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Jeffre, the female half of our partnership, spent most of her career as a Ph.D. psychologist and sex therapist helping couples deal with relationship issues. Somraj, the male part, was a Fortune 500 management training consultant specializing in people skills and team-building. We've each written many articles and published books during our previous careers.

So far two of our most popular volumes, Male Multiple Orgasm and Female Ejaculation, are readily available in print. And we routinely coach singles and couples and conduct multi-day training workshops to help lovers harness their full sexual power. This is just to let you know we have a fair amount of experience in what you’ll find in these pages.
We've read lots of books about sex, most of which focus on specific aspects of lovemaking. In fact, we've written books about her G-spot, his G-spot, sex positions, lasting longer, intimacy, spiritual sex, and building sexual muscles. We've experimented widely after reading books about kissing, foreplay, oral sex, anal sex, kinky play, bondage, domination, sadism, masochism, ancient traditions, sexual healing, romantic epics, and hot erotic stories, among others. Somraj actually spent some time recently writing erotica.

Here are our detailed bios...

Jeffre TallTrees Ph.D. was a licensed psychologist with over 30 years of clinical experience specializing in relationships and human sexuality. After a B.S. in Nursing from UCLA, she received her Ph.D. from the California School Of Professional Psychology. She served as director of the Family Stress Center, president of the Bay Area Clinical Hypnosis Society, and acting director of mental health for Tuolumne County before going into private practice. With a colleague, she co-authored Deeper Love, Hotter Sex, a practical guide for committed couples. After studying with Margot Anand in 1996, she completed her teacher training and served as an instructor for her year-long Love And Ecstasy Training for three years. As co-founder of Tantra At Tahoe, she co-authored three books on intimacy and Tantric sex. From 2003 to 2011 Dr. TallTrees served as a lead teacher for Dr. Alberto Villoldo Ph.D.’s Four Winds Society, an international academy of shamanic energy medicine. She currently teaches and counsels clients privately. Jeffre is a shaman, healer, counselor, workshop leader, artist, football fan, and avid skier living near Lake Tahoe, California with Somraj and their two spaniels, Sage and Pixie.

Somraj Pokras is a published author, workshop leader, public speaker, and counselor. Though he graduated from Cal Tech in organic chemistry, his career centered around The Viability Group Inc, the management training consultancy he founded in 1974. During his 30-year career as a keynote and workshop leader for Fortune 500 companies and public agencies around the world, Somraj designed over 50 workshops that guided more that 20,000 people to lead more effective lives. That included presenting Skill And Tact In Dealing With People for IBM here and abroad and Systematic Problem-Solving And Decision-Making for Chevron. He designed and conducted the Team Leaders And Facilitators Bootcamp for the Council For Continuous Improvement and its member companies including Motorola and National Semiconductor. As a result, he turned nine of his trainings into print books. He also served as president of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Society For Training And Development. After studying with Margot Anand in 1997, he served as an instructor for her year-long Love And Ecstasy Training for two years. With his wife, he co-founded Tantra At Tahoe in 1998, designed and maintains its website, and continues to write its monthly Sacred Sexual Secrets newsletter. Along with his partner, he’s written ten ebooks about Tantric sex. Somraj derives great joy from assisting others in releasing sexual inhibitions that block their pleasure so they can thoroughly enjoy all parts of life and love. He is a certified bodyworker, private pilot, avid skier, rockhound, mountain bike rider, passionate music lover, football fan, and skilled lover. He lives near Lake Tahoe, California with Jeffre and their two spaniels.

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