Long Hot Tantric Love Making EbookWhat's Unique About Our New Sex Guide?

There are lots of books about sex. Some popular ones are about culture and society. A few are written specifically for men, some for women, and some for gays, and some for lesbians. Many are about one kind of orgasm like this activated by the G-spot. Others are about one specific technique like oral sex. Many sex books focus on solving problems in women’s sexuality like the orgasm gap between genders. Some are for adolescents who are wading into the challenging arena of sex. Some are for mature adults whose relationships are struggling.

Long Hot Tantric Love Making is different. It’s all-inclusive. Our erotic manual covers the whole spectrum of making love in depth. It explores all the ways that lovers come and reach Big Os. It covers all orgasmic triggers including those that are common to both sexes and same-sex lovers. In addition it reveals those unknown ones that few know how to access. We’re referring here not just to the clitoris and G-spot but to the seven other pleasure spots inside a woman, the nine around her genitals, and the nine around a man’s sexual organs.

Here is a summary of the primary ways in which our new book is unique. Long Hot Tantric Love Making

• Includes all kinds of orgasm not just one,

• Provides the missing instruction manual for intercourse,

• Is based on making love as equal, empowered partners,

• Describes the entire process of orgasm from arousal to explosion,

• Is designed for both men and women and same-sex lovers,

• Details all erogenous zones, all orgasmic triggers, and all pathways to orgasm,

• Contains an entire chapter about the crucial phase of initial penetration,

• Shows lovers how to release sexual blockages and solve sexual problems,

• Weaves expos?s about our open sex life into the narratives about sexual techniques,

• Reveals how to release the untapped power of sexual energy and energy orgasms,

• Provides a holistic approach to sex that engages heart and emotions, brain and mind, spirit and soul as well as body, and

• Is the first comprehensive presentation of the Tantric Love Making style.

Long Hot Tantric Love Making teaches you how to maintain peak ecstasy for hours. There's more to a lover’s passion system than nerves, muscles, and bone. There's an electromagnetic field around your body that can be filled with sexual energy. One unique element of our new how-to guide is teaching you how to harness the forces at work in your bodies while making love. You will learn how to exploit the dormant currents of the libido and exchange it with your partner’s biomagnetic field. This is what makes lovers shake from the inside out in ecstasy. When you know how to tap into their hidden reserves of this psycho-sexual power, all your sex becomes longer, hotter, and more orgasmic.

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