Long Hot Tantric Love Making EbookThe Ultimate Lifelong Sex Reference Book

Readers can find many books and websites that offer lots of isolated sex tips. Long Hot Tantric Love Making does that as well but doesn’t stop there. Our how-to guide presents an integrated system arranged around its chapters. We’ve broken the multi-faceted process of sexual arousal, intercourse, and orgasm into small palatable steps that anyone can master. Each part offers practical advice and step-by-step instructions about the component parts of sex in general and intercourse in specific. We're talking about the requirements and skills of turn-on, first entry, sexual movements, and hitting sweet spots, just to name a few.

Our self-help guide brings all the pieces together in a unified whole that readers can grasp and act on. Because Tantric Love Making is more than inserting tab A into slot B, this book goes beyond technique alone. It's real strength lies in an easy-to-learn style of lovemaking that unleashes the quiescent currents of passion inside every reader. That requires a new mindset, a fresh way of thinking about sex, and a different way of approaching each other. It’s a conscious approach that relies on witnessing ones’ preferences, responses, erogenous triggers, and orgasmic pathways.

Long Hot Tantric Love Makingg treats you as a sex research team of two studying how to expand your passion and strengthen your own orgasms. We show you how to be adventurers exploring uncharted territory. Our book makes it safe and easy to explore new and unconventional practices by putting a toe in water instead of jumping in blindly. We offer baby steps for stretching the edge of your comfort zone in such areas as oral, anal, fantasies, BDSM, and other kinky play.

The style of our revealing sex guide is a happy medium between the clinical and profane, the priggishly formal and the immaturely inappropriate. For the most part we lean over backwards to use words that aren’t antiseptic or volatile. This book is supposed to be fun and easygoing, not shocking and extreme. Well, OK, on occasion we'll demonstrate how talking dirty can be a turn-on for some. Otherwise we've done our best to be tasteful.

What you'll find in these pages is a comprehensive system not just a series of isolated tips. As well as lots of useful suggestions and sexy tales, Long Hot Tantric Love Making can serve as a reference manual you can go back to again and again. To insure that it's easily readable we've included real-life stories from our twenty years of making love together. And from the clients, friends, and lovers we've known over our combined over 100 years of sexual encounters.

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