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We've always loved sex. Long before we met twenty years ago, making love was a prime focus of our busy professional lives. Our previous marriages were mostly blessed with what we believed was great sex.

We thought we were so uninhibited and good at doing it.

Little did we know how much we were missing when we met at a spiritual sex workshop in 1996. It was amazing how hot we were for each other from the start. You know how exciting those first couplings can be, but in retrospect we hadn't yet come anywhere close to realizing our full sexual potential. Fortunately, we attended Margot Anand's yearlong Love And Ecstasy Training together the second year we were together. That helped us discover how little we really understood and how far short our sex life fell. It took a lot of fun practice to change some ingrained patterns that weren't serving us, but it was sure worth it.

At times back then our lovemaking was too short, limited by Somraj's premature ejaculation. Like so many women, Jeffre struggled with climaxing. Neither of us knew how to have multiple orgasms. Suffice it to say we were sorely limited in how much sexual pleasure and sexual ecstasy we could experience. And even though we were open-minded and well-educated, we didn't start amassing sexual knowledge until that intensive workshop in 1997. Fortunately we committed ourselves to regular practice which continues to reward us two decades later.

Once we realized that it was possible for lovers to revolutionize their sex lives, we started teaching hands-on workshops and doing one-on-one coaching. In those sessions we explain personal and partner exercises, demonstrate how we do them ourselves, and guide our clients to find what works best for them. The changes have been so profound that we wrote this book to share what's possible for others like you.

Now, unlike so many other couples, our sex life together is stellar. It's even more astounding when you recognize that we've been collecting Social Security for a few years. Still, our turn-ons come in so many ways, from words, emotions, mouths, hands, stories, movies, fantasies, role-plays, toys, and certainly from our jewels (genitals). We continue to experiment, learn new things, and enjoy more and more pleasure. Our occasional quickies are great and our frequent longies are to live for.

Our real joy is devoting multiple hours once or twice a week to a dedicated lovemaking ritual. Sure, we often have a big O (big orgasm) after extended play, but that's no longer our single focus. Generating, circulating, and exchanging sexual energy makes us soar to higher levels of ecstasy than we ever realized were possible.

Routinely tapping into our full sexual power makes all the kinds of sex we enjoy truly orgasmic. And fresh, and new, and different every time. We guess you could say that we specialize in Tantric Love Making.

After all the sexual techniques and spiritual practices that we've learned, still nothing turns us on as much as sexual intercourse. There are so many wonderful ways we make love, but penetration is usually the most orgasmic for each of us. We've come to a place in our lovemaking that what feels good to one of us feels good to the other. When one of us speeds up and gets really turned on, the other feels it and responds in kind. And when we slow down to absorb more sensation, we naturally vibrate together.

We wrote this book to share how we’ve learned to make all kinds of sex long and hot. We've figured out how to make it ever new, ever exciting, even as we manage some of the physical challenges that senior citizens like us have to deal with. Our lovemaking is an intimate, conscious, spontaneous celebration of our love. Also, we really really love to do it.

But that hasn’t always been so and even now everything doesn’t always work. Boy, have we struggled at times. In addition to sharing how our lovemaking is special, we’re also going to let you know where it’s a challenge. Our aim isn’t to hold up what we do as a model for you. Rather, we want you to get a genuine example of what’s possible if you strive to make your sex life better. Your journey undoubtedly will take you to different places than us. If revealing how we got here helps you, then we’ll consider Long Hot Tantric Love Making a success.

It's our fervent belief that sex and spirit, the material and the sacred, are all one, just different life-force energies on a wide spectrum. To help you achieve your full sexual potential, we're going to do more than just share what we've learned. This book and its exercises can open you to accepting how vital conscious lovemaking can be to you, your health, and your love relationship.

Many of the examples you'll read are from our actual sex life. We're not the least bit squeamish in revealing what goes on in our bed. And couch. And floor. And campsites. This how-to guide is designed to share the growth process that brought our lovemaking to this special place. It's even more unusual since we don't have as much of the native libido, energy, and athleticism that we used to depend on when younger. That really cracks Somraj up who as a teenager was convinced that sex was only for the under thirty crowd.

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