Long Hot Tantric Love Making EbookWhat Is Tantric Love Making?

So what exactly is Tantric Love Making?

It's a style of connecting at multiple levels that harnesses your dormant sexual energy so can enjoy many more types of orgasms more easily over and over. And stay in the O-Zone, the Orgasm Zone, where you're both coming all over, over and over, for minutes or even hours. Tantric Love Making generates ongoing waves of pleasure that get stronger and stronger the longer you do it. You feel the same wonderful sensations that you would in a typical few-second explosion, but they last longer and they go on and on all over your body. Like chills and goose bumps that make you vibrate inside and out.

With Tantric Love Making both lovers dance on the edge of coming as long as they want. That is, until they choose to propel each other over the top in a monumental blaze of glory.

When sex is continuously orgasmic, you'll want it to last longer. Long Hot Tantric Love Making will show you how to make it feel great for as long as you want. The gender orgasm gap stems from the average man coming within five to ten minutes while the average woman needs 20 to 40 minutes to climax. Now isn't learning how to dramatically extend your sexual stamina enough reason to read our new book?

Our lovemaking manual is as much a memoir of our actual path to mastering our own orgasms as it is about long-lost revelations and revolutionary new techniques. You'll also read what we've tried, what's worked for us and others, and what hasn't. By including the struggles and workable solutions from our twenty-year sex life together, we're hoping it will make you more comfortable in overcoming your own sexual and orgasmic challenges.

Long Hot Tantric Love Making presents the latest breakthroughs from modern scientific research in a way you can try out tonight. Plus it also explains clearly how to use long-lost ancient wisdom from India, China, and Arabia. That includes the Kama Sutra, Taoist practices, and Tantric teachings. Tantra is an ancient Eastern spiritual practice based on the metaphysics of sexual energy that teaches how to harness the life forces that drive sex and help improve body, mind, and spirit. Tantra is often referred to as spiritual sex or sacred sexuality.

If you want to enjoy fully enjoy Tantric Love Making, it’s vital to understand everything about bodies and pleasure, intimacy and orgasms, from beginning to end. That includes answers to questions like what do women and men need emotionally as well as physically to soar in sexual ecstasy? What kinds of orgasms are unique to women, unique to men, and common to both? Where do they start and how do they grow? What makes them stronger and last longer. How can you trigger each type whenever you want? Whatever your age, gender, or lifestyle, this how-to book will give you practical sex tips you’ll want to try and guide you to better understand how to create more pleasure. For yourself alone or with your partner. It will help you develop better love making skills, bolster you confidence as a lover, and overcome any blocks to the kinds of orgasms you've been missing out on.

We freely admit that our new sex self-help guide is highly explicit and not just from our lavish illustrations. Though we're straightforward in exposing everything you need to know about sexual anatomy, erotic play, and lovemaking we've leaned over backwards to make it tasteful and approachable.

One thing that sets our how-to guide apart is its thorough presentation of how to activate all 28 erogenous zones. Those are the areas of the body particularly sensitive to sexual stimulation. You'll find detailed explanations of how to find them and how to use them to amplify pleasure and trigger explosive orgasms.

Tantric Love Making is not a scripted, rote process. It’s more an approach, we could even call it a mindset, that creates an ever morphing kaleidoscopic rhythm. That’s why we’re not trying to teach the “right way” to do things. Instead, our book includes a map and route that guide readers to craft a personal style of lovemaking that works for their relationship. Of course, there are some inviolate rules that seasoned lovers always follow.

To cement this new approach in readers’ minds, our book presents 17 Tantric lovemaking principles that we refer to again and again. They provide an umbrella for readers to smoothly navigate the unpredictable landscape of foreplay, erogenous zones, intercourse, passion peaks, orgasmic pathways, and kinky practices. For example, the Prime Directive guides lovers to be pulled inside instead of forcing their way in. And the Slow Down Principle warns lovers to slow down and pay attention any time they’re unsure of where their partner is at. Several of the principles guide lovers towards the best way to bring themselves and each other up to and over the brink of orgasm.

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