books. As cofounder of Tantra At Tahoe, every week I have the pleasure of publishing free weekly "Sacred Sexual Secrets" Newsletter. During my 30-year career as a counselor, group facilitator, and trainer, I've guided more that 20,000 people to lead more effective lives. I spend my leisure time skiing, mountain bike riding, designing and maintaining our website, and most importantly worshipping the Goddess.

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Tantric Sexual Advice from Tantra At Tahoe

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Sample Tantric Sex Answer Subjects

• Kama Sutra Foreplay

• Kama Sutra Sex Positions

• Kids' Sex Life

• Latex, Leather & Rubber

• Lesbian Sex

• Licking & Sucking

• Lifestyle Play (Swinging)

• Lingerie

• Losing Your Virginity

• Lust

• Maithuna Ritual

• Making Love

• Male G-Spot Orgasm

• Masochism

• Masturbation Technique

• Meeting Mr. or Ms. Right

• Mênage à Trois

• Missionary Position

• Multiple Orgasm

• Mutual Masturbation

• Nipple Play

• Nudity

• Nudist Colonies & Resorts

continued ===>

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