Long Hot Tantric Love Making EbookLong Hot Tantric Love Making Ebook

The Ultimate How-To Guide To Orgasmic Sex And
Sexual Intercourse For Women And Men


Our tenth Tantric sex ebook is a how-to guide that shows you how to have the most earth-shattering sex you’ve ever dreamed of whether you’re male or female, gay or straight. It explains exactly what to do once your sexual organs are connected, how to maximize your sexual energy, and how to expand your intimacy into the full erotic union of heart, mind, and soul while you’re making love.

We cover everything you need to know to supercharge love and sex including foreplay, intimacy, sex by hand, oral sex, anal sex, sexual positions, and in-bed communication skills. You’ll read erotic secrets new and old that detail how to make an emotional connection, target your erogenous zones, connect your passion circuits, create energy circles, and fill your whole bodies with pleasure every time.

With a thorough review of modern science and classical techniques from the Kama Sutra and ancient China, we show you how to enjoy any of the 12 ways to orgasm that you’ve missed out on. Unlike many general sex books, this is the first publication we know that focuses on the mechanics, dynamics, and energetics of sexual intercourse with color illustrations.

We’re a long-time married couple — a Ph.D. sex therapist and a Fortune 500 people-skills trainer — who wrote this because too few women are emotionally fulfilled and sexually satisfied. And too few men know how to extend their lovemaking, have multiple orgasms themselves, and thoroughly satisfy their partners. Our expos? is as much a diary of our actual sexual discoveries as it is an explicit easy-to-follow program of step-by-step instructions to give you exactly what you want in bed. In these pages we’ve shared the ups and downs of our actual intimate encounters as if we were having a private, frank, but tasteful conversation with you in person.

Our erotic memoirs will show you how to make lovemaking last longer, expand your sexual repertoire to include many new ways to orgasm, and reach the pinnacle of sexual ecstasy together every time you make love. It’s the complete no-holds-barred graphic story of how we made our sex life more satisfying than we ever imagined possible. And how you can, too.

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